Askmefast.comThe worst site I've ran into in a long while


Okay so the first words you see on this site is "3114 Community Experts online." and seeing how the title is AskMe "FAST" you would think you are going to get a pretty quick answer right? well think again. First of all after you ask a question it says that you have to answer someone else's question before yours can be answered. (witch i find weird seance they have so many experts online. And keep in mind that these are questions normal everyday people couldnt figure out by google'ing so how the heck do they expect you to know the answer? also if the answer is shorter than they think the question needs than it says you have to answer anther question, and just keeps doing this until you write at least 2 sentences. Okay so after i get all this done its been like 15 mins seance i ask the question and now it says "Waiting for live attended" so i mess around on the web a little in a new tab then come back and its still says im waiting so after almost 25 more mins (After the first 15) i decided to give up and come write a review so no one else has to waste there time. The Worst Site I'v Ran Into In A Long While.


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    Briax Jul 30, 2012

    I got an answer right away and it helped me fix my phone. Trashing askmefast is not helping anyone get an answer. I love askmefast and am now working on becoming an expert there myself.

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  • Je
    JessieWess Aug 08, 2012

    My issue is too many answers to one question if google suggests it in search. 15 answers and only a few good solutions for what I was looking for.

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    Faye Constantino Oct 15, 2012 is a little hard to get used to at first. It's a social site as well as a Question and Answer site. I have only answered questions so I went back to check and I had to only answer one question. This is to make sure you never run out of points as it costs 10 points to ask. It seems that the company is making improvements to the site all the time. Maybe it will get better for you later. The first thing they do when you ask a question is to find out what category you're in. That's why the questions didn't match yours. When you are offered questions to answer, you enter a word or two in the box to select a question in your area of expertise. Once you get used to the way it works, is lots of fun.

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    Jerrod22 Nov 27, 2012

    Askmefast is very much into cell phones and those are hard answers to find often. I just wanted to say that I had a great experience on when my phone had a weird glitch that only happened about once per week. I searched the entire internet I think. Then I found someone on askmefast with the exact same problem and a solution. They really really helped me. Once on their site I didn't have any trouble finding my answer like some others have posted on this page. Anyway I just wanted to post my experience cause so many people just post negative rants and don't take the time to say when something went well :)

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  • Sp
    Sparkss Jan 18, 2013

    Horrible site. Poor layout. Confusing. Too much ### and incorrect answers. Honestly that site just needs to go away.

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  • Jo
    Jordan D Jan 25, 2013

    I disagree with that- I asked a question, and I had an answer within seconds. Give it another chance.

    Seriously, I've had lots of good experiences on this website. The only time I've ever gotten a bad answer is when another user decides to be a donkey and write something useless. The actual people in the chat, and the people who are actually on the site to answer questions (not just act immature) are really great, and really helpful.

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  • To
    tobyr Mar 09, 2013

    Askmefast = annoying site that has been pumped to the top of google search queries by some kind of unethical brutal SEO.
    I have yet to run into one good use for the site. Would liken it to a content farm in the style of eHow or similar sites, but this one in contrast has just random gibberish as content. Disheartening and sickening. Google should ban it from the index - in the meantime you can ban it in your google search settings.

    I'd reckon most people who have come in contact with the site feel this way. Most comments you see written that are neutral to positive are likely written by people with some connection to askmefast.

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  • Ca
    carlkopin Jul 01, 2013

    I agree with Patagon; the is useless unless you are an expert able to answer somebodies specific answer. If you are an expert you do not need the anyway.
    I need help because I am not an expert in the area of my problem.
    In summary: just useless and it looks to me as this is another way of spamming. I put this site on my black list.

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  • Jd
    JD1960 Jul 15, 2013

    Well I don't think too much of them. I asked a question a few days ago and it said the queue was full or whatever, and I would get a response by e-mail as soon as my question was answered, and that was several days ago, so I wrote to customer support and they haven't wrote back to me either.

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  • Ke
    Keith Steward Jul 16, 2014

    I would not say Ask Me Fast are experts at all. Just an idea by some average people helping people without basic skills. Sometimes they will ignore a problem they can't answer or change the subject. Just using eHow or google is better. Poor layout. Using it is like getting the run around on the phone from bad customer service.

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  • Ka
    KawaiiEVA Sep 26, 2014 is a spam site, they using bot to crawl other website content and automatically post to their site, they questions and answer always not related.
    Just copied couple answer and paste it on Google and you would find original content
    They spamming google, and other search engine.

    Google should remove all their page in SERP, its useless


    ASKMEFAST is SPAM period!

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  • Eg
    egijgoo Mar 07, 2015


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  • Hu
    Huse Jan 03, 2016

    This site is terrible. I have yet to find an answer that isn't another question or an answer to a completely different question.

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  • Hu
    Huse Jan 03, 2016

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  • Sm
    S Mondal Feb 05, 2016

    agree with Patagon. I saw the "3114 Community Experts online" 'fact'! I asked a question on whether a site was spam without realising that this site actually is no different. After I signed up with my gmail accout, they asked to answer a question. After that it said "Your answer was accepted and you are now queued to chat". "Please wait for an operator to take your call.Please be patient your chat request will be answered in sequence". 20 minutes gone, still the same! Stay away from this site!!!

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  • Ki
    kimlenore Jul 23, 2016

    I just wanted to know how to save a texted picture to My Photos. But first I had to create an account...told me my username was unavailable. How can my username be unavailable when it's the one I always use with my email? I changed it anyway and then was told I had to answer a question asked by someone else. WHAT?! Gave up. I would rather spend my minutes to get someone on the phone that hopefully speaks understandable English and knows about the phone I have.

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