American Water Works Companymeter reading and billing

L Jan 09, 2020

my name is Julie I am the property manager at Townehouse Village apartments in Richmond, IN. I submitted an inquiry about our bill for the address listed. We were billed for one unit with one meter for one month at 13, 680 gallons of water during the month of Nov 2019. the month before the bill was normal. the month after the bill was normal. We checked the apartment and there were no leaks found at all. No running toilets. Nothing. According to mathematical calculation it would have taken the shower running non stop, both toilets flushed every five minutes, and all sink faucets running non stop to use that much water in one apartment in one billing period. Only one person lives there. The only thing Indiana American water did to help us is come and do what they called an "actual meter reading instead of an estimation". and then they decided the billing was correct. How do you estimate 13, 680 gallons of water in one billing period? How is it fair to have our bill estimated? If the next billing period showed a high billing amount I would think that maybe there is a leak we didnt find but that isn't the case and we checked again anyway. Still no leaks and no running toilets. I want help with this because I do not feel we should have to pay this outrageous billing amount without an explanation as to why its so high for that one month and help figuring out why. You can reach me at [protected].

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