AMC Theatres / AMC Entertainment Holdingsemployee relations

N Jul 14, 2019

My daughter works for AMC. She decided to watch a movie with my son when her shift was over. The AMC she works at has assigned seating. When she walked into the theater, a guest was in her seat. She told the guest that was her seat, they called her names and she left with my son to find a manager. The manager had the guest moved and my daughter went to watch the movie. However the guest continued to be hostile with my daughter, flashing their light from their phone in her face, calling her names, etc. She left and told the managers what happened. They basically told her there was nothing they could do because they did not witness it. When she went back for her next shift a week later, the general manager asked her what happened in front of one of the other managers. They made my daughter feel as though she was wrong because they told her the customer is always right. I spoke to the manager when this occurred and I spoke to the general manager the following week after my daughter came home upset. I cannot believe that a huge corporation such as AMC allows guest to treat their employees like that. It is not okay for any person to make another person feel uncomfortable and to create such a hostile work environment. Management staff have no problem solving skills nor does AMC train their employees on conflict resolution. I am disappointed that my daughter had to experience this with another guest, who intimidated and bullied her, and then had to experience her company not only side with the guest but made her feel more uncomfortable and placed the blame on her. This is not okay and I am upset that this occurs in corporate America when a company only sees money and does not care about the well being of their employees.

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