Anthony Greenocriminal acts / dishonesty / fraud.

H Review updated:

Rene 'Anthony ' Charles Greeno 1-5-1986 of Kokomo, Indiana was arrested yet again. This is his 31 charge. He was arrested Body Attachment (warrant) in Carroll Co.. Case # 79DO3-0705-SP-00301, Charge # 293550, Booking # 135746, 11-14-2017, active bond. www3. His other convictions are at He looks sad in the photo, Anthony please do not cry!!!


  • Jo
    joe ron Mar 21, 2018

    Rene '' Anthony '' Charles Greeno of Indiana / South Carolina is a criminal. With convictions in Indiana, South Carolina and North Dakota. His records goes back to 2005. He has 34 felonies and 30 arrests. He has 4 children and will not support them. H e false states that he has a T.V. show. The conman will say anything and can not be trusted .

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  • Jo
    joe ron Mar 21, 2018

    Anthony Greeno is a conman and a liar. In this photo . He claims to be a Folly Beach ( South Carolina) Fire Fighter. This one of many lies !!!

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  • Ge
    Geri52 Jun 13, 2018

    He's baaaack! Now he's a self described "officer of the court" in Michigan. This guy will never stop lying. Here's a recent picture of him in his Halloween costume.

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  • Mi
    MissAHole Jun 20, 2018

    @Geri52 You're a damn Idiot. Maybe you should look for something more productive to do with your time, than to troll and spread lies about others. I was there, and I know the truth where that's concerned. Do better, jack [censored]...

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  • Ge
    Geri 52 Jul 18, 2018

    @MissAHole LMAO! Okay Greenwiener. Apparently, I'm not the only one who has your number. You're known very well for being the foul mouthed idiot. Thanks for outing yourself yet again because you can't contain that gigantic ego in that tiny head. :P

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  • Br
    brenna64 Jan 10, 2019

    @MissAHole What did u mean by " you were there? ... Where is "there?' ... Would luv 2 chat further! [email protected]

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  • Ge
    Geri52 Jan 16, 2019

    @brenna64 That's Greeno trying to stand up for himself (LOL) and he means he was in Michigan. Recently he was there hiding out from the cops when a warrant was issued for his arrest out of Morgan County Indiana where he is currently residing in their county jail. So if you want to communicate with the felon, you'll have to contact him there.

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  • Gr
    greeno sux Jul 16, 2018

    Anthony Greeno is a fake bail enforcement agent . DO NOT HIRE Warning !! Just Google his name and see the crimes he has committed .

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  • We
    Westvill Unit Jul 18, 2018

    The ever present conman and fake. Rene '' Anthony '' Charles Greeno . With 4 felonies and too many arrests to count. .And spending most of his time( when not on the run) in Indiana and South Carolina. Is back ! Domestic violence, theft by rec., sniffing glue, trespassing, oper. with out a lic. ( bail enf.) open cont., false info to law enforcement, DUI, failure to pay child support ( 4 kids), probation violation ( warrant) and more !!! No thing will stop him from being him . A fool, reject, liar, dead beat dad and total looser . He will never stop until he is in prison . So be on the look out for '' Anthony '' coming to a town near you .

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  • Ge
    Geri 52 Jul 18, 2018

    Future sheriff (so he says) LOL!!!

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  • Gr
    Greeno Slayer Sep 22, 2018

    @Geri 52 Isn't that a joke...a sherrif who can't own a gun!

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  • Gr
    Greeno Slayer Sep 22, 2018

    Anthony is a con man. He listed shirts for sale on his Facebook page. I ordered one as a joke for my daughter to wear as a pajama top. If course he ripped me off for 18 bucks. I am sure he did it to others. This guy is a real loser.

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  • Gr
    Greeno Slayer Sep 22, 2018

    The Post & Courier expose Anthony for the fake and phoney he is.

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  • Gr
    Greeno Slayer Sep 22, 2018

    Iraqi war vet. Wheelchair basketball coach. Healing bead manufacturer. Television producer.

    These are the many faces of Summerville’s Rene Anthony Greeno, whose latest incarnation as an intrepid bounty hunter landed him behind bars in North Dakota a couple months back.

    Greeno, 27, is all over Facebook, dating web sites and You Tube promoting his bounty hunting exploits, his reality TV endeavors and himself. But just who Greeno really is appears to be a more elusive commodity.

    On Facebook, he described himself as a Charleston native. On a dating web site, he said he hails from Hawaii. A former employer in Colorado said Greeno claimed to be from Texas, where his dad supposedly was a Supreme Court justice.

    Even his race and ethnicity are subject to debate. Court records in Indiana list him as white, while a North Dakota jail web site has him as a black inmate. On the OKCupid dating site, he lists his ethnicity as Pacific Islander.

    But one thing is for sure: Greeno enjoys tooting his own horn.

    “Based in South Carolina, these Bounty Hunters mean business all across the U.S., ” boasts the Facebook page of his company, Southern Bounty Fugitive Enforcement. “There isn’t a fugitive that can run far enough from this squad.”

    Greeno told a Fargo, N.D. television station in October that he has captured more than 5, 000 fugitives, and an Oklahoma bail bondsman said Greeno claimed to have nabbed twice that many when he spoke with him. Southern Bounty’s Facebook page notes that the company has agents in South Carolina and 11 other states, while Greeno’s dating profile boasts that his annual salary approaches $500, 000.

    Veterans in the fugitive apprehension field are highly skeptical of those numbers given Greeno’s age and the fact that his bounty hunting and bail bonding companies aren’t licensed to operate in South Carolina or North Dakota.

    In his dating profile, Greeno stated that he has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, served for four years in the Marines and pulled two tours of duty in Iraq. That information could not be verified last week.

    He also stated on the site that he owns Benevolent Beadworks, a magnetic jewelry and therapy company in Colorado. But Michael Tennant, who answered the company’s phone, said he is the owner and Greeno never had a stake in the business beyond being an employee who left on bad terms. “If he is in trouble now, then good for him, ” Tennant said. “He’s not a good guy.”

    Tennant said Greeno claimed to be from Texas when he encountered him a few years back. But others said Greeno was thought to have grown up in Indiana, where he has convictions for driving without a license, public intoxication, domestic battery, theft and illegally entering a residence, according to court records.

    He ended up as a fugitive from Indiana in 2010 when he allegedly absconded from a work release program in Tippecanoe County, court records show.

    Greeno’s ties to the Charleston area extend back to at least 2009, when folks remember him visiting the region before his arrest in Indiana. He returned after leaving the Indiana work release program and set to working with a friend who coached the North Charleston Hurricanes, a wheelchair basketball team.

    When Greeno’s friend died in 2012, Hurricanes player Rob Duckworth of Goose Creek said he stepped up as head coach and had Greeno as an assistant for about six months. Greeno, however, showed a volatile temper and gave tongue lashings to some of the players, Duckworth said. They finally let him go after the team’s first game that year in North Carolina, where a Greeno tirade against the opposing team sparked complaints, he said. Greeno continued to post online, however, that he was the Hurricane’s head coach.

    “To meet him, he straight up seems like a nice guy, clean-cut, well-spoken, ” Duckworth said. “He seems like a nice guy, but he’s not.”

    Greeno’s bounty hunting career goes back to at least 2011, when he was stopped by Summerville police while tracking a fugitive at Summerville Villas with two men decked out in tactical gear, a police report stated. The two men abandoned Greeno after learning he was not a licensed bounty hunter, police said. Greeno, who initially gave police a phony name, was later charged with lying to police and violating the state’s bail bondsman law, a charge to which he pleaded guilty this year, police and court records show.

    He gave addresses in Summerville and Ladson at the time of his arrest, but the phone numbers he listed no longer work.

    Greeno continued posting photos, tales and pronouncements on Facebook about his bounty hunting exploits as he worked to drum up interest in “Southern Bounty, ” a reality TV show about his endeavors. He also traveled to Oklahoma to train with fugitive recovery agents who would later cut ties with him, saying they questioned his experience and tactics.

    He posted promos on YouTube and stated that the show was scheduled to air this year on WTAT-TV Fox 24, though the station’s general manager said no such deal was in place. A message Greeno posted two months ago on the crowd-sourcing web site stated that he had raised $10, 000 to sponsor the series.

    Phil Summers, a local actor and videographer who worked with Greeno on “Southern Bounty” in Charleston this year, said the footage they shot was scripted with fake action and actors playing fugitives. A North Dakota-based filmmaker told The Forum news service of Fargo a similar story about the footage he shot there before abandoning the project when he learned Greeno was a wanted man.

    “I thought he really had something going on, something that was worth my time, ” said Summers, who insists he was never paid for his work. “But it didn’t turn out that way.”

    The show, if there was one, has been in limbo since Greeno’s October arrest in Fargo after he and team of fugitive hunters reportedly kicked in the wrong door while hunting for a man who wasn’t there. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to three misdemeanor charges related to the incident and is now fighting extradition back to Indiana on the 2010 escape warrant, court records and authorities said.

    Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Maj. Charles Williams said Indiana authorities are in the process of seeking a governor’s warrant to haul Greeno back to the Hoosier State. Normally, the escape charge, a Class D felony, wouldn’t be something for which they would bother with extradition. But for Greeno, he said, they plan to make an exception.

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  • Gr
    Greenoisaloser Dec 23, 2018

    He's back in jail facing felony intimidation with a deadly weapon and obstruction of justice charges (he fled the state when he found out a warrant had been issued, as is par for the course for this loser). He also has a couple of misdemeanors tacked on as well. With his history, hopefully he will earn a habitual offender status and get locked up for a good long while. That will make it more difficult for him to harass, threaten, swindle and lie to everyone. Things are starting to catch up to old Rene Charles Anthony Greeno. It's about time.

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  • Gr
    Greeno felony arrest again Dec 26, 2018

    Anthony Greeno had a warrant issued by Morgan Co ., Indiana on December 18, 2018 . For Disorderly Conduct SSD01-1812-FS-001991, 35-45-2-1(a)(2)FS And use of a deadly weapon . Both are felony charges from The Morgan Co. Superior Courts . Filed December 1, 2018 .

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  • Cr
    criminal for life Dec 27, 2018

    Anthony Greeno was transported to the Morgan Co., Indiana Jail 12-27-2018 . He is charged with Intimidation and Disorderly Conduct . Bond is $ 3000 and $ 605 cash . Inmate # 217340, 1-5-1986, 32, 5'9'', 150 .

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  • Je
    Jesica ! Dec 28, 2018

    Anthony Greeno with his 30 + arrests and 4 of which are felony convictions . May be going back to the Westville Unit / Indiana Dept. of Corrections . He has 2 pending charges in Morgan Co., Indiana ( 2-18-2018) . Lets wish him well . He will need it .

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  • Ge
    Geri52 Dec 29, 2018

    When Greeno finally got hauled in front of a judge in Morgan County after feeling to Michigan and getting arrested there, the judge must have noticed he had lots of "failure to appear"s in his other cases and that felony escape conviction. His bail got hiked to $600/5K. LOL! Couldn't happen to a more deserving criminal.

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  • Gr
    Greeno for Prison Dec 29, 2018

    Rene ' anthony' charles greeno 1-5-1986, 21 s. center st. flora, indiana 46929 is going to trail for the two recent charges in morgan co., indiana. shows he is still in jail as of 12-29-2018. show that greeno has been arrested and convicted of = theft by rec., trespass, dui, driving with no lic, resident entry, ecsape, domestic violence, crim. mischief, publix intox, illegal transport of alcohol and a parole north dakota he was arrested for giving law enf. false info. criminal mischief and criminal trespass class c felony. the grand forks herald south carolina he was arrested for sniffing glue on 7-5-2016 and 812-2016 and on 12-28-2018 the morgan superior court set a trail date for 5-15-2019 @ 8:30 and a pretrial conf. for 3-11-2019. a restraining order was issued on 12-28-2018 as well, # 732983.

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  • We
    Westville ? Dec 29, 2018 shows Greeno in jail as of 12-29-2018 . shows a trail date of 5-14-2019 @ 8:30 . Morgan Co., Indiana Superior Court . And a protection order # 732983 . 21 s Center St. Flora, Indiana 46929 .

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  • Yo
    your future Dec 30, 2018

    Anthony greeno delphi s most wanted is back home. well his second home. that's right jail / prison. he is a fucking loser. arrests and convictions in 4 states. a dead beat father to 4 children on christmas. a drug addict. many arrest for violence toward a woman. and his stupid supports think he is just great. sad. but they do not care enough to put up a smell bail. hearing the little loser. begging to get out!!! ha ha. he will spend christmas and his birthday in jail. waiting for his trail in 5-2019. let hope he is found guilty and returns to the indiana dept. of corrections for a long time. I am starting a anal reconstruction for little anthony. $ $ $ $ donate now.

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  • 4c
    4 children Dec 31, 2018

    Rene " Anthony " Charles Greeno, 1-5-1986, 21 S. Center St. Flora, Indiana 46929 . Indian s finest. The conman and criminal. Able to fool the world . Well at least for a time. He has his stupid supporters. That refuse to see the real person. Greeno started his life as a criminal / conman in 2005. With a string of arrest in Indiana. A govt. ran website shows many convictions for the loser . Escape, Domestic Violence, DUI, Driv. on a susp. lic., Res. Entry, Crim. Mis., Public. Intox., Illegal tran. of Alchol, Oper. a veh no lic., theft by rec, body attachment, parole violation warrant, driving while susp. and more . In North Dakota he was arrested for false info to law enf., Criminal Trespass felony and Crim. Mis. 10-22-2013 Grand Forks Herald . In South Carolina he was arrested for Sniffing glue 8-12-2016 and 7-15-2016 / . He has civil lawsuits and protective orders. He did a video where he proclaimed his problems were in his past. Only to get arrest a month later. His recent problems are in Morgan Co., Indiana . Intimidation and Disorderly Conduct and protective order # 732983 . His public defender is C. Allen . I think his time is up ! Good luck Anthony. AS you spend Christmas and your Birthday in Jail. You can reflect on the fact that you have 4 children suffer because . They receive no support from your dead beat ass .

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  • Gr
    Greeno H8r Jan 02, 2019

    Anthony Greeno is a loser who is trying to be somebody because in reality he's a nobody. He's taken the whole Delphi case and tried to turn it into some sort of circus. He publicly admitted he does not care what Anna Williams thinks. What kind of $hit is that? It's more important for him to have YouTube hits than to respect the families of the victims. He wants to be Mr. Detective and solve the case so he can show the world how important he is. He publicly said he has no relationship with his kids and DOES NOT WANT a relationship with his kids. What a complete a$$hole. What do women see in him knowing he's like that?
    I guess he'll need to keep crying his sad little tears in jail for a while. Looks like nobody is coming to his rescue. Maybe they'll give him a toothbrush in there. Looks like he needs it.

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  • No
    no future anthony Jan 02, 2019

    Wish '' Anthony '' Greeno a happy birthday, in JAIL . 1-5-1986 . 33 years old and a [email protected] loser .

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  • the end is near Jan 03, 2019

    In this photo Anthony Greeno is holding a firearm. He is a felon has a domestic violence conviction and was on parole at the time. He thinks he is above the law. He get away with a lot of crimes. But it catches him in the end .

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  • Di
    Disa Pointed Jan 03, 2019

    Does it feel good anthony? Would you like it if it was your kid murdered and somebody was taking advantage of the situation like that? nevermind you wouldnt care. you dont give a damn about your kids we all know that. you think you are such a stud and so desirable because you have all these women and kids? how about you clean up your act and take care of your responsibilities and maybe then you will get some respect but until then youre just going to get what youre getting now. Everybody can see your true colors. You are crying like a p**** in jail because they only let you out 1 hour a day well who the hell's fault is that???? you got yourself in jail yourself you fool nobody else so now deal with it. personally i think you should be in the cell 24/7 and hopefully you will be in prison soon. I dont wanna hear how the cops have you isolated because you are so well known and popular. nobody cares about that drama bulls***. You made your bed now lie in it. Meanwhile the rest of us can stay at home in our soft comfy beds. Sux 2 b u!

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  • Di
    Disa Pointed Jan 03, 2019

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  • Ju
    judgment day Jan 04, 2019

    Anthony greeno aka idoc inmate # 132757 is in the morgan co., indiana jail ( and is crying like a baby. he is a person with a log list on convictions, restraining orders, civil lawsuits and parole. he has a trail date in may of 2019 with the morgan co. superior court. and a public defender. no money for a real lawyer?? you claim to be the worlds best bounty hunter! just one of many lies. let the countdown start. 131 days to the trail. wish anthony a happy birthday on saturday the 5 th.

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  • Ga
    Gabe Assterd Jan 04, 2019

    Who is coming to anthony's birthday party down at the jailhouse? I already paid for the cake.

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  • Ga
    Gabe Assterd Jan 04, 2019

    more pix

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  • Tr
    Trail soon ! Jan 05, 2019

    /// happy birthday // it anthony birthday on 1-5-1986. he is 33. no job, car, friends (cant make bail) and a dead beat dad to 4 children. a trail in 2019. and looking at prison again. all based on bad choices. let enjoy his birthday!!! im sending the anal lube.

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  • Ge
    Geri52 Jan 16, 2019

    Hey Greenscum...remember all the times you boasted about how you are above the law and judges can't do sh*t to you? I remember, and have the SS to prove it. I have also passed them along to the Morgan County courts. :) Happy belated birthday!

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  • Je
    Jerkin Offin Jail Jan 31, 2019

    @Geri52 can you show us the ss?

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  • Time is up ! Jan 17, 2019

    Anthony Greno has 118 days to trail in Morgan Co. Indiana . Will this be his second trip to the Indiana Dept. of Corrections ?? Welcome back Anthony .

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  • Ge
    Geri52 Jan 19, 2019

    Bond reduction denied. Thank you, judge. As for you, Greenbean, you are right about one thing. Haters make you famous and your efforts to make others' lives miserable is boomeranging right back atcha. Karma, baby.

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  • Fe
    Fed Up With This Crap Jan 20, 2019

    Anthony Greeno is a fraud and we are all better off now that he is in jail. It's about time the families of the murdered girls get a break.
    Anthony has gone to the Monon High Bridge and he is stealing railroad spikes and selling them along with pictures of the bridge. Why are these railroad spikes his property to sell? Anthony is obsessed with the bridge but did not even know about it before the murders of Abby and Libby. Now he is there all the time trying to play off the murders and get attention. He is making a mockery out of the case. He made a reenactment of the murders on the bridge when he has no idea of what happened to the girls. He did not care that the family members were upset. He was only worried about Anthony. Please don't have anything to do with this guy. Ladies, don't let him entice you. He is bad news.

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  • Fe
    Fed Up With This Crap Jan 20, 2019

    I found some more complaints on greeno. these are from

    Consumer reviews about ANTHONY GREENO
    Phill Parson Jr.

    Oct 29, 2017

    United States, South Carolina, Folly Beach
    Southern Bounty : Greeno Production
    Fake / . liar .

    Anthony Greeno is a untrusty person at every thing he does. In this photo he pretends to be a Fire Fighter in Folly Beach, South Carolina. No govt. agency will fire a felon on Parole for escape. This is one of many lies he tells. He was also a U.S.Marine . The other photo is a booking photo from Miami Co., Indiana . He looks like he is on drugs . Which could explane his 2 arrests for sniffing glue in South Carolina in 2016. Anthony blames his problems on others .He acts like he made a mistake ( criminal act.) and moved on with his like. This is false he has arrests and convictions in South Carolina, Indiana and South Carolina in 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, and 2016. To include Escape, Domestic Battery ( felony), Crim Mis., Crim Mis., Trespass, Theft, Res. Entry, Illegal transport of Alchol, Public Intox .

    Fake / . liar . Fake / . liar .

    Dan Micheals

    Nov 6, 2017
    Con Man .

    Anthony Greeno is the most dishonest person you will meet. He will blame his problems on others. In 2016 he lied and tried convince people he was a Folly Beach Fire Fighter in South Carolina. At that time he was arrested in 2016 4 times. And is on Parole. A big con man . He could not pass a background check or a drug test . He has a bad driving record as well . Fake Fire Fighter !!!

    Con Man .


    Nov 16, 2017
    Liar, con man, felon, fraud

    Ah where to start. This guy is a pathological liar. He says he is a "reality tv star", bounty hunter, investigative journalist, Caterpillar employee among other careers. Truth is, he appeared on one Jerry Springer show over a decade ago, he has never been licensed as a bounty hunter and in fact, got thrown in jail in Fargo when he kicked down the wrong door, then hid in a shower fully dressed when police came to arrest him, he makes low quality videos he puts on YouTube, Caterpillar has no record of his employment. He is a multiple felon for domestic violence, residential entry, theft and escape as well as a laundry list of misdemeanor offenses. As of this writing, he's cooling his heels in jail for failure to support one of his children. He refuses to get a job yet has all sorts of time to film himself for publication on YouTube or live rants against the people who dare call him out. He has been in jail in every state where he has landed for more than a few days and labels himself a "proud felon" who is likely to re-offend. He's nothing but a poorly educated yokel with missing teeth and a schtick only the stupid believe. For some odd reason, people continue to enable his behavior instead of making him take responsibility for his actions. Dude is 31 years old. Time for him to grow up.

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  • Anthony’s whiny phone call from jail:

    Julie it’s Anthony Greeno
    Please! Please answer the phone! (whines)
    I’m trying to write Michael a letter
    I don’t have any money any paper any envelopes (then how the hell are you trying?)
    The Clampits know people here and these guards are treating me like crap (Jed Clampitt?)
    Like they’re being mean to me! (waaaah! Poor baby! Is this the first grade?)
    Julie my mom is trying to help but she doesn’t know how (oh calling mommy now?)
    I need something I need somebody to help me PLEASE (maybe that’s what your kids think)
    I’m being treated like crap here (but it’s ok when you pull a weapon on somebody?)
    I’m in the same damn jail Daniel Nations was in (you’re important now!)
    And everyone here knows who I am because of Mike Cunningham and Keith Clampitts trolls. (who?)
    Please help me. PLEASE I’m begging you please help me (call somebody who cares)
    Please contact Michael and find out about bond PLEEEEEASE! (sounds like a fairy)
    I’m going crazy in here (you already are crazy)
    I only get out one hour a day (how is that our problem?)
    They won’t let me with anybody else because I’m popular here (trying to be somebody important as always)
    Please help me.

    Nobody gives a f*** who you are Anthony. Are you honestly going to sit there and say that the whole entire jail knows you? Hahaha just another example of you trying to feel important. Nobody in jail gives half a damn about your online drama crap and these trolls you are talking about. Half of them would be lucky to know their own name. You sound like some sort of drama queen. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason you can’t come out of the cell is because of the crimes you keep committing? The law is plain sick and tired of it. They are trying to teach you something but you just don’t get it. You are always too busy trying to feel important. Is it because you don’t know who your daddy is Anthony? Daddy was not there for you Anthony? Did that make you feel unimportant? How important do you think your kids feel? You did the same thing to them you a******! You are a big phony. You keep on trying and trying to be somebody. If it wasn’t true you wouldn’t have to try so hard. It’s sad really. Instead of trying to be a hero to the world why don’t you try being a hero to your kids? Do you think the world cares about you at the end of the day? Meanwhile your kids cry because they don’t have a dad. DISGUSTING! What a pile of crap your life has become. You make us all sick! You’re a thorn in the ass of society. It would make your life a lot easier if you would just try and be a good guy instead of trying to find fame around every corner by trying to be somebody you’re not. Bounty hunter? Sheriff? Producer? Fire Fighter? Marine? Jerry Springer? Marijuana church? God only knows what else. Who cares about fame and YouTube hits? “Proud felon?” Really? Now think about it. What sense does that make? Wow Anthony you are sure somebody to be proud of. You have serious issues. Get your head on straight. Maybe the next time you go to the Monon High Bridge you’ll fall off and get it stuck in the mud. That will be years from now though since you’ll be in prison for a long long time. They will likely have the bridge done by then.

    Anthony is selling shirts to support his run for sheriff. He is selling them for $15 each and says the money goes to supporting the campaign. Is that some kind of joke? Don’t send him the $15. Not that anybody would. He’d never send the shirt - guaranteed. Who the hell does this kind of s***? You almost have to feel sorry for him. “ANTHONY GREENO is running for public office in 2019. Help support the campaign by purchasing this T Shirt. Share with friends an family and real change will come next local election. GREENO vows to strengthen the criminal justice system by using his knowledge as a fugitive recovery agent and time spent inside jail on a wrongful arrest to better the way the Sheriffs office does business. He knows both sides of the Criminal Justice System and he guarantees change because a sheriff with a better understanding has a better community”

    In jail on a wrongful arrest? Tell me, was every time a wrongful arrest? Never your fault right Anthony? Anthony is in jail right now. How is he going to explain that away? Get your life together before you worry about Carroll County Anthony.

    19 Votes
  • Source:

    FARGO - Bounty hunters across the nation expressed relief Tuesday when a South Carolina man who calls himself a bounty hunter was arrested in West Fargo after allegedly breaking down the wrong door in a hunt for a fugitive, then lying to police about it.

    "Ever since the first airing of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter, ' there have been so many yahoos out there saying, 'Hey, I'm going to jump in, it looks like fun, ' " said Lenny Biggers, a bail bondsman and private investigator with Renegade Fugitive Investigations in Muskogee, Okla.

    Rene Anthony Charles Greeno, 27, of Summerville, S.C., and Tanner James Olson, 21, of West Fargo, were arrested about 11:20 a.m. Tuesday at 619 5th St. E. in West Fargo by members of the U.S. Marshals Service's High Plains Fugitive Task Force and the Cass County Drug Task Force on Cass County felony warrants for criminal trespass.

    Greeno was found hiding in a bathroom behind a shower curtain.

    Greeno was charged in Cass County District Court with criminal trespass, a Class C felony, and misdemeanor counts of false information to law enforcement and criminal mischief.

    Olson is charged with criminal trespass and false information to law enforcement.

    Biggers said his involvement with Greeno began 2½ years ago when the self-styled bounty hunter came to him asking for a job. A background check revealed Greeno to be a fugitive himself, Biggers said.

    Biggers said he and other fugitive recovery experts were so concerned about Greeno publicizing himself as a bounty hunter, several of them offered to pay the state of Indiana's transport costs if they would issue a national warrant for his arrest.

    "He is a psycho, " Biggers said.

    The Cass County warrants were issued Friday after prosecutors allege Greeno, along with four others including Olson, kicked in a Fargo woman's apartment door in late September while they were searching for a male fugitive.

    Greeno and his team didn't find the man, but their search did lead them to Jessica Jones, of Fargo, who was wanted on drug possession and weapons charges.

    Court documents filed in the cases state Greeno, Olson and two others working as bounty hunters - Brooke Starkweather, 20, and Jeremiah Opheim, 29, both of Moorhead - allegedly lied repeatedly to Fargo investigators about breaking into the woman's apartment.

    Starkweather and Opheim face charges of felony Class C criminal trespass and misdemeanor Class A giving false information.

    According to court documents, during an investigation by Fargo police, Starkweather and Opheim both told police they wanted to come clean about the case, but that Greeno had threatened to kill them and their family members if anyone was jailed in the case.

    Opheim and Starkweather were also arrested Tuesday. A fifth wanted bounty hunter, Dustin Fredrickson, 25, of Moorhead, turned himself in, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Dan Orr said. Fredrickson was charged with felony Class A criminal trespass.

    A man identifying himself as Greeno left voicemail messages at The Forum late Monday and early Tuesday saying he was innocent until proven guilty and intended to take the matter to trial.

    He also disputed Fargo police Lt. Joel Vettel's statement that North Dakota requires a license for people to carry out fugitive recovery.

    "No one in the state of North Dakota needs to be licensed as a bounty hunter, " said the message. "They are wrong if they think I am going to leave the city of Fargo."

    Vettel said Fargo police had made it clear to Greeno that if he continued to operate in the city, he could be charged for operating without a license. "We have evidence that what he attempts to do in other jurisdictions is not in accordance with the law, " Vettel said.

    Biggers said the conduct alleged in the criminal complaint against Greeno is something other industry professionals deplore.

    "Kicking doors down and acting like he was a police officer, that's not how we do things here, " said Biggers, who added that fugitive recovery workers must follow the laws of each individual state in which they operate.

    They are required to have bail papers on them when they take in a fugitive, Biggers said, and often must secure a governor's warrant first.

    Biggers said Greeno is an example of a problem that's recently been plaguing his industry, as more people are drawn to bounty hunting by the proliferation of reality shows on the subject.

    Their tenuous grasp of the legal requirements of the job is damaging the profession's reputation, with the public and with law enforcement, he said.

    "If people like Greeno continue, it's going to put us out of business, " Biggers said. "If we end up in a dangerous situation, we're going to pick up the phone and call police and they're going to laugh at us."

    Matt Philipenko, of Fargo-based Philipenko Films production company, said he was hired by Greeno to produce promotional video for a reality show for a Charleston, S.C., Fox TV affiliate that Greeno told him he starred in.

    The company signed a contract and shot several hours' worth of video, which included fake firearms and actors posing as fugitives, Philipenko said.

    But when Philipenko began to hear that Greeno was facing arrest warrants out of other states, he pulled the plug on the shoot, and on working with Greeno. Philipenko doesn't believe there's a TV show, either.

    "Just a fruit loop, " he said.

    Orr said Greeno's publicity-seeking was also a red flag for him.

    Initially, he said, Greeno and his team contacted the U.S. Marshals Service with information about a fugitive in Fargo they said they found, on the condition they be allowed to publicize their business when the person was arrested.

    "That's not something we do, " Orr said.

    He also said self-styled bounty hunters like Greeno can create safety risks for his marshals and other legitimate law enforcement agents.

    "When people like this are operating, it puts everyone on edge, " he said. "Things can go wrong."

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  • Fe
    felon 4 life Feb 05, 2019

    More photos of the felon (4) poss. a firearm. Some from Augusta, Ga. When he was investigated by the Richmond Co. Ga. Sheriff. He was on parole at the time (2016) .

    19 Votes
  • Lo
    Lo Lo Von Hessler Feb 06, 2019

    Anthony Greeno has put his 2019 ( election in 2020) on hold. He is a guest of the Morgan Co., Indiana Jail . Indiana law states a felon can not hold office. Anyone giving him money or buying his shirts . To fund his election. Need to notify law enforcement . He is defrauding people .

    19 Votes
  • An
    Anthony Bendover Feb 06, 2019

    Somebody said those were fake guns and fake suspects. He looks like he doesn't even know how to handle the gun in those pictures. But that no surprise since he is a big phony.

    Anthony accused Daniel Nations of being the killer when he had nothing to do with it. Anthony should worry about his own criminal intentions. I saw on another complaint forum somebody said Anthony has been arrested 35 times!!! He is not going to solve the murders he might as well face it. Hows he helping the cops while he's in jail? He hasn't even been out to accuse Charles Eldridge of the killings. Get with it Anthony. you are falling behind!

    We cannot have a guy like narcissistic Anthony Greeno as sheriff. He would destroy the whole county. He would expose all the details of the investigation on the murders. He is in jail so much how would he have time to do his job?

    18 Votes
  • An
    anthony capone Feb 21, 2019

    Yes we still have our one and only anthony in the jail as of today. Anthony is in solitary confinement in the hole. He is a thug and a mobster. delphis own al capone. He is locked away in maximun secrurity due to his previous escape attempts. anthony is too stupid to know that when he got captured after escaping that the charges against him would keep piling up. Did anthony think he would never get caught? he doesn't understand the consequences of his own actions. and this guy thinks he isgoing to be the next sheriff. he thinks he can do a good job because he was wrongly convicted and he knows both sides of the law. he only knows one side of the law and thats the no good jail trash scum of the earth side. So what about the otehr 30 times anthony was arrested? were they wrong convictions as well?

    18 Votes
  • Ko
    koko777777777 Feb 22, 2019

    84 days to Anthony trail date in the Morgan Co. Superior Court. No money for bail or a real lawyer ( public defender) and a long criminal record . 4 felony convictions and too misdemeanor arrest to list. He has domestic violence convictions. Well little Anthony is just screwed . 84 days and counting. When he gets out years from now. He will claim to be a new man. And he has learned from his mistakes. He will violet his parole and have more arrests. It is all a big lie. His stupid supports will think he is misunderstood and mistreated. He is just a conman, felon and liar !!! 84 days, Anthony . 84 84 84 84 84 84

    18 Votes
  • You are right, the will never learn from his mistakes. Why should we put our money forward to bail his ass out of jail?He would not appreciate it or pay us back. Anthony will get out of jail and be a good boy for about a week and then find himself back in the slammer again.
    I have proof that Anthony is no good. He got thrown out of the memorial service for Abby and Libby after the murders happned. He was diserespecting the families by trying to get his nose where it didn't belong just for his stupid fucking YouTube channel. He should have been apprehended right then and there. He cares about no one. He is very narcissistic as you can tell. He thinks he is so smart and he can get away with everything he wants and he thinks all attention should be on him, does not have any empathy for anybody. Classic signs of a narcissist. Stay away!

    19 Votes
  • Us
    user2016252 May 12, 2019

    Time is up . Anthony trail will be this week. It will last 2 or 3 days. This will be his 5 th Felony . Then off to the I.D.O.C. The only question is how long ??

    10 Votes
  • Gr
    Greeno loser May 12, 2019 shows Greeno toke a plea deal to avoid trail . He has a change of plea hearing on 5 2 2109 .

    10 Votes
  • What are we going to do without anthony working to solve the case? There has been developments since december when he landed his ass in the slammer. He is only a hindorance to the case. he would like to be out of jail blaming everyone and thier dog for the crime. I dont care ifhe ever gets out of jail.

    9 Votes
  • Us
    user2032712 Jun 24, 2019

    He back !!! Indiana favorite criminal was released after on 6-20-2019 after taking a plea deal. To avoid trail. This would have been his 5 felony. The question is how long until he has a warrant ? What state will he flea to ? Will he make bail ? Will there be more CRYING videos ?? Time will tell .

    10 Votes
  • yes our friend Anthony will be back in jail before we know it. I suppose he is reading up on the case and the new developments since december when he got lock up. he probably claims he knows the guy in the new sketch. i see anthony is going to put out a new realty show on his youtube channel. he calls it wanted. is he going to feature himself?

    8 Votes
  • We
    westville calling ! Oct 26, 2019

    Anthony Greeno is full of lies ! The little felon (4) thinks he can be a elected official in Indiana . Indiana code I.C. 3-8-1-5 . States a felon is disqualified from running for office. Sorry Anthony . He will never be Sheriff . Only a conman, loser. dead beat dad (4), woman abuser, substance abuser and a loser !!

    5 Votes
  • An
    anthony felon Dec 24, 2019

    True Crime Investigates . This in the felon and conman s latest name. Still the same conman, deadbeat dad, liar, felon, woman beater and loser as always. Just a new name .

    2 Votes
  • Ge
    Geri52 Mar 05, 2020

    Back in jail in Morgan County for the same felonies he was charged with last year, this time against hospital personnel and cops. Details are in another thread about this loser. And Carroll County wants him for failure to pay child support. Fingers crossed he goes to prison this time.

    2 Votes
  • Yes Anthony Greeno was arrested in March 2020 . For Intimidation, probation violation ( drinking), battery and Dis . conduct . He is in the Morgan co Jail. More crying videos. The Greeno supporters will still support him. #0 plus arrests in 4 states. And 4 felony convictions. It all in his past !!! The stupid that were warned will still date him !! Lets hope the probation violation will get him sent back to Westville D.O.C.

    1 Votes
  • St
    stupid b#tck Mar 09, 2020

    Anthony Greeno has 5 charges intimidation, intimidation, battery, dis conduct and probation violation . 2 are felony charges . His trial date is7-7-2020 @ 8:30 . Rene Greeno 1-5-1986 . And Jessica Millhoff 06-21-1988 for her criminal record .

    1 Votes

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