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Office No 01-04,Grosvenor Business Tower
United Arab Emirates - 500245

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+962 6550 7445(International Queries) 1 1
+966 138 932 500(Bahrain - Manama) 2 1
+20 225 202 548(Egypt - Cairo) 1 1
+962 6550 7445(Jordan - Amman) 1 1
+965 2297 4333(Kuwait - Al Kuwait) 2 2
+9611 888 267(Lebanon - Beirut) 1 1
+212 522 928 050(Morocco) 1 2
+968 9171 5736(Oman - Muscat) 1 1
+92 423 597 2051(Pakistan - Lahore) 1 1
+974 4432 2827(Qatar - Doha) 1 3
+966 138 932 500(Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province) 2 1
+966 126 677 970(Saudi Arabia - Jeddah) 1 1
+966 114 784 736(Saudi Arabia - Riyadh) 1 1
+971 2408 9111(United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi) 1 1
+971 4449 3100(United Arab Emirates - Dubai) 2 1
Mon9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sun9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
International Queries
Fax: +962 6551 6926
Bahrain - Manama
Egypt - Cairo
Jordan - Amman
Fax: +962 6551 6926
Kuwait - Al Kuwait
Fax: +965 2229 4334
Lebanon - Beirut
Oman - Muscat
Pakistan - Lahore
Qatar - Doha
Fax: +974 4432 2892
Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province
Fax: +966 138 933 811
Saudi Arabia - Jeddah 
Fax: +966 126 677 950
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Fax: +966 114 730 872
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
Fax: +971 2631 4269
United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Fax: +971 4447 0332
Plus Complaints & Reviews / fake account embarrassing

Aug 05, 2019

Dear, Good Evening... Please kindly removed and block the account which is under my name " Lenie Cabatan Duhaylungsod " . I didn't do that and please remove and block it asap it is not supposed to be there. I do not know and i do not have any idea who have done...

BAYT / i'm compalining about not getting job calls even I had paid to bayt on 26/02/2018

Mar 06, 2018

BAYTI'm not getting job calls even though I had taken 6months service from BAYT on 26/02/2018 and job reference number is 1267871. Pls help and find a suitable job for me. I'm looking for a job in MEP quantity surveyor in Gulf countries except UAE. Currently I'm job less. I have...

BAYT / my profile on bayt

Feb 28, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I am getting errors, while updating my experiences and due to that I have deleted the my Bayt account and created the new one. When I am applying for jobs it is asking confirm mobile no, when I am giving the no again the error coming that mobile no is already registered... / bayt premium account subscription cannot be changed - possible scam

Dec 20, 2017

BayT - It is impossible to change "premium account subscription" as the button is disabled and all the time when cursor comes to it is covered by something else. Is that legitimate error or deliberately BayT does nor want subscribers to change subscription. It is NOT fair busine... / mail confirmation problem

Oct 04, 2017

Dear team, please help mre with the below trobleshoout i am facing while using the I am not able to cnfirm my email as not receiving any link and mail while requesting for it. i tried lots of time but still the same proble. i call your customer service they promised to solve the... / bayt email validation

Sep 27, 2017

Bayt.comPlease kindly confirm my email. I had challenges registering before. my phone number wasn't being confirmed. I just got a new number yesterday and started the registration process, the number confirmed successfully but then the email have not confirmed since last night. please kindly do something about his so I can get on with job applications. Thank you / phone number & email confirmation not responding

Sep 04, 2017

I registered with bayt using a gmail address but unfortunately the email was not responding so I decided to delete the account. Then I created a new gmail account and registered fresh on bayt again using the new gmail account this time. After that I inputed the same phone number I used on... / complaint for phone number is not verified

Aug 17, 2017

Bayt.comHello I have tried so many times but my phone number I am not verifying. It always says invalid phone number whenever I try to confirm it. I have tried different number in Pakistan and also I have tried one from Dubai but still it got stucked with the same issue. Kindly resolve my issue and... / certificate has been shared on google through bayt

Mar 29, 2017

Bayt.comDear, I have a member on bayt since long time. my complaint is regarding my educational certificate which i shared on my bayt profile has been shared on google through bayt, which is ridiculous, i am very disappointed. Kindly look into this matter and requesting you to delete my... / cv relevency

Nov 06, 2016

I have been a member since 3 years..I never got any genuine call from Bayt. It's waste of time..I somehow managed to get a job on my own in one of the school. Poorly executed. It's like "clickbait" making business. They keep sending emails about new job openings, but when u apply... / stay away from these crooks


I don't know what kind of twisted algorithms they use for the CV relevancy, It fluctuates from being on the top 10% one day to the last 10% next day, and whats funny is when i apply for a sales engineer position, my CV is almost not relevant to the position although i have an... / fake service, membership waste of money


I am a junior accountant and was looking for a job in Dubai. I applied to and found several positions that matched my CV. I tried contacting Bayt many times and got no response from them and after a few months they sent me an email telling me that if I applied for their CV... / bayt is a waste of time for both applicants and job posters


Bayt is a waste of time for both applicants and job posters. Bayt's application relevancy ranking algorithms are shamefully awry. Each day my application's rankings wildly fluctuated. One day my application is ranked at position 10 out of 400 competing applicants. The next day it... / rip off


This website is a money making scheme. They initial services are free and then they force you to pay $250 to create a CV or remain jobless. This is not fair, this is fraud, the are cheating people out of the money they rather use to survive in the countries that $250 really matter. I have...