Blink Fitness / customer service

Jo Sep 11, 2019

East Orange blink fitness gym is by far the worse gym I have ever stepped in. Luckily a friend of mine sent me a link to this so I can express how distasteful this facility was. I entered to do a day pass. Front desk people told me to go online . I had no internet service so I couldn't. Asked if I could speak to a manager to see if they could let me slide. Supposedly the manager was not available. Five minutes later, a young gentlemen comes out the back to help the other front desk person with something on the other computer. So I was obviously lied to. Out of frustration, I walk onto the gym floor anyways, unbothered May I add. Cleanliness needs work. Friendliness needs work. Maintenance of the gym needs work. Almost decapitated Myself with a barbell since the bench press machine was missing screws. Dents and gaps in the floor. Easy way to twist an ankle or something. Just disgraceful. Please I would like to speak to someone about my mistakes immediately!!! Please contact me via email.

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