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Arco AM/PM / refused to take my money

Hi May 15, 2019

on Tuesday 14, 2019 around 6:40pm I went to the Arco am/pm
I walked in there was a man in front of me who handed the clerk $6 in change for gas the clerk took his change . Then as it was my turn I walked up an put down a roll of $10 in quarters & counted out $5 more dollars in quarters the clerk told me that he could not take my change I said you just took the guy in front of me change & he said I can't take yours . He refused to take my money for gas I barley made it to the next gas station because he wouldn't take my change . It was a older eat Indian man working . I wasn't rude to him I asked him why can't you take it I just watched you take his I am going to run out of gas he said no I can't . I have never felt so discriminated against. Why would he take the mans change before me & not mine ? Is it because I'm a female ? Is this OK for your company workers to deny money for gas even if it is change ?

I don't know how you can resolve this I am really am Furious . I truly feel like I was discriminated against .

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