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H Aug 03, 2018 Review updated:

Finally received the storage device which is similar to the photo stick...which is what I thought I was getting...and it was broken. Same scenario as others have stated that it came with no paperwork of the providing company or instructions on how to return the item. I would like to get a full refund of the item and I will be glad to send this broken item back to the company at their own expense.


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      Aug 17, 2018

    The fast arrival of my flash drive made me very happy. I opened it and pushed out the USB for my computer and put it in the port. Nothing popped up. I went to my Apps and couldn’t find anything to help with the flash drive. I put it in my iPhone and a message popped up that I needed the app. I clicked on it and nothing happened. Disappointed, I put it back in the box . That was when my 128MB flash drive that I was charged for was really a cheaper 8MB drive.

    My hopes of having my pictures all in one place with duplicates eliminated are crushed. Disappointedly and angrily, I will need to send it back and I will contact the credit card and let them know what happened and tell them not to pay the bill. What can be done to stop this scam?

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