Bethany West Union Oregonmanager


This manager regularly treats parents as pedantically. She feels very comfortable telling you how to parent, and truly has no idea if you do/do not have experience in child development theory and work experience. Recently, there were cases of chickenpox in the infant room and it took her several days to report it to the parents. The infant childcare providers reported it much sooner to the parents. Then, she wrote this:
"We have the Chicken Pox in our Infant Classrooms. Three cases as of this weekend. I have not had this happen in my school for maybe 17 years now, since immunizations became the norm. But here we are with our youngest and non immunized group suffering with the chicken pox. So far the children's cases have been mild. But it can be a serious childhood illness, as all of you already know. We are on alert, but that doesn't really mean much. It is now going to do it's thing. By the time symptoms show themselves children have been contagious for quite awhile." She judges parents decisions to not vaccinate for an illness that is arguably not "serious." She says she is on the alert, but has not reported it for several days. Then, she writes to all parents that they must provide proof of vaccination within three weeks. In the state of Oregon, facilities are required to inform parents that they have the option to opt out. She did not provide parents with this information. Her primary interest is money. Please avoid KinderCare.

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