ATT Store / unethical behavior in regards to purchasing an apple phone

o/a 24 June 2019 I had purchased an Apple XR phone outright from the ATT Store listed above. Before deciding whether or not to purchase this phone, I was concerned that I couldn't unlock the phone since I needed this phone for work due to frequent travels to Asia and Europe. The sales clerk assured me that I could unlock this phone within 30 days. I tried unlocking the phone and it states that my phone can't be unlocked until 6 months. This is unsatisfactory since I was misled in regards to how long my phone has to be activate before I can request my phone to be unlocked. I went with ATT because I have family who works for ATT as well as the quality service and coverage. If I knew that I had to wait until December to unlock my phone I would have bought this phone at an Apple Store. This type of sales tactics should not be tolerated as it's misleading and could tarnish ATT's reputation as a credible and honest company.

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