Amerisave Mortgage Corporationmortgage loan

S Jul 14, 2019

Loan # 9340136, Started working with Rafael Sanchez, on May 31, 2019. We, jack and Beatrice Tullis, wanted to refinance and do a Cash Out, consolidate all of our bills, using our land and home to do this. Upon talking with Rafael, we told him that we had been discharged from a chapter 13 bankruptcy, up front, before proceeding with the loan; he came back and told us no problem, he could work around that, because he had a company that would work with us as long as we could show proof that we had our discharged papers, and I even sent him a copy of it as well; at that time he told us that we would have to pay a $500 application fee because we had been pre-approved for the loan. In the meantime, he started telling us, that we needed to send him certain documents, which we did, he came back and sent us a closing statement showing how much we had been approved for and going over the statement I, Beatrice, noticed that he hadn't added our home on there and I questioned that and he told me. We want a full refund of the $500. I am sending attachments with all forms and information requested.

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