Aspen Dental Managementbilling, unprofessionalism, charging for services not provided

Ta Oct 09, 2019

The office charged me well over $6, 000 for a "Care Plan". This included some fillings, crowns and bridges on my top set of teeth and for a few extractions, a cleaning and some xrays. They opened a "CareCredit" Account, charged that $5, 000, this is not including what my insurance company paid. Then they scheduled me for the fillings and stated I needed to pay them $273 up front the day I went in for the appointment for that day because it was for "Future Work" not included. They had already charged me for a cleaning in February of 2020 and this appointment was on October of 2019... They seem to forget things awfully easy. You go in and sit in the chair, the dental assistant and dentist leave and come back, back and forth in between other patients and one day I was in that chair for over 4 hours! I will be getting my costs figured out and reimbursed with a lawyer if need be and never going back there again!!!

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