Apmexhorrible experience attempting to sell bullion to apmex

Bi Jun 03, 2019

I will start by saying I am a veteran precious metals investor who had been an APMEX customer since December 20, 2012 although I've been buying and selling long before that. I have not used them a whole lot in recent years but I'd estimate I've bought around $50, 000 worth of gold off of them. On the afternoon of June 3, 2019 I had some various bullion items I just thought I'd liquidate consisting of approximately 4 1/2 oz of gold and 15 oz of silver. I decided to give them a call and was answered by someone whose voice was a little hard to understand. That, however was not the issue. The issue was that some of these items were from different countries and are not as commonly seen in the US marketplace. The employee had a very hard time grasping the concept of what they were. They were 9999 gold bullion as marked and all but one stated it's weight. Easily remedied with any kind of jewelers scale. I explained the exact weight on the phone but he didn't sound like he wanted any part of it stating "I don't know let's skip it, whats the next item?" I suppose they are only in the market for Eagles, Krugerrands, and Maple Leafs now. I've never sold any kind of jewelry to them before but I had an extra 14k solid (585) men's gold figaro necklace weighing 105g that I didn't need, so I offered it to them and was rudely informed that they don't buy items of that nature. If you log onto click on sell to us. Then click FAQ's on the far right. Scroll down to the second time it repeats what products do you buy? It clearly states "We are active market makers in all the items listed on our website." Which is actually nothing but an outright lie and advertisement propaganda. Bullion is bullion it all melts the same, you pay for the purity and weight of the precious metal content of the item. It seems Apmex is hiring some really incompetent employees to run their operation. I investigated a bit further and discovered that there have been lots of other dissatisfied customers who attempted to deal with them in recent years. Well, there are lots of much better options to buy and sell precious metals online and I would strongly advise any customer considering buying or selling with them to refrain from doing so. I am finished with Apmex as they have gone down the toilet. I would never consider them again. Anyone reading feel free to do as you please, but I would say don't risk it, you might lose your money. Thank you.

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