Awesome Augerbe careful of website


I saw the commercial about the auger and how you get two augers and extension and the drill all for $19.99. I thought it would be a terrific christmas present. When I went to the site, I had to put all my information in first before I could proceed, then when I got to the part about the drill, turns out it's $24.95 extra. I tried to go back into screen and take out my personal information and put bogus information in, not real name, address or credit card. I got a charge on my credit card for $57.88. Turns out you don't have to confirm an order, when you hit enter, IT'S AN ORDER! They will take my two sets back minus the shipping and handling charges. So I'm out about $20+ if I return and $57.88 if I keep. This is not at all what I saw on tv. BEWARE!

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