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This website saved my butt! Of course I suppose there are two sides to every story, but these are my own honest opinions and impressions of Better Trades.

I've been in sales most of my life and these people are good... almost had me sucked in and I used to write about scams! But hold on to your credit card and the $2,995.00 plus $6,000.00 more for trading software ($8,995.00 total) they say you don't need but do.

These people are smooth... I attended the free seminar in Las Vegas where a girl filled out my name tag in BIG letters you could see from Mars. Then about 40 of us little naive lambs were led to the slaughter. The Ringmaster spends the first half hour talking about himself, the hardship of taking care of a sick child etc. How he met a Better Trades honcho who invited him to a seminar and Shazaaam! His life was changed Halleluha (sp). Then he threw in clever words like, 'I'm blessed' how Jeses used such principles...'believer' etc. These are sales techniques used to imply that he's a good guy, perhaps a Christian...yet subtle enough not offend non-Christians, thus pleasing both sides. Then he uses the oversized NAME TAG plastered on each attendee's chest to call everyone by their first name...'Isn't that right STEVE?' You're a working man, right GREG?' Stuff like that to make you feel subconsciously that's he's your friend. But of course he's not. You don't even know the guy. He's a stranger... worse... a preditor out to separate you from your hard earned cash.

Then he goes into the presentation...shows basic trade stuff (channeling stocks etc.) Then he shows testimonial videos...most or all, I'm told by a little bird, are company employees...(although I'm sure they'll find a clever way around that complaint) Hey, I used to work in the infomercial business...we used 'shills' fake people all the time...we put them to work and made certain they succeeded.

Then they allude to the fact that the heads of this scam company on the video will be your instructors when they have you come back in a couple of weeks for the 2 day 'seminar.' NOT! It's some guy they hired on their website under 'Job Opportunities'. Then finally the price! In the last ten minutes he hits you with the $3,995.00 price tag that you can have TONIGHT ONLY for $2,995.00 Yeah, sure. I suppose if you came back or called a week later with your credit card...they would say 'I'm sorry we can't take your $2,995.00 now. Yeah, right.

'And of course don't forget to get your free gift when you leave tonight.' Come on, I knew I wasn't hanging around the entire 2 hours (actually 3 hrs), for an IPOD, (my incentive for staying through the entire presentation). But come on... the 'free gift' was a shlocky DVD infomercial of THEM! I suppose one last ditch sales effort.

The 'Positive Posts' of Better Trades students on this sight, allegedly put there by happy satisfied traders. Ever wonder why the positives out-number the negatives on a 'Rip Off' sight. It's called damage control! I know, I used to be head of damage control for a company. Most of these companies are accustomed to the heat, so they have people monitor these sights leaving good posts as damage control under different names and emails. I suppose for the Better Trades guy this has turned into a full time job.

FIRST: Why would satisfied clients take the time to go to this site AFTER the fact? After they already have purchased and were happy and successful?

SECOND: Look at the language used in the positive posts here... It's all BETTER TRADES lingo... sounds like a sales pitch right from the company.

THIRD: They are excellent spindoctors... using psychology to make people who complain think it's their fault... with statements like...'these people's only to educate' 'You have to apply the principles yourself.' 'Options trading is hard.' (The Ringmaster at the free seminar sells the Better Trades program on the premise that they make it easy.) Otherwise why am I spending all this money with them.

FORTH: Notice how these strongly suspected fake positive posts are written... not only in their lingo, but they throw in a LOT OF typos to persuade you that they are just the average 'Joe' or 'Jane' who took this course and made tons of money... and not professional Better Trades damage control operative.

FIFTH: These 'shills' talk about the guarantee. The guarantee is that you'll make back 3 times your initial $3000.00 course fee in 6 months or get a refund.....just make the required number of trades. Well, they claim you can start with as little as $500.00! Wow, if I could turn $500 into $9000 in 6 months....that's something like a 18000% profit. I'd be on CNBC with my own show! PLUS, how do they know how much money I have to even invest! Also, do they reimburse you for all the money you lost while trying to implement their bogus program.


QUESTION: Why do they not allow questions in front of the open group so everyone gets the benefit? (All questions must be private)

ANSWER: Because questions (although they have clever scripted responses) cause people to think! And may spur more questions they can't really answer like....'Do I need to buy anything else after my 3000 buck toss of the dice?' 'How much is all that?' 'Do you have other students in the local area who have been successful and can I contact them!' That question alone would throw them into a coronary!

QUESTION: If they want you to truly succeed, then why not tell you what the FULL total is to buy their complete bag of tricks? If you really want to help people, why not let them know the full potential cost??? Yes, I hear them now... you don't need all that expensive software to succeed. BULL!

ANSWER: Because these con artists are well trained to get at least $3000 out of you before you leave the room. If people knew the real cost they would be tripping over each other before the Ringmaster could say 'Howdy!'

They run at least 8 free seminars in each city per run. If 30 people attend and they only get 2 per free seminar to sign....that's $54,000.00 not to mention that half of the 16 purchasers buy another $5000.00 of software on average, that's another $40,000.00 for a total profit of about $94,000. Not bad for a two day seminar! Not to mention all the other revenue they generate with $99.00 classes on line. And these guys go from city to city all over the country. Hey I want to buy stock in Better Trades! Who needs to invest in options making this kind of dough?

QUESTION: If these mentors, teachers, trainers etc... are suppose to be the experts in options trading...then why aren't they just DOING IT! Like the Ringmaster explained it...'You place a few trades late at night with a few limit orders, then let it trade. Buy low, sell higher, It's all automated at that point...takes the emotion out of it.' Why aren't these 'expert mentors' trading themselves to riches an hour a day like the company alleges we all can... and then heading to the beach...or a game of tennis, instead of hanging on the phone for hours each day working a full time job at Better Trades or at the computer 'mentoring' gullible people on trading their way to financial nervana in options. Wouldn't that mentor guy just do it for himself? Why does he have to work for Better Trades anyway if he's the options expert making all this money.

ANSWER: He believes in Jesus and helping people! No, wait a minute that's thr Ringmasters line. No, he's working as a Better Trades employee because he can't do it! But he he can tell you how you should do it, using your own money... And if you lose all your money (It's happened), then you must not be applying yourself or buying enough overpriced software... 'Hey pal, we can't guarantee you'll get got make keep taking more classes at 99.00 a pop I guess. This option stuff is hard work!'

QUESTION: Why do they keep changing their company name?
ANSWER: Many scams have frequently change their name because the heat gets too hot on them...their company name gets connected as a scam after so many ripped off people funnel through and complain. Better Trades used to be called 'Short Term Long Term'...or...'Long Term Short Term'...whatever, until they changed it to Better Trades in 2006.

CONCLUSION: You wonder if these people have a conscience? How do they sleep at night? I suppose they rationalize thet they are simply offering educational services. But certainly they must know how they are hurting people. I guess the huge amount of money they generate from these seminars is the anesthetic that numbs their hearts.

Still, their are some basic truths in this free seminar like 7 out of 10 people lose money in trading...and that the options business is exploding. But after trading options a long time...I've learned that all of the fancy software in the world and all of the overpriced scam options seminars (Yes, they are all rip offs, or let's just say less than honest), I've learned that nothing can replace good common sense when researching a stock...oil goes up when hurricanes approach...good earnings usually yield a rise in the stock, bad earnings the opposite...growth companies with momentum usually return a good yield... 'Hey, any dope could tell APPLE would go up! I split up my portfolio by chosing good companies with good valuation (there are plenty) and invest them long term which for me is 60 day Call options just in the money. Then find companies with a little bit of Calls and Puts. Everybody knew Beazer and KB Home were headed down considering the real estate market these days. All it takes is research on your part! Read the good stock websites like Stockpikr etc. Jim Cramer is no demi God, but he offers a lot of tips on good companies and tells you to do your own research. Watch Fast Money, get the opinions of some of the top brokers. Watch CNBC, and if you work during the day, tape it. And let's not forget the main reason why so many people are playing options and making money these days! THE INTERNET! There is a wealth of research info on the Web! Most of it free! Charts and all.

I'll watch for the Better Trades damage control guy to post his response under the disguise of 'Another Happy Customer'. I'm sure he'll have a clever come back...but they can't fight the truth. Like the Good Book says....'And the truth shall set you free!'

So take that $2,995.00 plus that you would have given to these Better Trades con men, do some basic research, watch the weather report, and put that money to work in the market for yourself instead!

Hey you're already $2,995.00 ahead!


  • Jt
    Jtpzd Feb 19, 2021
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Also, , they dont tell you up front the software you are paying for is every single year . You are " renting " the software. After I found that out and called about getting my money back was when I got the "speech" about, , , well, , , college costs money for education and thats what your paying for !. Funny none of that important information is told upfront !!!

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  • Ma
    Malbury Apr 18, 2018

    I bought in to this program in 2007 and dragged my feet into implementing the things they sold me until about 2009 when I sat down and watched a good portion of the DVD's you get when you purchase. I didn't opt for their website or brokerage service as I felt there were enough alternatives that fit my trading style better and were more cost effective. I did manage to grow my cashed out IRA up to double it's value before my own stupidity and stubbornness decided to rear their ugly head. Nonetheless, if you're motivated there probably isn't anything they teach you that you couldn't learn on your own but at the time I deemed it worthwhile and when I'm back in a position to take advantage of it I will resume my trading with a better understanding of making sure you can unwind your position if things start to go south. The strategies I was implementing were selling puts and covered calls once the stock got put to me for the price I selected and that proved to be very profitable, I can only imagine now that there are weekly expirations how much better it might be to not be holding anything for a full month to get the most intrinsic value out of it but that will be something I will have to spend more time with.

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  • Da
    dante 1 May 30, 2016

    I did better trades, the money back guarantee is for 30 days. I lost 4, 000 dollars. This is a scam period. Their not trading stocks their trading options. The only people who can trade successful is the federal government, they do insider trading with the treasurer secretary. They know which stock is going up and which stock is going down. All the rest of these so call day trading gurus are lying. They are all scams.

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  • Do
    Don Majers Apr 25, 2012

    Guys only way to stop this company from cheating more hard working people is by reporting to Better Business Bureau ( Go to their website and search for Better trades Atlanta. Report to them with what you have gone through with this company. The more complaints they get, the more this company will get investigated.

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  • Et
    ETMD Nov 19, 2011

    It is not a scam. You have to pay for education. People pay 100K to go to school and don't get a job. Is school a scam? People pay to get a degree in finance work for an investment company and they lose your retirement. Is that a scam. I have been learning from there instructors for 5 years. Through the recession until now. This is the best education I have ever received. Better Trades has taught me to be responsible for my own financial success. People who don't want to pay the price for success always want to talk about how people who are successful cheated somebody else. If you want something that is valuable you have to pay for it. All of you negative people keep on talking amongst yourselves while I continue to learn how to be financially responsible for myself

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  • Ro
    Rollodka Jul 06, 2011

    I am over three years and $8000 too late finding this venue. I think I am somewhat intelligent, but I fell hook line and sinker for this scam, a slick production but a scam is a scam. I have always felt that advertisers hired folks for testimonials and they could not be relied upon, but hope springs eternal and there are vultures everywhere to exploit your misery and your hopes. I could see the demise of the real estate industry coming and fell sucker to one of those late night pitches, looking for a new direction. I mistakenly thought I had honed my analytical skills and could not be fooled. Should have known that is the first step in getting hoodwinked. I thought Bettertrades had run the gamut in my area because I have not seen an infomercial or any other kind of advertising anywhere. I must have had a red "S" on my forehead because I was talked into buying everything. I rapidly got offended when I found that every encounter with Better Trades staff continued to cost me dearly and I was so far into the program with no results, I could not qualify for the refund. For years I rationalized that "education" costs, but I rapidly found that a wealth of information on trading options was available for free and I could get personalized instruction for a fraction of what I paid Better Trades. This encounter has made me very, very suspicious but my scam radar is working fine now

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  • Cu
    Curtis 21 Jun 19, 2011

    I did it and made 20000 the first year. Praise the Lord! I'm a truck driver who does it very part time. It's no scam. I started making money after the beginning free class. After I did the 2 day course on Apr [protected] and listened to the cd's over and over while driving and it started sinking in. I paper traded like they teach on strategies that I didn't understand then I started trading for real. If it didn't work for you it's your fault not theirs. The info they give takes you miles ahead in front of reading and studying you would have to do own your own. IT DOES COST MONEY. I made just over 12000 the first 6 months, so there guarantee was not needed. I found a book from one of the instructors from 1998 on Amazon and it is a lot of what is taught in Better Trades. I listened to that instructor online in 2009 and what he taught showed me that for at least 11 years this instructor has been doing what he wrote about. It is NO scam. I only bought the charting program and it has paid for itself many many times. It takes studying and work, but it pays off. Curtis H.

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  • Li
    live abroad Jun 09, 2011

    I first saw their advertising in the Kiplinger's magazine since is was interested in the Energy Crisis 2.0 article. But its like my mom use to say...If its to good to be true it probably is do your home work before you jump off the wrong cliff. I did not invest or even register with them and took that advise and started going through various search engines on reviews and news about the company. I did not see much about them but noticed a few sites with a lot of people venting about them. Also as some one who trades shares on the market I like to research companies before I invest looking for criminal investigations cash flow debt business models to see if its a good company that the market just loves to hate and has seriously undervalued stock or if its a company that you avoid like a plague. Anyway back to the subject at hand. I noticed many complaints but when I went to the BBB site its showing a rating of an A with no complaints. Unfortunately many of these sites I see the venting on can be challenged with credibility. If you guys really want to add some legitimacy to this file complaints with the BBB on their site and get them to investigate the company. If what everyone is saying is true then they will get the ugly F mark from them and who knows if enough complain and it makes its way up on the hit list from them might even get into the news as well. All I am saying if you all got complaints take it to the right people as well.

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  • Gn
    gnwtraders Apr 29, 2011

    Unfortunately, I, am one of the unsuspecting people who went to the free seminar and eventually bought into the 2 day workshop and spent the money that I really didn't have! It's funny because they used some sales tactic that if I came with someone else who attended the 2 day THING, we would pay 2, 995 each instead of the 3, 995. Whats amazing is the gaurantee...what i realized is this, if a company you are thinking of buying into doesn't offer a full no questions asked money back, don't get involved. But yet another thing I realized after i spent the thousand down and got sucked into the payment plan for the balance, the little information the 2 day THING, you can learn all that and more for free on the internet! I learned so much more my first year of trading and losing my entire account, (which was between my wife and I), than I did at the 2 day THING.
    There is no need to buy into that company or any other for that matter. There are many people out there who are hurting and just want to have more options in their lives...they shouldn't be sucked into a company that is great at selling goods rather than good at helping people create options!
    And why is it that after you buy into them and their so called better trades system, there is so much more upselling?! The constant upselling is rediculous. Each coach has a class their doing and thats another hundred to two hundred bucks. Then theres the annual meetings/summit and stuff! Come on! The newsletters and articles, and yadda yadda yadda! Many people here who said save the $3000 is right! Think about it, you spend 3 grand on their 2 day THING, then you gotta have a funded account, which the average broker wants at least a $2, 000 deposit. So you're looking at 5 grand right there if you didn't buy anything else from them, and that's a big if! If you, learn as much as you can online on trading, psychology of trading, money management startegies, you are well on your way. You have 2 grand to fund an account. Say you blow the account, ok, you picked up a few things about trading, theres another 3 grand there to get back on board!!! Save that 3 grand!
    I'm back in the saddle with a very small account but with a different mindset and set of rules to trade by...and it was nothing from 'better trades.' My beef is this, if i'm going to dish out 3 grand like that, let it be on a coach who takes me by the hand for a period of time and walks with me in the trenches! THAT is worth 3 grand, not some 2 day THING and constant upselling! And I reiterate, I learned more outside of 'better trades' than I did with and through their system! Trading is very lucrative and yes, also very fun! Take the time to learn as much as you can on the basics, and start small, and never stop learning! YOU WILL CREATE MORE OPTIONS! And you don't have to pay better trades to sell you someone's 'humble beginnings!' We all have our own...create your own success story for someone else that don't have to pay 3 grand!

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  • Th
    therathman Mar 03, 2011

    I wish I had read this prior to spending my money. And they are even more clever on the money back guarantee. They suggest you practice until you get 10 in a row profitable "paper Trades" before placing real trades. by the time you finally get here - there is no chance to reasonably complete the number of trades required by the deadline to get your money back.. However, the education material is decent, and I have been able to make a few very profitable trades. (I have not yet made back my "investment - and the amounts are a lot higher now. I think I spent about $7000 total.
    BTW --- after not hearing from tem for over a year - they have started emailing me to come back...NBL!

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  • Au
    AudreyRoss Feb 05, 2011

    I went to a free introduction seminar for Better Trades and signed up and took the Market Essentials Workshop for the $4, 000. Stock trading education is not for everybody. Yes, there are expensive tools to buy and they cost between 6K to 9K. If you buy them during the Market Essentials course they are about $1, 000 cheaper. I do not believe this is a scam. They make their sales pitch like any other very good sales people, but you have to decide. You also have to make a commitment to do the work. You have to follow their strategies diligently to have the success. When I have lost money, I could always trace it to not following the rules and guidelines they gave me. I have made at least the cost of the tuition and have paid my bills with some of my profits. People say you can get this information online for free, but trust me you need someone to gather that information in one place so you can study it. You need the educators, the instructors and coaches. You can trade for free with some brokerages which I did, but I am doing live trades now. By no means is your education finished just because you had a two-day seminar. You have to go over these strategies and take refresher courses like you would in any other profession. I only purchased one tool and that is extreme charts. I am on my way to making the second $4, 000. Happy New Year everyone

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  • Cu
    CutTheCrap Dec 01, 2010

    Thought I'd add that the company and it's sister company Code Ready Solutions are under investigation by the SEC and have been for some time now. They're laying people off within the organization left and right. In fact many if not ALL of the employees there do not have an education in trading, they don't have an education period let a lone trading. Mr. Freddie Rick, as I was told, had his "come to Jesus" moment while he was serving time in jail. Also, Jimmy Johnson and the other "celeberity" speakers have not taken the course, they "may" trade but not from the learnings of BT or CRS, they're ALL PAID to say what they do. Save your money!

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  • Au
    AudreyRoss Jun 27, 2010

    I am a student of Better Trades. And yes there is a lot of expenses that are associated with this stock education course. I do not, however, believe they are a scam or con artist. After the initial expense of $3, 995.00 for the 2-day workshop, the tools they offered cost between $6, 000.00 to $9, 000.00. I could not afford to buy these high priced items. I used the tools and research on my brokerage site to help me with the charts and other information that I needed. I took the class in Sept. 2009 and just paper traded. I started trading stock splits in May 2010 and in two months I have earned nearly $3900 starting with a $4500 account. If I stay on course and add another strategy to my trading, I probably will make three times the tuition which I never really believed was possible. I did recently purchase Extreme Charts from Better Trades and I am looking at the Tutorials on it. I have yet to use it. You do have to follow strictly what they teach you in order to be successful and stay successful. I am glad I did not read the comments here before I decided to join.


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  • Bo
    boilerguy22 Jun 23, 2010

    "BetterTrades’ products contain opinions about securities, and the opinions differ. For example, an opinion about a security in a certain BetterTrades’ publication could differ from an opinion about the same security that is in another BetterTrades’ publication. As another example, two instructors could have different views about the same security or factors affecting that security (such as market events)."

    Above in an excerpt from their legal section. From the looks of it, it says that different instructors have different opinions of securities... so it would appear that one instructor could be right, and one could be wrong. Ultimately it isn't a system, it isn't a guarantee, and it isn't going to make you any more money than if you were to go out and do it yourself or *gasp* use a professional financial adviser. Save your money.

    I would absolutely love to go to one of these seminars and have EVERYONE turn their nametags around so their names are hidden.

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  • 10
    100% American May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The fact in life's rule remains always the same. If it sounds to good to be true it is. Better Trades is no different. If you think you need to first spend $2999.95 or $8999.95 to be successful in the stock market then I hold the opinion you likely have some sort of mental impairment or suffering from some sort of depression. I don't believe in lazy ways to success. They don't exist period. If that were the case everyone in the world would prosper simply by wishful thinking. The smooth operators of the world prey on those whom are arrogant & unable to recognize a sales pitch that works on peoples emotions who seek and DREAM (Without Realizing Real Work and Dedication) can obtain those same results without throwing their money at a sales pitch. Global Warming is the biggest lie for one to brainwash everyone going green will save our planet. Al Gore and the companies who build the Windmills for example are supporting a dictatorial world government. They want to government subsidize (Steal Money From American Taxpayers) or (Spread The Wealth) to transom America. The Obama administration also is working as we speak to further control and regulate the internet (Tax The Hell Out Of It). This will kill the internet first by greatly raising costs to have internet service; second causing all companies to dramatically increase prices on everything they sell over broadband; third people will simply not able to enjoy the internet as we know it today as access will be sought for heavy regulation and communication over broadband will then be sought to be restricted. It is astounding that the United States under Obama is the only country seriously pushing the green agenda. Why? China not gonna do it. Europe is already socialized and has been heavily controlled and regulated by their governments for years. The Europeans are not as free and prosperous as U.S. citizens comparing apples to apples.

    You don't need Better Trades. You need to think for yourself! Do your own research. Use your own judgment! You do not need Better Trades to paper trade on your own to see if you can pick winning stocks to play options on. Just think you could take that $2999.95 or whatever money they want to scam from you and open your own brokerage account like Scottrade for only $500; oh the $500 you used to open the Scottrade account is still your money..WOW! Scottrade has many tools and a wealth of information for investors who are willing to research and manage their own financial future. They even have access to a program called Scottrade Elite for those who reach or maintain a $25, 000.000 minimum balance in their account. The program is free period. If you do not have that much money in your account you do not get access to that program. That is only a perk of Scottrade but you still have a wonderful amount of other information and tools available on their site. The point is why would anyone want to risk $ $ $ thousands of their hard earned money to a sales pitch of hope and truly a bunch of unverified hype from testimonials. Good Luck To those of America & the World who stand for capitalism, prosperity and most important of all FREEDOM!

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  • Wd
    wd69em Apr 18, 2010

    Its a total rip-off! Don't buy anything from them. Everything they offer is out there for free. They offer nothing different than anyone else, except they charge way too much. The trading platform that better trades offers is a pile of [email protected] and extremely overpriced. The support staff at the broker firm is horrible and they rip you off. Just stay away. Marketing scam!

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  • So
    SoTampa Apr 11, 2010

    The information presented was a compressed education. If you pay attention, you get a vast amount of insight that makes a difference. If you are looking for a free ride at someone else's expense you need to keep voting Democrat and stop whining.

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  • Wa
    Wayne Baseley Apr 11, 2010

    You bring up some good points, but every business has its risks. Trading options is no different. Look at most business oportunities, you must invest money to start one. Trading options is NOT FOR EVERYONE like a lot of other businesses, you have to have an intrest in it, or a talent for it. I happen to know some of the teachers in Better Trades, and they EACH make very good money trading. They do give you the tools you need to make money, and impart there skill to you, I have attended some of them. Like I said its not for everyone. BUT IT CAN WORK IF YOU STICK TO THE RULES. Wayne B.

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  • Pa
    PalmBeachGuy Mar 22, 2010

    Ever heard of a spell checker sir? Its hard to take a critic seriously who has the spelling of a "Forth" grader!

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  • Au
    audit2000 Mar 16, 2010

    Listen up guys and gals: They never mention in the ad that it's option trading. Options trading is a very risky proposition. What you really need to know is what is going on in the political, economic, social and environmental arenas to understand their impact on the stock you are gambling on. And gambling is really what you are doing with options. If you want to invest in the stock market then buy a mutual fund or shares of any given company you feel confident in. Also, realize that you are in it for the long haul. If you want short term gains then go to the local casino and place your bets. Think about it before you make any commitment to purchasing a program that they say will make you lots of money. It sounds like they have a crystal ball, so you know full well it's BS.

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  • Br
    bruin12 Mar 15, 2010

    I just watched the Better Trades infomercial with Jimmy Johnson screaming how much money it made for him. He wouldn't shut up so I decided to google BT and found this gem of a web site. I knew it was full of BS. Thanks Harold!

    Hmmmmmm, doesn't Jimmy Johnson make millions doing that silly ### pre-game football show and his other endorsements? So, why would he be touting the extraordinary gains he made with the program? For the paid endorsement. BT, if he does indeed use the software probably set him back and this is the way he can recoup his losses.
    Jimmy is a lousy lowdown hustler trying to get hard working people to part with their hard earned cash. He is a disgrace to the human race and should be tarred and feathered.

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  • So
    some trader Mar 15, 2010

    I attended their free presentation last Wednesday. As I firmly do not buy anything at the door or on live shows, I had no problems walking away with $0.00 loss. From the ad it seemed that they might give some knowledge there. They didn't. Oh well. However, I had a brilliant (in my opinion) idea after they came up with $4K "starters package".
    Here's the plan:
    1. Instead of shelling out $4K just to begin, take $2K and buy 40 trading books from legitimate and well-recognized authors - $50 a piece. Think about it - 40 books! - that's a decent shelf full of knowledge side by side.
    2. Read them!
    3. By the time you half through you will be itching to try. Get the rest of money ($2k) and buy a trading software. This amount will buy you high-end-platinum-extreme-pro platform with year or two data stream.
    4. Read the rest of the books and paper-trade.
    5. By the time you are done - you will be pumping money out of the market like crazy.
    (Some would say "live teachers" and such... right. many of those authors, if you register/buy a book directly from them will send you their newsletter on what they trade. no pitches, just what they did this week/month - priceless.)

    All for $4K you wanted to spend just to get next $6K sales pitch.

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  • Su
    susan1967 Mar 08, 2010

    Just saw this on TV, was on hold to sign up to a seminar in my area...then I came upon this, thank you! I just hung up my phone!! THANK YOU AGAIN

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  • Tw
    tweetbog Mar 04, 2010

    It was my choice to listen to the big dream sell. I was greedy and that is what was played upon. It is my fault. It doesn't matter if the money back guarantee is in place I'm looking more at my own internal need for MORE and MORE. That is the Tiger Woods syndrome. The ultimate problem he has don't you think? He couldn't be satisfied w/ being the 1st billionaire in sports or with his swedish trophy wife. Once he had what he was after he kept lusting for more. So my complaint is against my own greed. All of us need to see that we're just greedy Americans and need to repent. Better Trades scam does not sell a fix for our own emptiness. They sell stock education training.


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  • Ro
    Robin De Feb 23, 2010

    I would like to thank shane0009 for his 2 cents on Better Trades. No you DO NOT need to purchase the tools that Better Trade has to be successful at trading. As there are alot of brokers out there that have trading tools at little to no cost that you can use. You want to make sure that the tools (whomevers they are) are in real time, click for click as the information is coming out in the market, while the market is open. I personally found that it was alot easier to have the tools that Better Trades has to learn how to trade with the coaches. It was easier for me to understand and to see, how to trade by using the same tools then to implement what I see using a Brokers tools. I have found that other Brokers tools aren't as user friendly as the tools that Better Trades has. Better Trades tools has tutorials and alot of Brokers tools don't. Alot of Brokers don't want to even take your call and explain how to set up a trade using their tools, but Customer Service or Tech Support with Better Trades will.
    Learning to trade is an EDUCATION, it isn't easy, no one ever told me it would be easy. There is alot to learn. Don't say, I don't have the time... this happened or that happened and then complain because you weren't successful. Learning to trade takes dedication and hard work. The only thing that Better Trades asks of you at the bare minimum is to do one of your mentor classes a week and watch the archive the rest of the week until your next class the following week. 2 hours a week is not a whole lot to ask of anyone for a fabulous education taught by the best coaches you could ask for. And to think you can do this from the comfort of your own home.
    Do you think your teacher in College would allow the same excuses if you didn't do the homework or show up for class? Think about it, would you not get a failing grade.? Same thing goes for trading no matter who teaches you. Not doing the work will reflect in continued bad trades.

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  • Pa
    Pay back time Feb 16, 2010

    This is great, I am also in the same boat and this was the line of action I was thinking of doing it. I am planning well to get the message out to the victims and I need to talk to for help on this.

    Please provide your contact and lets save other innocent victims

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  • Be
    BetterTradesSucks Jan 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid the money and also bought their subscription service that they claim "does the resarch for you" and just "tells you which stocks to trade." Of course there is a disclaimer saying that they are not liable for losses, etc. They said the site has an 80% success rate. Not bad, except I traded EXACTLY like it said and had about a 90% FAILURE rate. Almost every investment hit the stop loss the day I traded it. I called to complain and request a refund but they would not do it. I got a big sign and stood out in front of their next seminar in my area that read "Better Trades Ripped Me Off." Not surprisingly, The Better Trades rep came out to talk to me and within 20 minutes I was talking to the VP of the company. Even he tried to convince me to let the company keep my money in exchange for additional services or discount prices on additional products. Eventually he gave up when I was persistant and refunded my money for the 'dedicated trader' subscription. I also got my money back for the inital purchase. I can never recover the lost funds from the investments they suggested though. Its a big scam, stay away!

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  • Je
    Jesse Jan 23, 2010

    If you are making 280, 000 a year then why are you wasting your time here, Oh I see you work for Better Trades and you need to make up stories like this, to keep that "business of making cash" looking legite. You make me laugh. Hang in there Freddie if you just screw everyone at one time you'll have that billion dollar cash making business that you spoke about in Orlando last May. P.S can't you find any better pitch men than this BROKE LOOSER. LOL

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  • Sh
    shane0009 Jan 23, 2010

    I have never seen such a bunch of loosers on here. People looking for excuses to be a failure. I have been trading for ten years. When you graduate college with a M.B.A. and get a job as a trader for a major firm on wall street, can you trade already? NO! They put you through a 12 month training program to teach you how to trade. Better Trades does this for the public. Teaches you the same stuff the pros use. One on one with real traders. I attended it wanting to sharpen my skills. It was the most outstanding education I ever took. I went from Making 80, 000 per year to 280, 000 per year. Don't get me wrong, i had knowledge already . But it is not a get rich scam. It is real trading education. Do not listen to these BROKE loosers who don't trade, and can not trade. Its just an education, thats all. And a good one at that. Not a scheme. One more do not have to buy the software. They tell you that you do not need it. Are they sales people? YES! Its a business. They are in business to make cash! Just like your local college is!

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  • Jd
    J Duenas Jan 11, 2010

    well... i attended the free seminar and the program was pitched for $3, 000 you are to receive a 2-day trading seminar, simulated trading, 12-months of mentoring, additional online courses and access to forums. I did not buy at the time i attended because of the cost. My focus is not to get rich quick, rather, to learn how to trade, apply strategy and recognize opportunity. What i like about their offer is the mentoring component. I am very eager to learn and i haven't come across many educational series like this that will actually sit with you and explain wth you're doing. Aside from that, i don't want to learn by playing with money in the stock market. Does anyone know of any other educational series/mentoring programs that work for a novice like me?

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  • Ta
    taxdtodeath Jan 09, 2010

    Sounds like Wade Cook part 2

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  • Je
    Jesse Dec 30, 2009

    You call me lazy, what you must work for them why else are you so hot to stand up for these "poor people"? You are a 50 year old liar just like them lady. Your so full of crap, With "YOUR GRADUATE DEGREE". You realy think that people believe that, " A day with them is better than a year in collage or two years for that matter"? They should be called Better Beware. All I can say to you is that your not real, and I hope everyone else can see through you.

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  • Je
    Jesse Dec 30, 2009

    I heard Freddy say that he wanted to take Better Trades to the next level when I was at their BS Summit in Orlando 2009, by the the way I paid to see them record their infomercial nothing but a bait and switch, " liars", any way the next level was to be a billion dollar company. My point is why aren't they already a billion dollar company? They saied I can turn my 500 into tens of thousands then why have they not already made billions for themselves time and time again, after all they been doing this for so loneg now. I tell you why, they make and are going to make their billions and billinos off of people like you and me.
    yours truly Jesse Hackler

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  • Ge
    Geno123 Dec 30, 2009


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  • Ma
    MathisFun Dec 29, 2009

    I am a 50 year old woman with a Graduate degree. I went to the 2 day seminar 3 years ago. I learned more valuable information in those two days than I did in most of my college education. Of course I recognized the sales pitch techniques. What I knew going in was that trading options would be explained and they were. I have gone back to the Market Essentials course every year to catch what I missed before and to hone my skills. I found some coaching personalities that matched my style through Better Trades. I followed John White and made large sums of money. I also lost money, but never more than I made. It takes committment to learn, practice and learn more to be a successful trader. This is an amazing amount of knowledge that has given me peace of mind that I would never have had otherwise.

    Fredie Rick sounds and looks like a used car salesman. Get past the hokey sales pitch and pay attention to the educator. There are plenty of places that offer the trading system you need to trade options without buying their package. Just stop whining and research them. This program is a gateway to financial freedom if you are smart enough to study and do the work it takes to become successful. This is not a magic pill. This is the most amazing education you will ever get at the best price I have ever seen. My husband paid a lot more for a whole lot less information through Invest Tools.

    I hate to see this company trashed by lazy people who want great rewards without doing the work. It is the easiest way to make money I have ever come across. It is easy if you pay attention to the lessons and know what technical analysis is. The information is all there in a great presentation and a take home workbook. You have to do the work after that.

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  • Th
    That Sucks Dec 18, 2009

    I'm signed up for a seminar in Palm Beach Gardens this weekend and now I'm probably not going. The thing that gets me is Jimmy Johnson is a spokesman for them. This is the one and only reason I signed up for it. I figured for sure, if he was a part of it, then it must be legitimate. I'm really in shock that he is willing to put his name and reputation on something that is a scam, unless this article is about a different Better Trades organization, but I some how doubt it is. I think we should all inundate him with much disgruntled extremely disappointed ex-fan mail. This is the website for the Better Trades I was going to attend the seminar for this weekend. Very disappointed...

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  • Ba
    Back To Reality Dec 11, 2009

    Thanks so much for this... bottom line...the BT "No So Info"-Mercial gives all the POSITIVE DATA ... and Paints such a "Trader in Wonderland" image of the stock market.

    Glad I read this post. Really puts things back in perspective and brings me back to Reality. I'm not going to buy any products from BT and will do the research and hard work on my own.

    Thanks again for all of the honesty in this post!

    from - "Almost Jumped Out The Window and Wasted My $$$$"

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  • Dk
    DKStermer Dec 10, 2009

    I too took the freedom expo class, I've taken the Market Essentials class, and started paper trading using "free software" for options trading off the internet.

    I finally "invested" money into the BetterTrades trading platform and their research software...and cannot say how much THEIR system has helped me to be a better options trader.

    I went into the BetterTrades system a step at a time, researched and reviewed their system through a friend who uses BetterTrades, and THEN made the decision to invest in the BetterTrades Options Trading system. I did NOT sign up for the software modules until I had time to think about it. No one pressured me to buy the system...when I was ready, I called BetterTrades and there was no hassle over pricing, etc.

    Yes, you have to work at it, study, papertrade, and practice trading regularly...I've had nothing but success using BetterTrades...YES, in 3 days, I turned a trade, and netted $6, 935!!! BUT, that was success through research and studying. The profit was listed in black and white in my account summary...showed it to my husband, and he about fell off the chair.

    THE BETTERTRADES SYSTEM WORKS if you approach it as a 2-year study program with "assignments and homework" regularly. Persistence, perseverance, and dedication to trading, and using the right tools for you.

    BetterTrades was/is the right options trading tool for me. After 10 months, I can honestly say I'm making profit every day I trade. As a matter of fact, I pulled in $2, 550 from an option on Apple yesterday, December 9, 2009. Couldn't have made that trade without using BetterTrades research software and their trading platform.

    And, I wouldn't be without the BetterTrades system.

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  • Wa
    warble Nov 30, 2009

    The tips on how to recognize the scam pattern are solid. What I have learned over the past few years is that new technological findings that relate to brain theory are resulting from FMRI studies. These findings are routinely utilized by con artists in every facet of our life. The con artists are studying the findings and they know how to play us. Those that utilize the new brain theory to harm others and advance their own agenda are known as the dark types. They are being identified as narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, and many other categories. Some can be jailed while others know how to fly-under-the-radar. They always portray the image of being helpful, trustworthy, and friendly while being exceptionally shrewd.

    It is clear that the new knowledge is being used by the dark types to circumvent American social systems, norms, traditions, laws, and to attack those that behave ethically. With the advent of the new findings, the dark types are able to constantly innovate and refine their con game. Worse yet, they know how to portray being ethical and how to prey upon each of us emotionally. They literally study what it means to have the appearance of behaving normal.
    Be aware that con artists consider us to be nothing more than a mark to advance an agenda. These dark types are very bright and know how to hide in plain sight. They often excel into positions of management and team leadership within the work place. They are often idolized. They are at every company. Human resource personnel cannot touch them.

    Sadly, America promotes and reveres these dark types, the laws cannot keep up with the advances in their innovative scam games, and the vast majority of Americans are being duped at work, on the Internet, in their investments, and more. All of us are having this experience, and at this time it is particularly intense.

    That is why we see that this current economic crisis is so different than anything encountered in American history. For example, we have many powerful executives able to blackmail the public and Congress for a TRILLION DOLLARS! The response is the Madoff scapegoat. The rest of the con artists get off with billions in their pocket. Meanwhile, the public suffers and the government lies to us about the real level of joblessness. If you do not know that on in four of every American is out-of-work then you have been scammed. You have been duped.

    Think about it. Since when is not having pay tied to performance the norm? What is this "guaranteed compensation" nonsense? Why are American's being forced to live under laws written by these scam artists we call executives? Who are these people that send billions in lobbying to gain access so they can write the laws that we live with? They are our enemies. They are con artists.

    These scams have become the core of American culture. Do not expect them to go away. Expect them to become more sophisticated.

    For example, the con artists are now deploying "trust agents" whose job it is to win your trust through any means. They are the new trend in scam strategy. These "trust agents" are nothing but highly trained professionals that are leveraging the latest in brain theory to emotionally manipulate us at all cost so they can get sales. They are being deployed by every major American firm, and they are well trained in brain theory as it relates to emotional manipulation and psychological trickery. They know how to circumvent the laws. Their goal is to get the sale no matter what the harm to the public or you.

    Good luck! If you are ethical then you are screwed. All of the ethical types are too scared to speak up because they are too afraid of losing their job or being target by these scam artists. So for now, ethical American's loose because they are cowards at work, at home, and in public. They remain silent when they see good people being taken down. Be assured that if you are one of the silent ethical types is too stupid to speak out that you will be next.

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  • Gd
    gdfs Nov 30, 2009

    thank you for the information. I will not be attending the expo here in tampa fl

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