Biolife Plasma Servicescustomer service, mishandling of patients blood samples

When I first decided to come and register to be a donor at BioLife I had a problem with this location for this company which has just opened here in Tempe, AZ. From the first time I stepped in the door, alot of the staff there is women, and I mean about 95% of the staff are females and they are so entitled and rude acting to say the least. So I've donated in the past at a couple different centers never had any issues. I am a very healthy male, and they first of all [censored]ed my fingers way too hard when I was going through the screening process which is right before the actual donation process happens. Then they got an attitude with me because I said I'm concerned about the fact that they weren't giving me straight answers when I asked questions about MY blood or any other concern I might have. They act like bunch of bitter people who don't like they're jobs even though they just opened. I then called to speak to the center manager and that's when Lauren she said her name was kept giving me the run around and so that's when I decided to reach out to corporate and submit a complaint and I will be following up. And I would never recommend anyone to this center or this company if this is how they operate regularly...

Aug 16, 2019

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