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wage garnishment

Received a garnishment on my check tried to go on line but asked for a case #never received a copy of the garnishment until a week after it came out of my check not able to talk to anyone on the weekend so had to wait till Monday to find out anything this garnishment happen again last year same company same amount same lien # at the time last year this lien is not mine but a insurance company bill my attorney had to fax the information to this company the company that got the lien it should have been solved last year but wasn't now when I called then it says it was paid back to me last year yes it was for last not this year now been waiting for a return of my money they said they couldn't send me a check but it goes back on my paycheck why do I have to pay taxed on this money again also have not received $5.00 for adm fee's for each year this has happenn

fsa card

These people are unbelievable! I have submitted the receipt from my dentist office 2 times now and each time I call to verify, the person says they have what they need, but then they turn my card off. No one seems to take ownership, and it seems like 50 people can say no, but no one can say yes to fix it. The invoice/receipt has all the info from my dentist(whom I have used in prior years with no problem) and various charges on one invoice for a bridge I received. Somehow $62 dollars out of the total of almost $2200 is stuck in their craw. They claim they are working for the IRS to prove that the money is not being misappropriated but aren't I the one responsible for my relationship with the IRS? My accountant seems to think so but says just give them what they want. I am tired and the amount I save in taxes is not worth the amount of this headache. I have approached my HR department but they must be saving money with ADP because although there are several complaints from other workers including myself, nothing seems to make them change back to our other FSA card. I will opt out for next year and I guess file a claim in small claims court for the 300 dollars they have frozen.

they will not pay me my monyey

I signed up through my employer for the ADP FSA Dependent care account. My first complaint is I had a check...

allowing others to access our money

My husband and and i both have adp total pay card... This past monday after a long, hot, hard day at work... Hubby wanted to do something for us, his family...He went and checked both our cards...We were in shock when we got to his card...$1800 had been removed and put into another account, someone else's!! he immediately called..They explained that they were going to send out a packet in which he needs to fill out all the paper work and then send it back so they can start their investigation...In which it could take 30 to 60 days to get our hard earned money back, in the meantime, my kids are now in need of food and we don't get paid again for two weeks!!!... We found out on our own by logging into the website ...The name...The bank that is associated with the routing number... We took it upon ourselves to call... Coming to find out...Some delinquent got into his account and did an online funds transfer to some other cards... They froze the account and he was told he would receive a call in 72 hours...Me being impatient had him call today, it was almost 72 hours... They tell him that all they need is for adp to send some paper to them and verify that it is ours...Hubby calls adp and explains this... It don't matter!! they say we need to fill out the papers and we will go from there...With absolutely no guarantee that we will get our money back!! they are such rotten crooks!! i really wish they would contact us and resolve this in a more timely kids are going without!!

they have $300. 00 of mine and don't know where it is and do not care

I had an acct. With adp total pay card through my job. I had a need to transfer money from this card to another card because i needed to make a purchase that the other card was affiliated to my paypal ebay purchases. It was dec. 6th when i did this. I called and asked them when i could expect the money to transfer they were very hard to understand the multiple of people i kept being transferred to and could not answer any questions. I called them for 1025 straight days with the inquiry of where my funds went. I kept telling them they never reached my bank acct. They said several times they would mail some complaint forms to fill out finalyy after 15 days they finally sent them. I filled it out faxed it back and about 10 days later i get a typed letter with no letter head or proper signature stating that my time has expired to request research into this matter so my $300. 00 dollars are lost??? What the conclusion here. No one would answer my questions they kept saying check with th e company the money was transferred to. Moral to the story this is now january 31st still no answers. I contacted the attorney generals office in hopes of getting some resolution. I cannot afford to be out of $300. 00 why and how can these card companies get away with this???

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they sent me fake check and my account was closed

I worked for the company ADP Research Inc. I was so disappointed, ‘coz they provided the check and I deposited it, but the rep from the bank told me that the check was bad. They told me that my account would be closed due to this check. I tried to reach someone from this company, but no one replied. I have no idea what to do now. I left without my money and want to solve this problem ASAP. Please, help me.

pay card acess dinied

I have been calling adp from last year asking them to activate my card that i used back last year during summer when i worked for the ymca, now im back in south africa been trying to activate it since last august but they asked me to send them some copies of my social security card and passport and i did more then 6 times and they keep tellibng me that they didnt receive any faxes and im highly anoiyed because im spending more money calling them and faxing stuff which they claim they do not card next year will expire with the money i worked for.. Im went to the states to work but it seems i went ova there 4 nothing.

holding funds

It seems that adp has major problems with their system. This is the third time in one month that the system went down. I am stuck away from home with no gas in a parking lot waiting for the system to go back up. I can see why it is so cheap for employers to use this company to load pay checks. I tried to make a complaint to the fcu through the website and it is an error. .

closed account without my knowledge

I'm not a happy camper. I work for a company on a seasonal basis, and have had the ADP Total Pay card...

unlawful wage garnishment

This company practices unlawful wage garnishment, in the state of Texas wage garnishments are ILLEGAL...but...


I worked for a company last year that used adp. And I no longer work for the company and I have tried contacting the h.r department to have my password reset and they have told me that I need to contact adp to do so. ADP doesn't even have a live operator to speak with I just keep getting a recording that tells me to contact my h.r department. Its been a run around for 6 months and all I want to do is view my last paystub and print it out. They just look out for there clients not the clients employees. Has anyone else had this problem and if so were you able to resolve it?

  • Lh
    L Hughes Jul 31, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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flexible spending account

This company provides administration of medical flexible spending accounts. They are TERRIBLE!!! It is a...

money was forwarded then all communication ceased

Money was forwarded then all communication ceased.unable to make contact on any medium.private investigator required to find owner and agreed to pay shippng and reneged on that. i paid shipping-$950.00 PLUS REPAIRS TO AUTO TO FACILITATE SHIPPING.owner promised to address this issue and has since disappeared again.vehicle was delivered after 41/2 months.owner ignored phone messages and e mails. $2, 950.00 total for repairs and shipping.

inconsistent taxes

I worked for a company for almost 2 years that used ADP for their payroll services and with ADP's inconsistencies and errors, I am having to deal with the problems of the financial inconsistencies because they did not take out enough state taxes of my paycheck and every second and third check I received they did not even take out state taxes at all. I would not recommend this company because they messed up everything and I will not ever refer them to anybody I know. Nobody should have to go through emotionally, physically, and financially what I am having to go through because of this companies inconsistencies and un-professionalism.

  • Ta
    Tami53 Jan 10, 2013

    Ex employee calls to report his SS# on W2 is wrong. These were done by ADP. I check a copy of his/her pay stub processed by ADP. Same thing. So I check my records of information submitted to ADP on start up and mine is correct. I call and after being on hold for 35 minutes (my phone has timer) they answer. The guy I explain my issue to puts me on hold and comes back and says they will straighten it out. And then he proceeds to tell me I will have to pay for that, normally it is $100 but he will give me break! What! Whoa! It is YOUR mistake I say. He says, yah, but you need to accept some responsibility for it. Really? So despite your advertising about how I can leave my payroll worries up to them and they will handle everything I have to pay? I proceed to read the part in my contract to him that says they will accept responsibility for ANY and ALL errors made by them. Period. Nope, he says, I should have checked everything. So let me get this straight I say...I need to double check YOUR work? Yes, he says. Ridiculous!!! I also tell him he is adding words to my contract that are not there. I give him this scenario...we perform service work for a customer and don't fix it right. The customer comes back and says hey this still doesn't work or is broken whatever the case may be. If I do business ADP's way I can just tell him too bad, you should have checked our work before you paid for it or took the vehicle. Does this not sound utterly stupid? I can't believe he could even speak those words without laughing at how crazy that sounds. That is not the only issue I have had with them but that is probably the dumbest thing yet they have done to my company. We are a small business so I guess they can just railroad us with their big corporate attitudes. NOT! My advice to you is find another company that will actually honor their guarantee and contract. If I was at the office still I would scan the paragraph and add it to this complaint. I am home now so you will just have to trust me on this. Read the contract they will ask you to sign and you will see it for yourself. Needless to say I have switched payroll companies and so glad I did now after today's call to them. Goodbye ADP!

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false advertisement and no pay

I worked with said company for 3 months and I am still calling Alfonso Delgado (the owner) for my first...

they won't cut me a check they won't let me withdraw the money

My weekly payroll goes is added to the ADP Total Pay Card. I get paid after midnight Thursday. They sent me an email on Thursday stating that per my request my account is closed. I called them and they stated that once an account is closed they cannot reactivate. Which is fine but they did not reject the funds sent to them by my employer.

Since they accepted it my employer can’t do anything and they confirm yes it is on the card but can’t be accessed nor will they send me a refund for a min. of 10 business days.

I live pay check to pay check and me nor my 2 kids that are home will eat this week or the next because these idiots won’t give me my money. I won’t even be able to go to work because I am broke with no means to get any money. If an account is closed then why wouldn’t they reject it and then my employer could cut me a check.

I have 3 different people there and they will not help me. They won’t cut me a check they won’t let me withdraw the money. I don’t know what to do.

holding funds after cancelling transaction

I went to the local BP local gas station to purchase gas at the pump with swiping my adp debit card, I then...


I had a garnishment on my payroll and had both attorneys submit a release for the garnishment to stop money...

unethical cobra services

ADP is holding our HIPAA statement hostage! even though we were covered for a year through their administrative cobra services, they now refuse to send us the letter that states so. they claim their client (american express) did not contract for that service. excuse me? how are we, the employees hit by a lay-off and trying to stay afloat, supposed to know that? and why should we be responsible? where do they get off telling someone they can't issue such a statement, even though the law provides that insurers and administrators MUST do so? we are escalating this issue to the highest level, to insure we receive comprehensive health coverage. in the meantime: if your business is thinking about hiring ADP, save yourself and your employees a giant headache and don't choose them. they are unethical and they break the law.

  • Ne
    neutral11 Nov 24, 2010

    Dear Complainers-
    Im not saying everything is always perfect, but I work at ADP and there have been a lot of strides taken. Just IN MY CASE ALONE ..i recieve faxes that you have to make out then you go to call the client leave messages they dont call back ...ect...some of the blame is on you ...THE CONSUMER...Im not saying all instances someone here has dealt terrible customer service BUT we are also governed by laws, policies, and procedures...ADP is a filing cabinit...we take YOUR info...process THE INFO YOU GIVE ...file it and store it...we do not set tell us how everything is to be taxed ect...if you dont know then you need to hire a CPA! so lets know the whole story before you start throwing daggers

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  • Ch
    choco3838 Nov 23, 2013

    ADP is handling our COBRA. They sent us two notices of payment due, then stopped sending them. Their initial info package directed us to contact our previous employer for any questions and we were told (several times) to wait for the invoice which never came. So we were dropped from COBRA, losing our insurance coverage. We went through the appeals process, which included supplying them with copies of all email correspondence with the employer telling us not to pay until we got billed. They turned down our appeal!! It took threatening our old employer with legal action to get them to get us reinstated.

    ADP is still not sending us invoices and I am going to switch to paying over the internet to insure the payment is received and properly credited since we have been told that there will be no further opportunities to appeal. They seem to enjoy taking advantage of any opportunity to cancel you. Probably because they work for the employer, not the insured.

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  • An
    Angela Huertas May 22, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are going through the same thing. We had to keep calling for the invoice. The calls were sent overseas. We could not even understand the reps. Then my husband had one month left so he went for a procedure. Next thing you know, they mailed back his payment then told us we didn't make the payment so they just canceled his insurance and now won't pay his claim. We have even sent the canceled checks as proof. Currently waiting for the next reply. Terrible service on this appeal process because it's all done through fax, no communication with a person. Ugh

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taking more than I owe

I have been paying off a debt with garnishment through ADP and they have over charged me more than $8, 000 which they now have now record of ever having a garnish for me for that amount. Business owners beware of what you are doing to your employees before choosing this company!!!

  • Il
    Illegal Garnishment Mar 31, 2014

    Back in 2010, my wages were illegal garnish. This was a divorce matter. My ex attorney took it upon herself to have my wages garnish. She claimed I owned him temporary spouse support during the time of the divorce. I never had to give him any temporary spouse support. She went to the Central intake and put in an Income of Execution, without a court order. I have no legal documentation from the court telling me I had to give him any temporary support. I even took the time from my job to check to see if there were any supporting documentation telling me I have to give any support during the divorce. I have called ADP and told them they are illegal garnishing my wages without a court order. It make me sick, what people get away with. And it gets better, I received a letter from ADP that they were going to be garnishing my wages. Meanwhile they were taking the money out before I received their letter. I know in the State of New York you have to be served. I was not served by the courts. I beg my second attorney to stop this, but said I had a court order for her to do that. I look him square in the face and told him I do not have any court order. My third lawyer was no better. I told him I want that court order and he look at me and told me my ex attorney lost it. So we are now in 2014 and ADP are stilling garnishing my wages. I am now seeking some legal advice and nothing would give me such great pleasure as to sue ADP for the pain and suffering they have caused.

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  • Mo
    Momofnine Jan 21, 2015

    This company needs to be investigated. My son is having a hard time collecting his wage garnishment overpayment from ADP. They have given him so many answers which are lies, that they are not sure what to tell him any longer. Now they claim that they sent the money to his employer and are no longer responsible for the money. WHAT? I think they are wrong. Because until my son receives his money, they still owe him the money. I'm pretty sure an attorney would agree.

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