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Rooms 423 and 424 bed bugs company has not treated. Guest complaints of being bitten
Housekeepers do not chnge the sheets. Reginal manager is more stuck on sleeping with the front desk clerk. Night front desk ian is constantly getting high and eating cookies.. There was a couple good houskeepers tho. One of which always smiled and was happy to help even though i was not on her chart for service. I called to tell them about her and they fired her for something false. Smh talk about right and wrong...

bed bugs

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    I was wrongfully terminated due to the company accusing me of theft I had punched out and was going to a fellow employees room to use the restroom due to the factor of not wanting to use the guest restroom for my privacy .at that current time my fellow employee gave me some can goods from a food drive to give to another employee .the following day I had worked all day even spoke with the regional manager. that afternoon and as I was leaving she even told me thanks for all your hard work and the minute i walked out told my gm that i was to be fired. Why was this not addressed at that point? the following time that I was scheduled to come in I was informed by text that I was no longer to be employed there for stealing kitchen items which are bulk items and they are breakfast foods and that they supposedly have this on tape .when I requested to see the video I have not yet to see it when I wrote a letter and was promised by my general manager that she had my back all the way cuz she knew I didn't take it .come to find that they were sticking firm to their decision and yet still have to produce a video for me to see or a video for my general manager to view. In the time of working there the company has yet to pay me for 120 overtime hours that I had worked between two buildings never had a write-up never had one guest complaint in fact I have letters from guest stating that they valued me as an employee there and trusted me in going to their rooms and not take a thing I also have an award from the general manager stating best housekeeper of the month in that time I still have not been paid never got my two raises I was falsely accused of something my pride has been taken from me defamation of character all the way and now I'm stuck without a job .. this company states that they take pride and their employees and value their employees hard work it's a lie the harder you work the more they attack you. Below is a picture of the items i was given


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    Everywhere Sep 09, 2019

    As far as the pay issue, you need to file a complaint with the Labor Board in your state. As to the accusation of theft and resulting termination, you can always try to contact HR and/or speak to an employment law attorney. I don't know all the details, so I've no idea if you've a case.

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  • ᴡʀᴏɴɢ𝟽𝟿 Sep 09, 2019

    @Everywhere To be honest with you. I did steal food supplies and money that a customer left behind. The customer complained, they apologized and gave the customer a free weekend stay. Then they fired me. I told them that another coworker gave the food. But they won't know who I am since i did not use my real name. I also made a lie about my former employer having bed bugs. I hope the place gets shut down. Read my other review. I got them back for firing me by saying that they have bed bugs. This place will soon shut down. Everyone will be out of a job. That will teach them to fire me.

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    JanisJanis Sep 12, 2019

    wrong79, can you say which city you were terminated from? I'm quite sure ive picked up bed bugs and was wondering if it was the same city

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