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Wi Jul 20, 2019

Last year I got the Internet and some kind of way that change for my TV. Plan it wouldn't be that must more. I am a Senior so I don't get a check every two weeks have that must money to spend. Now the last Bill's I got was June 14, 2019, and yesterday I get a Bill for $85.00 for Aug 2, 2009 (Date on Bill was 7/12/2019 ).ACCOUNT: [protected]
Sheila Williams

  • Updated by williams Sheila, Jul 20, 2019

    When I got the Internet and without me knowing it's they change my T.V. About two weeks later I get this Letter from at&t letting know this its the same thing always 07/05 08/04 Select (all included) $95.00 know change and giving me the same channel. Seniors don't get pay but once a Months I Don't get any special channel. $85.00

  • Updated by williams Sheila, Jul 20, 2019

    They want to charge me $85.00 for TV every channel remains the same .and the Internet $40.00 that $125.00 and with a new plan both would $75.00.

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