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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC

6201 15th Ave.
New York
United States - 11219-5411

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 444 0058(Arrow Stock Purchase / Account Inquiries) 1 0
+1 518 415 4307(Arrow Investor Relations) 1 0
+1 718 921 8200(Customer Service) 1 0
Dividend Reinvestment / Account Inquiries
P.O. Box 922, Wall Street Station, New York, NY 10269-0560
Arrow Investor Relations
Investor Relations, 250 Glen Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801

Arrow Financial Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Arrow Financial Services / Scam


I had an HSBC credit card in default and Arrow Financial Services was trying to collect the debt from me. I never paid them so they sent my account to Redline Recovery. Redline sent me a settlement amount that I paid in full back in Oct. 2010. I thought everything was good to go. I just...

Arrow Financial Services / Scam , beware


From late 2004 thur late 2009, I was stationed overseas (US ARMY). Upon return, I discovered not only identity theft, but also all my old credit cards had a high debt assighned to them. One debt Held by PentaGroup came from Arrow Finance, stated I owed nearly $3, 000. let's see...

Arrow Financial Corp. / A Debt


I was the victim of identy theft and a credit card was opened in my name in the ammount of $300.00 and almost $200.00 were fees to start the card. ie: Start up fee $75.00, initial set up fee $95.00, processing fee $75.00 this left a little over $100.00 of available credit on that card and...

Arrow Financial Corporation / Scam charges


Arrow Financial filed suit for a company that closed down years ago.This company was for a water softener treatment that never worked. After years of payments to the original creditor, Arrow took over and had charged more than what was owed and this was no an interest charge. In...

Arrow Financial Services / RIP OFFS


I received a letter in the mail from Arrow Financial stating "I owed a balance of $442.00 relating to my Bank Of America credit card." I made a settlement with a Bank Of America in 2008 for $750.00 on a balance of $1000.00 credit card. So, I knew this letter was very inaccurate. I checked...

Arrow Financial / Scam and cheating


Arrow Is committing fraud buy adding more money to the original balance which was $2200 when they bought the account from my credit card. I refuse to pay this. Know arrow Is reporting I owe $3, 000 to my credit files they are trying to take advantage of me. This violates the fair dept credit...

Arrow Financial Services / Scam and cheating


I hadn't heard from these idiots in a long time. I received a letter from them about 2 weeks ago. Same crap, new day. I sent a certified letter requesting validation. I'm sure I will get back some type of cut & paste document or a print screen. I will then send a certified letter...

Arrow Financial / collection agency broke laws


Government Actions Per a January 25, 2007 press release, Illinois Attorney General's Lisa Madigan's has filed a lawsuit against Arrow Financial Services for allegations that debt collectors used unfair tactics and deceptive practices to collect money from consumers. Madigan'...

Arrow Financial Services / rip off

For several years I have enjoyed excellent credit scores; and, a regular review of my credit reports has assured me that I have fortunately dodged the bullet of the unscrupulous identity thieves. Then, out of no where, I get a greetings letter from Arrow Financial Services letting me know...

Arrow Financial / Scam and lies

I had some financial problems a few years ago and it is still haunting me. My latest problem is that I have all kinds of people calling my cell phone. I know this is not allowed. Arrow financial, NCO, Midland Funding, LVNV, Viking Debt Collection, Phoenix Debt Management, sooo many debt...

Arrow Financial / Violation of my privacy

I have hired American Financial to combine my dept and offer a settlement to Arrow. Arrow continues to call numerous times a day on my home phone. They leave a detailed message for any one in my home to hear. This is my debt only. I believe this is a violation of my privacy. They have...

Arrow Financial / Harassing calls

These idiots have been calling my cell for a month asking for someone I do not know and who is not me. Every time they call I tell them the above and they still call!! This is harassment of the worst kind The last time I got some idiot who thought he was clever but he was hard to hear...