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J Aug 16, 2018

Hi my husband and I have had this account since 12/2017. We purchased this alarm system because we were not happy with our previous system Protection 1 AGS. When we purchased your system we never received any decals from the installer. I called that night and was told by someone in customer service that some decals or stickers would be in the mail. That was December 2017 and we still haven't received. Also I would like more training on the Security System Package and the application on our phone. It's not clear to us on how to maneuver our security system via cell phone away from home regarding fire safety & medical, entry control, mobile video monitoring and energy management. Also as the wife I am a hands on cell phone, email and text message person. I don't have to talk to you but I would like to be able to see my account on a regular basis, view my billing and reach out either via email, text message or chat if I need something from you. Can someone please make time out to answer my questions. So far this has not been a good experience and even though we are in a five year contract, which I was not fully aware of, I would like to receive the best customer service possible. Can someone please respond to [protected] or [protected]? Thank You!

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