Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Innmanagement continental breakfast and the pool

J Jul 14, 2019

Ok so management is some of the rudest people I have ever meet . My fiancee went to the breakfast and had a plate of waffles and a plate of toast and a few prepackaged snacks. The manger told her she had to much food. Number one it's the most pathetic excuse for a continital breakfast I've ever seen . Two I payed a lot of money to stay here and a few .25 cent snacks and a waffle we had to make on our own is a small request being free breakfast is advertised. Ok then the pool that is advertised on the internet hasn't been open since we first payed for the room. False advertising is grounds for a law suit . I paid nearly $1, 000 to stay here for two weeks and I'm very disappointed in the services I have been provided. This motel is giving America's best value inn a bad reputation. I don't seem to be the only one that has had the same problem with the services provided here . The reviews on Google maps say the same thing. I would like to see some changes and would love to go swimming in the pool I've paid to swim in.

management continental breakfast and the pool

  • Updated by Jayson.n.Mcintyre · Jul 14, 2019

    Also the fitness room doesn't have any equipment that works terrible experience staying here

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