Auroin Complaints & Reviews

AuroIN / Scam

Sep 15, 2015

This is a scam called “AuroIN”. The scam invents stuff about you with fake pictures and contracts with your “signature” (fake signature!) then it asks for your money or it will publish all the fake pictures and contracts. A guy with the name “Annada” (maybe it is fake I don’t know) from...

AuroIN / Internet Fraud -- blackmail

Sep 11, 2015

I still can’t believe it but I was being blackmailed by a fraud called auroin which was supposed to promote my blog but then asked me for money or this fraud would publish “defamatory” (their word) content about me and my blog. They even sent me documents which I supposedly signed and...

AuroIN / Scam And Extortion by Fake Reviews

Sep 10, 2015

I was scammed by a fake company called AuroIN and now they extort me for more money !!! This is the story : I have a website for my shop and I was searching for Google experts to improve my position in the results, , , I got an email from a guy of AuroIN saying that their top executive ...

AuroIN / Blackmail

Sep 09, 2015

This is a complaint about a scam that disguises as a “marketing company” called Auroin. At the beginning someone from Auroin contacted me and said that they have this big SEO expert Annada Padhy who can boost my online business ranking. The agent said that they will give me the first month...

AuroIN / Scam/Extortion

Sep 08, 2015

This is an urgent warning NOT TO DO ANY BUSINESS with a guy called Annada Padhy who claims to run an SEO company called Auroin. This guy is in fact just a criminal who tries to extort small business owners !! Annada Padhy and his scam company contacted me after I was searching for an SEO...

[Resolved] / Inside AuroIN - One of the Most Sinuous SEO Companies in the World

Jul 30, 2013

Inside AuroIN - One of the Most Sinuous SEO Companies in the World Many legitimate search engine optimization (SEO) professionals have been struggling steadily with the shady image of crooks and cheaters, even though they have never attempted to manipulate or mislead. This murky generic...

[Resolved] Auroin LLC / Do not do business with Auroin LLC, Its a scam!

Jan 17, 2013

Auroin claims to employ “700 fulltime professionals who work 24×7 in all time zones. ” however, its linkedin page currently only lists 87 employees, most of them are yet again solely an empty profiles without an image, connections and funnily enough sometimes without even a proper name...

[Resolved] AuroIN / Auroin is a house of scam


Annada Prasad Padhy tells anybody who wants to hear (or not) that he had a dream of becoming a doctor when he was a little mischievous toddler, but sorrowfully he had to neglect his high aspirations due to the lack of academic support and monetary problem. Well… there were also these petty...