Brake Checkrefund for service not received, no response from customer relationship manager

G Dec 04, 2019

I purchased an unlimited front end alignment in 2017 for $144.00 and was not allowed to use it. The reason for the purchase was my having to drive over bad road conditions which was causing the front end to go out of alignment. The manager at the time of purchase stated that I could bring the vehicle in at any time that I felt the car pulling to the right, and it would be realigned at no additional cost.
I took the car in to have the front end aligned in 2018, and the tech refused to do so, stating that I needed a tie rod replaced. The tech did not inform me that another Brake Check might be able to replace the tie rod. I had the tie rod replaced on 11/11/19 at Firestone which is directly across the street from Brake Check, then immediately drove across the street to Brake Check for the alignment. I was then informed by the manager that I could not use the service that I purchased because I had the tie rod replaced elsewhere. I went to the Brake Check company website the same day, explained my issue, requested a refund, and was contacted by email by Janelle Plummer, who I spoke with over the phone on 11/11/19. She stated that she would advocate for me to get me a refund, and asked that I give her 3 days to accomplish this. I sent her an email after waiting 3 weeks with no response on 12/3/19, giving her 24 hours to respond and send a check to me for $144.88, and still no response. I will be submitting reviews of my experience with Brake Check to all of the consumer outlets that I can find. I did speak with her after I made a BBB complaint, where she offered to re instate the lifetime warranty to keep me as a customer. I declined.

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    None as yet.

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    Janelle Plummer responded with terms and condition, none of which apply to me...

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