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I have 3 major complaints with this company. I have already complained about one of them. But I want to complain about their Service fees and charges for extractions and teeth cleaning, and for Anal Gland procedures for your pet. about 2 months ago, I went into the office because my Small Maltiz-poodle mixed dog, who is 10 years old was in a great deal of pain of a enlarged anal gland that was stopped up. (not able to express normally) He had this large ball in the back of his behind. I tried to express it and could not get it to drain. So I took my dog Buttons to Banfield. There was a older (Caucasian) lady VET Doctor with long Gray hair. She took a look at my dog and tried to Express the Anal gland but couldn't not express it either. So she said that she could drain the anal gland by surgery, but it would cost me around $1, 200.00. She said if I paid that price she would put me on the Yearly Doggy health plan and she would also do a dental cleaning and extractions for my dogs teeth. She said his teeth were very bad and they needed to clean them and take out the infected teeth. I told her that we didn't want to spend that kind of money and asked her what the price would be without the doggy health plan and just for them to express our poor dogs anal gland so he could be relieved of his pain. She said it was only $800.00. I asked why it would cost this much. She said that she was going to have to do major surgery. And he needed to go to sleep during the surgery, She said the blood test for this kind of thing is around $400.00 alone. Me and my husband were stunned. We took are dog that was in pain and left the office. We made one phone call to Teneker in Aurora co 80011, They did a cut on his anal gland and drained the fluid and they also did our dogs Rabies shots. All this for around $200.00, This procedures came with antibiotics and pain pills. That was a lot cheaper then $800.00-$1200.00, No blood test needed. We also saw that his teeth were bad and he had around 7 of them that needed pulled. A month later when we had the funds, We took our dog down to Broadview on Evans in Denver Colorado, and they only charged us for $166.00 to pull 7 teeth and clean them (His teeth were easy and they charged us $2.00 per a tooth average to extract). (This procedure came with antibiotics and pain pills) I just can't believe the prices $$$$$$$ at Banfield. Beware who ever goes there. Their prices are very unfair. Even on their so call healthy plan. They don't really care about your pet. They are ROBBERS, especially with animals that are involved. Also Broadview on Evens in Denver, did the blood test for only $33.00, compare that to Banfield $400.00. (my experience from March -April 20012) I have all the records to show the prices from banfield and other other vets and there is a major difference in PRICES. Banfield being a company with Major issues. I would like to Put Banfield on the NEWS and expose them for who they really are.



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      Apr 17, 2012

    While I personally have never been in a Banfield, I have read some pretty shocking complaints about them from overpricing to pushing a "wellness plan" that seems to be another dispicable way for a company to drain your bank account. I've read enough that I wouldn't let my dog sit in their waiting room, let alone use them for my pet's medical care.

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  •   Apr 25, 2012

    April Herrera- thank you for providing this feedback, we want to address your concerns and have someone reach out to you however we cannot identify your account with the name April Herrera. We have identified an account under the name of Autumn Herrera, if this is correct please let us know and we will contact you shortly. If you are uncomfortable confirming this here then please call or email our Client Advocate team at [protected] or [protected], thank you.

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      Sep 11, 2016

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I have a major complaint about Banfield's services! This has happened twice in the past two months and I am very dissatisfied!!! In fact I want to cancel my Wellness Plan. It was my understanding that if you have a 'problem' with your pet while on the Plan you can walk in and a vet will see you and your pet!! This is NOT so!! My poor Yorkie had an allergy from shampoo my groomer used and he was scratching and biting the area above his tail. Well, I checked it this morning (9/11/2016) and he had pulled out some of the hair and it was an open wound!! I stopped at Banfield to see if a vet would see him if I brought him over. I was afraid of an infection, etc. I was told: "No, all appointments are filled, but I can give you an appointment on 9/26/2016!!! I only wanted the vet to check the wound out, tell me what to do and/or give me medicine but I was told NO! What kind of service is that to a client/patient! As I said it happened twice in the last two months where I was put off and given an appointment weeks into the future!!! What good explanation can you give for this type of service?!!? I am TOTALLY dissatisfied with Banfield's actions and care!! It didn't use to be like this with my other dog!! What are you going to do about cancelling my plan? I DO NOT expect to pay a penny for the cancellation either!!

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