Bob Evans Restaurantsgot charged for something we did not order

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My husband and I went the Bob Evans on howe rd. Akron, Ohio order breakfast buttermilk pancakes sauage bacon. The problem was the pancakes. waitress brought 4 pancakes for me and 4 pancakes for him. I said to her this is alot of pancakes we did not order 4 pancakes a piece. I ask her do these usally come like this she said yes. She could have told us you can order 1 2 or 3 we only ended up eating only two pancakes. The bill came up to 30.00 dollars. spoke to the manager about it she could care less basically now we know to ask for 1 2 or 3. She said next time you know I told her were being charge for 4 pancakes we didnt order. well you ll know next time. December 28, 2019 around 9 in the morning. My name is Sandra Shavers [protected] I desire a refund for pancakes we did not eat or a gift card for breakfast for me and my husband. Thank you. Waiting for you reply


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    shadowg Dec 28, 2019

    They are not mind readers they do not know how many pancakes you want. How hard is it to tell them before. Why should you get a refund when you purposely forgot to tell them how many pancake you wanted. It is obvious what you and your husband are doing. I bet you took the other pancakes home. Shame on you. Not only do you want a refund on the pancakes that you did not eat but a gift card as well. More shame. Basically you want more than you spent. You obviously planned this.. Honestly if you cannot afford to eat out either : Make your own pancakes or visit a soup kitchen.

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