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Dear Sir / Madam: January 14, 2022

My name is Jeannie Louie and I am filing a formal complaint against Banfield Pet Hospital located at 119 SW Loop 410, Bldg 3, San Antonio, TX 78245.
I am also sending a copy of this complaint to Banfield Corporate Office in Vancouver WA. as well as BBB.

I have been a loyal client of Banfield Pet Hospital and my two Shih Tzus had been on the Banfield Wellness Plan since June of 2011. In 2015, one of them passed so the plan was just for one.

Cookie is going to turn 17 in a few months. She has had a happy and healthy life and I expect the rest of her golden years to be just as content and full of joy.

Never have I encountered any major issues until the last few days. The last thing I anticipated is these inexcusable mistakes.
The inconsistencies must be corrected, for the sake of their patients and the staff.

This is what Cookie and I encountered:
On 1/12/22, I brought Cookie in for her Comprehensive exam. I specifically informed the front desk that due to her age, I'd prefer her NOT getting the 2 scheduled vaccinations. The lady immediately took notes and went back to inform the staff.
Later when I checked her file online, the "vaccinations were completed".
They gave her the 2 vaccinations when I specifically instructed them NOT to.
I mentioned this to her doctor - Dr. Chavira. He stated that they will pay more attention to the board next time. (whatever that means.) But no apologies at all.
I was willing to let that go but I was not happy.

The exam indicated that Cookie's BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) value is above normal.
This is a sign of kidney failure. In order to expedite the process as this is an urgent and time sensitive matter, I scheduled Cookie for an ultrasound next Tuesday the18th. Good thing I double checked earlier today - The person who made the appointment never contacted the 3rd party company who does the ultrasound, therefore, they are fully booked till the 24th. This error is solely due to Banfield staff failing to identify the urgency of this appointment and failing to confirm the availability with the third party ultrasound booking on Tuesday, January 18th, While knowing this is a time sensitive matter.

Yvonne, the Practice Manager related to me that there is no way they can schedule me or squeeze me in at a different Banfield location and she will relate the message to Dr. Chavira tomorrow. (Dr, Chavira was off today)
I was able to chat with someone from Banfield via Facebook Messenger, who basically just gave me the runaround and didn't fully understand the dynamic of the issue.
As you can see, It is extremely frustrating that there was absolutely no sense of urgency, no support, no management, no one who was willing to assist their customer for a major mistake they made.

I took the initiative and called Blue Pearl Pet Hospital. They have openings on Monday for ultrasound. All they need is a referral from my vet.
I informed Yvonne and she said she will let Dr, Chavira know tomorrow.

My cost at Blue Pearl will be approximately 1800.00 vs Banfiled for only 600.00 plus a fee for the technician to examine the result.
I will be paying approximately an additional $1000.00 just because of an inexcusable error.

Both mistakes could've been easily avoided if the staff were focused on their tasks at hand and if they are not understaffed and overworked.
I feel angry and disappointed because we've been with Banfield since Cookie was just a puppy.
From northern Ca. to southern Ca., and now San Antonio. I never seem to have any issues until recently.

It is unfortunate that this incident took place. Because of their negligence, it is going to cost me at least 1000.00 extra.

*Update: Kaitlyn, the lady who made the error booking the ultrasound called this morning and apologized for what happened. She stated that she is new and still in training. Kaitlyn was able to find me an appointment for the 20th.
Now my concern is - If she is new and still in training, why was she left alone with no resources, no support and no supervision?

I and many customers whom I have read their reviews on Yelp and BBB plus the complaints filed, would like BBB's assistance to bring awareness to Banfield and see changes.
Proper Training and ample resources and support for employees,
Active listening and communication skills.
Proper staffing
Teach your employees how to deliver and truly fulfill the Five Principles of your MissionStatement:

Thank you for your attention to this matter. It is greatly appreciated.


Jeannie Louie
Email: [protected]


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Feb 27, 2022 7:08 pm
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Yes they are. My Irish Terrier was in the plan since she was 2 months old. She died AT BANFIELD on 4/15/2021 at the age of 15. Over the years I paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to Banfied. They nickel and dime you for one thing or another every time you take your pet in. On the day she died in my arms at Banfield they charged me an ADDITIONAL $319.97 on the day of her death. An additional $241 to the company they recommended for cremation.

And yet, they CONTINUED to bill me for monthly “Wellness plan” fees, even though they provided no services. In addition, she had the more expensive plan that included dental, but they performed no dental treatments for the last two years.

I will NEVER EVER use Banfield again for anything, and will tell anyone who is interested the truthful story.

I have another Irish Terrier, now, and she is not going anywhere near Banfield, or Petsmart for that matter, by association. Pretty short sighted. For a few hundred dollars they now stand to lose thousands more from me, not to mention who I can influence.

I strongly recommend NOT using Banfield for ANY services.


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