Aspen Dental Managementfinancial fraud

I went into Aspen Dental on October 1 for an emergency visit for a severe toothache. After presenting me with a long list of procedures I needed and the price tag, amounting in the $1, 000s, I was also told the oral surgeon was out of network and I would have to pay in full. I went home and looked for an oral surgeon who was available and in network, with no luck. I called Aspen Dental back and made an appointment and was asked to pay in full immediately. I did so. I called back the next morning to cancel the appointment, having found another out of network oral surgeon who could take me right away. I was assured by two different people at Aspen Dental that I would receive a full refund ($904) but only within 7-10 days. Tomorrow will be 7 days and no sign of the refund. I am concerned that I will never see a dime of my money and don't know what to do.

Oct 07, 2019

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