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I have a successful business in s. california for some 12 years now, and I was always rated the highest possible with the bbb.
Last year I decided to stop my membership with bbb after the rep which I don’t want to mention is name (he claim to work there for 18 years), simply used very bad practice. he constantly lies, and actually start yelling at me!!! I was in shock, and then he told me cracking in laughter... why wont you complain to the better business bureau.
The thing is, he use the same practice as a crooked telemarketer, and am not sure if all bbb offices use the same practice... but the los angeles office, which calling from 714 area code is just a crook. period.
Dr. bush


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    DaJustifier Sep 30, 2009

    I work for the bbb in western wa its a not for profit organization, has been for 97 years. it works because we are unbiased. I work right next to the folks that call about renewing they ask once go over the details and if its a "no" they say thank you for your time and move on. I have seen folk fired for less here. I dont think that was actually from your bbb office others (including the supervisor) would have heard that. if this truely happened I would hope you would complain!

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    Amber4504 May 10, 2010

    You cannot really complain to the bbb about the bbb. unbiased? I think not. if they truly were, wouldn't they have their own page dedicated to the numerous complaints against their business practices? you would think so.

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  • Cw
    cWISLER Dec 11, 2010

    This company is a total rip off, took my money wrote it like it was a check out of my personal checking account, I did not purchase anything.
    I have notifed my bank of the fasle check and unauthorized withdraw. on the fasle check it is written that my authorization is on file which is a lie!!!
    I called the company filed for a refund, they denied my refund. asked to speak to a supervisor was told no.
    The ceo is dave thomas I wonder if he knows his business is ripping off people without there knowledge.
    They will not give a number for my lawyer to contact mr thomas. I spoke with david who was no help what so ever!!! beware of this company "discount web member sites, llc" 1-888-349-6822 phone number of rip off company!!!

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    Anonymous McKay May 02, 2018
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    Take their business license away. they are in a class action seterus, come on california take their license away.

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