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Me Sep 11, 2019

I placed an online order for pickup this evening around 6:30 p.m. I frequently purchase the cinnamon supreme pancakes when eating in the restuarant. They are normally as pictured in the menu drizzled with icing and are definitely overpriced at nearly 10$, but delicious enough either way. This evening with my to go order the pancakes were just tossed in the container, not even stacked and with no icing. I wouldn't have even had syrup except for I was asked if I needed anything else with my order. I reminded them of the butter that was requested in the note on the order for rolls, but was not in the bag . He then asked me if I needed syrup. I didn't think I would because the pancakes are normally drizzled with icing. When I got home the 3 pancakes were sloppily tossed in the container and were not topped, looked nothing like how they usually do when I dine in. I was very disappointed with my 10$ stack but since I was already all the way home when I noticed, I didn't bother taking them back. It is really annoying to get something sloppy and thrown together and not the same as what you see in the menu or what you receive online in a to go order. Especially with 10$ pancakes.

Bob Evans Restaurants

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