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G Jan 29, 2020

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Early in December 2019 I received an email from Allstate stating that my auto insurance bill was due on December 10th and that it would be automatically deducted from my checking account, which as far as I know I never approved automatic deduction from my checking account. I immediately contacted my agent and spoke to Maddie and told her I did not want automatic deduction and would send her an online payment. Being out of town at the time and not having my finances in front of me I sent $500 online payment from my phone on December 5th, and then anther payment $528.12 when I got home December 6th paying the bill in full. However, both Maddie and I made a mistake the email was talking about my home insurance and not my auto insurance which in both cases I always pay in full. In the phone conversion she even said my auto insurance was due December 10th so urgency was needed.

On January 27th, 2020 I received another auto insurance bill $1516.32 due February 10th and I thought this odd because I had already sent $1028.12 in December of a total $1685.86 six month policy. I contacted my agent again talking to Maddie and she told me that my auto insurance had risen from $1685.86 to well over $2500 because I did not pay my auto insurance in full even though the mistake of confusing home insurance with auto insurance in early December was the cause of this error.

This is just ridiculous and must be rectified at once! I am currently reviewing new insurance with another company and will move by early next week if we cannot rectify this situation.

Glenn A. Criss

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