AN & Associatesandroid flash drive

D Aug 07, 2018

I ordered this 16GB flash drive to free up some space on my Samsung Galaxy phone. The minute I inserted it into my phone the phone started rebooting continuously, went into safe mode and would not shut down. I took it to Best Buy and showed them the flash drive. They were unable to recognize it nor could they do anything with the phone. I lost everything most importanly photos from our trip to Jordan. My husband had not been back for 40 years and was reunited with his 7 brothers and sisters and tons of family. Also lost photos of my son's wedding day in addition to photos of grandchildren, etc. I was beyond heartbroken. On top of that have to spend hundreds of dollars for another phone. If you are reading this message learn from my mistake. Do not order anything from this company. They are only out to make themselves rich from unsuspecting people like us. My contact info is diane.[protected]

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