Aurora Health Caremedication and dr. warpinski

T Dec 27, 2019

I have been on ADHD medication since I was nine &I have been taking 3 Xanax a day since I was 22 I not only suffer from seizures I also suffer from EXTREME ANXIETY I have been diagnosed with the same disorders many times & up until I seen this doctor I was on the exact same dosage of medication I am now 38 & he has changed the dosage and it's messing me up mentally I've tried to discuss this with him and it as if he simply does not care I'm not an addict I simply have mental problems and have had mental problems since the age of 9 now he's changing everything and it is messing with me mentally I wish I would have never went 2 that doctor. I even saw a therapist and an aoda Counciler and they both agree that my ADHD and my anxiety has gotten out of hand yep when I talk to him about it it's as if I'm completely ignored

  • Updated by Tiffany plinske · Dec 27, 2019

    I have had 11 endoscopy done on my throat which is quite a high number considering that I'm only 38 yet I cannot get him to prescribe me promethazine with codeine after I had my surgeries or for when I have a cough that is so bad I literally pee my pants every time I cough having 2 change my pants 5 6 times a day I wish I would have never had to have any of my throat surgeries I wish I didn't have to ask him 2 prescribe me promethazine with codeine yet he prescribes me Gabapentin for my throat which Gabapentin is a nerve medication so what is really going on with this doctor

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