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Alliance Law Centerloan modification scam

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I am also fooled by Alliance Law Center. They asked me to pay $2950.00-- the full payment. They even said that they do forensic analysis and promised me a lot of things. They even recommended not to pay so that i will get a better modification. They also said not to talk to the lender and tell the lender to talk to them. They should be stripped of their license. They are costing me a lot and I might lose my home because they never called me back and they only called my lender two times. They insisted that they did a lot of leg work but when I finally talked to my lender they said that ALC did not do a thing other than let them know that they repreent me. They never sent anything to them. They are so terrible. They should be accountable for what is happening to my loan right now. They never returned my calls. I complained to BBB but they are not responding to the complaint. I will file a complaint to the attorney general's office if they don't returnmy money.


  • Ja
    JamestheGiant Aug 28, 2009

    Alliance Law Center is packing up shop and heading to higher ground. these spineless ### have no balls and will not deal with the multiple victims they have mislead and stolen from. All they do is hide behind voicemails and emails. They never perform. They are crooks. Cameron Edwards the principle attorney will lose his license and we will lose our money. I drove by the ALC office yesterday and while being asked if I wanted to buy drugs on 3 different occasions by drug dealers that hangout right in front off the front door to ALC, I did notice a few ALC guys smoking outside the office front door. They seemed to be "On the Lookout". This place is like the [redacted] post of August 2009 where the lady discribes a boiler room. Beware of these guys they took $7ooo from me that I had to borrow from family to try to get a loan mod. I ended up getting modified on my owm from my lender after I realized that ALC had ripped me off. My lender told me they had never heard of ALC 3 months after I gave ACL my money to help me. I'm sure others won't be so lucky. Beware - Run don't walk away from these guys. Alliance Law Center Scam, Alliance Lie Center, Alliance to take your money Center, Alliance Criminal Center, Cameron "I was an Attorney until my license was revoked" Edwards, Crack Alley Loan Mod Center AKA Alliance Law Center,

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  • Ks
    ksjdlfkjd Sep 02, 2009

    The sales guy, Michael Stout, told me that the lowest amount of violations they have found in a loan audit is 3 and ranges up to 25. He asked if my loan was stated income, which it was. After they ran the audit they found zero violations, that's right--zip. Once I found that out, I said to him, "you mean to tell me that I am the first of all these 1000's of cases who has had no violations?" He never directly answered the question. Apparently, the stated income thing didn't hold any water and I'm left wondering why they even asked for it. My file is still with them and I have referred several others to them and all have reported similar things and can't get them to respond or answer their phones and some of their phones have been disconnected.

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    ANY SUGGESTIONS OR RECOMMENDATIONS? Bank of America (formerly Countrywide) have been absolutely HORRIBLE as well. Who can I go to for help? I am wiped out financially and trying to hold onto my home (which I have for now kept current).

    These guys are jackels in nice suits - do not be fooled and screwed over like I was. I am out for blood now. They will be truly sorry when I am finished with them. Does anyone want to help me?

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  • Fr
    fraudulentfools Sep 03, 2009

    Me too, supposedly they received this letter...

    I filed complaints with...
    1. Attorney General's office:
    2. California State Bar:
    3. BBB:
    4. FBI:

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  • Rm
    RMC Sep 03, 2009


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  • Sh
    shanthee Sep 03, 2009

    yes i paid 45000.00 to them back in feb 2009. and still have not hurd from them. does any one know what happen, i live in washington so i can't drive by their office. can any one please e-mail me any info about alliance law office where about ot any thing. i am going to loose my home. i have not paid since feb 2009 hope that alliance law center will get me better loan term. [email protected]
    can any one please e-mail me more info and we should all get toghter and try to find them fast before they go to far. thank you

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  • Mi
    mike1968 Sep 03, 2009

    ALC is now operating as KeyPoint (one word) Law Group headed by James Thomas Imperiale - He got his Cal Bar Liscense May 2009. The company is listed at 1664 Front St, SD, Ca, 92101. Their website is You'll notice a striking similarity btwn ALC and KeyPoint's websites and promises- right down to the mailing address listed on the website: 600 B Street, Suite 2000... already talked to I-team at News 10. They can run, but they can't hide.

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  • The word I got was they sent the employees home yesterday and closed the downtown office. I may find out more information today and will keep this blog apprised. How long can the same guys keep this going under different names? They have been at it for awhile. Originally Apollo, Alliance and now Keypoint. The public needs to be made aware of the individuals doing this - not just the law firm name. Parasites they are!

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  • Je
    jennylopez Sep 03, 2009

    Apollo (Justin Sampas), Alliance Law Center (Ahren Tiller then Cameron Edwards), and KeyPoint have the common thread of Zachary Taylor. Thanks to a news report, there is no more KeyPoint. The Zachary Taylor family of companies has run out of dumb lawyers willing to shield him from liability.

    Find Zachary Taylor and you might be able to get your money back. The ownership kept almost all of it.

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  • El
    Elisa from Dublin CA Sep 03, 2009

    Oh My God! I am shock I can't belived it they just walked away I paid 3, 000 and trusted these people to do a modification for me and Randy Brady promise things were going to be done he is a super smooth talker I was trying to get a hold of them yesterday and found out phone numbers have been disconnected I had been told not to call my bank but yesterday I call to find out where I was with them and they did nothing but sent my most resent bank statements and pay stubs on 8/27/09 I hired them in March I have no words to describe how I feel. Please count me in whatever need to be done so this people can do anymore damage.

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  • Gr
    greg888 Sep 03, 2009


    I have been in contact with everyone except Cameron Edwards. He is impossible to find. I too paid ALC to modify my loan.
    I have talked with several of Cameron's former employees, as well as multiple people at the california state bar. The story is this, Cameron has closed his doors. He layed off many employees, and didn't pay others. He has done little to no work on the modifications that he promised to do. If you have started a modification with Alliance Law center, have paid them money, have received no word from them or your lender then you are in the same boat as the rest of us. Here is what we all need to do.
    Call the state bar of California
    this number is found on this page of the state bar's website:
    Talk to the person, mention Cameron Edwards name, and complain a lot!!! They already told me that they have heard of issues and that depending on how many unhappy people call will depend on what action is taken. After you complain on the phone, file a formal complaint. The website for doing this is here:
    This is the client security Fund, it basically will pay us all back the money that Cameron Took from us. They also will take over your file, give it to you, or to another attorney. This is the only chance we have to get our money back. The more people we can get to call and complain, and the more people who will file formal complaints, the better the chances are that they will go in and take out Cameron Edwards. If you have been in contact with Cameron Edwards, have tried to get a modification, and anything has gone wrong, Please Please complain! It does no good to complain here, Complain to the State Bar of California!
    Good luck to all of us.

    email me if you have any questions, I will help you complain to the right people!
    [email protected]

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  • Mo
    motiondan Sep 03, 2009

    I hope our personel information is safe. I was told by my bank that they were cotacted 2 days ago by ALC regarding my loan mod and the file was still open . i cant believe these guys. Since they are now defunct i wonder if i can call my credit card company and dispute the charges as fruad. Im sure that ALC doesnt have the capacity to fight back. Goodluck everyone.

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  • Sd
    S Dubbouis Sep 03, 2009

    I too was a client of Alliance. I have been hot on this trail for days now and there is no new company they went to. Alliance shut down beacause they were not solvent. There is no connection to this new law firm that is mentioned above. There operating attorney was let go by alliance and has his own practice. Alliance is done. Looks like we are on our own.

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  • Up
    UpsetCitizen Sep 04, 2009

    It looks like some people already know how these guys operate (Mike1968 and jennylopez). The sad thing is these attorneys were used by Zach Taylor. Not only have they ripped off clients, but they have ripped off and took advantage of their employees and attorneys. Promising to W2 all employees by February 09, then May 09, then July 09, until they finally shut down. He also promised benefits and parking but that never happened either. All so Zach and his so called managing directors (really the owners) don't have to pay wage taxes for the people who worked hard for them and cared about the clients and their homes.

    Cameron Edwards was a pawn used after Ahren Tiller left and started Bankruptcy Law Center on Columbia St. in San Diego. Zach Taylor also invested in this company. After Cameron Edwards realized he really doesn't have a say in what happens in the office (Zach Taylor always makes all of the decisions), he wanted out. Looks like Cameron Edwards got out too late and has already let his name and reputation and used and abused!

    Now, Zach Taylor has convinced another attorney, James Thomas Imperiale, who was also with Alliance Law Center to be his next pawn as the Principal Attorney for KeyPoint Law Group, PLC on Front St. San Diego (which is probably a PO Box). Look up the name of the person who registered this name of KeyPoint Law Group, guess who?: Zach Taylor. This is what he did the entire time of Alliance Law Center's existance. He kept creating new companies to move employees over so he doesn't have to W2 them. Yet he expects them all to work like horses, screws them if they need a day off or have lives outside of his companies. I guess working 40 hours a week is not enough for this guy! How about keeping your word to your clients and following Labor Laws, Zach?

    James Imperiale, if you are smart, you shouldn't get involved in the next Zach Taylor scam. You are putting your name and your license on the line for a guy who has proven to screw people over. He is using your name because he is not an attorney and cant do this business himself!

    If Channel 10 news really wants to expose these people, listen to what jennylopez wrote above. This is where you can find all of these people:

    Ahren Tiller now opened up Bankruptcy Law Center on 1230 Columbia Street, Suite 850
    He knew trouble was brewing so he jumped ship but still had Zach Taylor invest in him.

    What about the person who Zach had let people go because he didn't have the guts to look these employees in the eyes himself? Michael Martinez? Oh, hes not at Alliance Law Center anymore either. He's at Zach Taylor's yet other company, Regal Executive Management. They worked out of the same address as Alliance Law Center but when you call their number, it just rings and rings. Maybe Michael got smart and left.

    Sad to say Cameron Edwards was just a fall guy. Youd think the principle attorney of a law firm would make decisions but NO! Zach Taylor did and he ruined this attorney's reputation and messed up the lives of many employees by screwing them out of legit wages. He's about to ruin James Imperiale and probably more peoples lives until he is caught!

    Try to call the phone numbers of Alliance Law Center and it is still a lie!! They wont even say they are no longer in business. Instead they say that your message will get to the proper people! What people, Zach?? Who is handling the thousands of clients you refuse to refund? Is James Imperiale doing this now, or do you have unlicensed attorneys continuing to work on the files? You know that's not legal, right?

    Who ever is working with Zach still, you better think twice about what you are doing. Don't let this man ruin your career.

    Zach Taylor, you screw enough people over who are trying to make a descent living and it will all come back to you.

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  • Gh
    G Hullsky Sep 04, 2009

    I have to admit it is tough on the eyes to read all these. I was a client of alliance and I did actually get a great result and modification from them. On 2 homes. I did refer 2 friends who hopefully they are still working on. Seems like they had the right sytem but maybe they had some files that the ball was dropped on. But to their defense they did modify me and I was referred by a coworker who they also midified. So im at a loss as far as all the negativity.

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  • Ja
    Jared4 Sep 05, 2009

    Did you get the letter from Cameron Edwards? He sent an Email out on 09/03/09, to my email at least. If you had and Email address listed for them you probably got it too? It starts of saying "To All Clients, I am writing you to advise you that ALC is in a positon of insolvency, and to give you the opportunity to retrieve your file or have it transferred to another attorney of your choosing". It is a two page letter going on about how he took over the position in March 09 and Cameron had hired 16 attorneys and staff, along with paralegals, and legal assitants. Since they became insolvent, there is no money to pay the staff and continue working on the files. He is apologiving for the inconvenience, distress and financial loss that this has caused. He also mentions how he is in financial distress and going thru the same issues not being able to pay his own mortgage. He has listed his email address as [email protected] Until Sept 12 you can also fax them at [protected] or [protected]. "Please be aware that none of the other attorneys who were employees of ALC are responsible for your file at this time. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and our inability to complete the services for you". Well, thats all great!! All we want as Americans is our well earned money back. Save me all the filing of law suits, reporting this to the Attorney General. There was no mention of refunds!!! So What I am going to do is write a letter to the address of 600 B St #2000 San Diego, CA 92101. Email Cameron, and send a fax telling him to give our money back so we can all move on with this unfortunate experience.

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  • Pa
    past alc employee Sep 08, 2009

    I was a former employee of Alliance. I left the company when they moved downtown becuase I did not like the office. When I was employed there, they did have a very legit operation. They had attorneys monitoring phone calls, making sure their client services staff was compliant. they had a very large supprort staff that was negotiations. they had training in place. the employees were not made aware of any troubles. we were seeing results everyday from past clients. people were getting help. somewhere after they moved i heard they had as many as 15 or 17 attorneys. from my perspective, they overloaded on payroll. they made some bad decisions. i left because they were kicking their cleints services people in the groin by placing them in a bad location that i thouht was unfair. this firm never had the mindset of ripping people off. if something happened after that, than i do not know, but they looked very legit. from what cameron is saying that he has no money, i would not doubt that some of the principals made very poor money decisions and that is what led to their insolvency. its hard for me to sit hear and read these blogs, because some of these people may have been my clients. i have no way to help you people, but you can contact the state bar and file a complaint. you may be able to get reimbursed by them. i do agree with one blogger that said cameron is not the one soley responsible. a few of the managing people should hold the bag along with cameron. once again, contact the state bar, they should help and as i can understand that most of you want to file a suit, that company was not just ripping people off. they had a system, it was working when i was there, they made serious financial errors somewhere and i wish you all the best of luck.

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  • Hm
    hmb mod Sep 08, 2009

    I found out by calling the phone # I had to get an answer and it was disconnected. I then tried to fax something, no answer. Uh-oh was my first thought. I looked up one the internet and found the letter that a previous poster referred. It states that ALC is ina position of insolvency. I called my lender and they said I needed to send a fax stating that ALC was no longer in a position to negotiate my loan and that I was to revoke any and all rights they had to my files. I also had to change my address back to my homes. Luckily I was already accepted into a program for the modification but I had not received any paperwork.

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  • Et
    Etep Sep 09, 2009

    I just found out today that they (Alliance) bailed out on us. I stop by their office today in Bernardo Center Drive and found out their place of business has been closed since April 09. The weird thing is I just called 2 weeks ago to vent out my frustrations and a lady by the name of Joanna answered the phone [protected]). I asked her why am I not getting any call back from their office to get status update on our loan with Chase? I always get transferred to one of their "negotiator" and end up leaving numerous messages on their voicemail but would not get a call back. I signed up back in July 29, 2008 in the amount of $3000 which it was Apollo Funding then. To make a long story short, I patiently waited (after being promised minimum 6 months process which is now over a year!!!). To my frustrations, I was the one calling my lender and providing them the necessary paperwork to get the case moving forward because I would never get an update from Alliance. I was in shock on how these people can take our hard earn money during these difficult times of our lives and just walk away like that. I am so mad I started printing out complaint forms from CAL BAR, Atty Gen Office and some dispute forms from my credit card company. I will try my vey best to get answers somehow and not really counting on getting my money back. I hope that there will be a class action lawsuit to this so called "law firm." Any information/help is greatly appreciated. My email address is [email protected]

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  • Vu
    V. Union City Sep 10, 2009

    I'm also a victim of ALC. They took my money and never returned my calls or emails! Gave me bad advise to stop paying my mortgages and I now I'm out of my money that I paid to them, my credit has gotten worst and I'm about to lose my house!

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  • Lo
    longbeach Sep 10, 2009

    I contacted ALC about a month ago and spoke to Chris Feary. I told him about my situation and he said he would talk to the lawyers and let me know if my "case" was worth taking, because after all, they didn't want to take money from me if they didn't think they could help (Yeah Right). So he called me back and said the Lawyers think they could be successful with my situation and asked for the $5200 (for 2 properties). I felt like I needed to think about it for a few days. He called me back a few days later and said that due to the fact that one of my properties was a multi unit property, he thought that one of their sister firms might be best suited to handle my file. He also said that he himself was moving over to this firm. He called it Keypoint Law Group. In a few days, Sean Burns called and introduced himself as a "Director of Legal Administrators" and wanted to get info from me. I gave him all the info and then he said to move forward I would have to pay the up front fee. I was just about to fill out the paperwork today when I decided to do a search for KeyPoint Law Group and found these complaints. The address that Keypoint is using on their letter head is 1664 front street San Diego 92101 and phone# [protected], fax# [protected]

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  • Vi
    victim of alc Sep 11, 2009

    Zach Taylor...Zach Taylor. In my eyes, this is the man that is most likely responsible for the failure of ALC. I have spent years establishing myself as a reputable real estate agent. But like many others, we came across tough times. I needed another source of income and I came across ALC. I saw an opportunity to make a good living by helping homeowners. When I joined the firm, there was a large attorney presence. All indications led me to believe this was a reputable company. I referred many of my personal past clients and there family members and friends to ALC and now these people are after me. I made money off these people and I thought the company I was working for was going to help them. I left there company when things were clearly turning for the worst. Now my name is ruined with these past clients and such and I cannot find work right now. I spent years on my career and now one very poor decision has me interviewing at telemarketing companies. I recently went on a few interviews and I really feel I was turned down because I had Alliance Law Center on my resume. Not only has Zach screwed people careers, he has left homeowners hanging out to dry. Cameron Edwards was the second attorney to get involved with ownership of ALC, the first was Ahren Tiller. As much as I am angry at Cameron Edwards for not protecting his clients, Zach Taylor would probably be the man who is the reason homeowners will not get their money back or any help that they paid for. I do not know where he stands in terms of businesses right now, but I do know where he can be found. If this man does not have anything to hide, than I am sure he would answer his door for anyone:

    His home address is:

    5694 Mission Center Rd. #284 San Diego, Ca 92108

    cell number is [protected]

    Zach, you have ruined my name and reputation, I am facing clients wanting to sue me,
    everyday, you will not slither away from this mess.

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  • Ma
    madmadmadmad Sep 11, 2009

    I was a ALC employee for a brief time and also became a client for a loan mod. I am out wages not paid and a loan mod not done by them. I am pissed that it came down to them running that business into the ground and we all wont be getting help from them.

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  • Sc
    Scam victim:( Sep 12, 2009

    Thank you "victim of ALC" for giving us the home address and phone number of Zach taylor who I was also told was the main cause of the failing of Alliance Law Center. Zach, pay us back our money back because we are all going to find you!
    Do the right thing and pay back the people you stole from...

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  • Sc
    scammedbyAFS Sep 12, 2009

    It seems to be a common practice in Cali to scam loan mod clients by using your attorney status or name and then running.

    AFS Loan Modification — Scam

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  • My husband and I received a letter in the mail on September 11, 2009 advising us that Alliance Law Center is in a position of insolvency. We came into contact with Alliance Law Center in March 2009, coincidentally the same time that Cameron Edwards took responsibility of the firm. During that time we were filled with false hopes and promises of getting a loan modification for our home. It's been 6 months since then and during that entire time, it's been nothing but terrible customer service from ALC. With already paying the firm 4, 200, we had no option but to hope for the best. The same day that we received the letter of insolvency, my husband contacted our lender, and the confirmed that ALC ONLY contacted them once on the 17th of June (3 months after we paid) regarding out 2nd mortgage loan / no contact was ever made regarding our first mortgage loan. My husband made sure that revoke ALC's authority to negotiate on our behalf.
    My husband and I are truly heart broken over this entire scam. We have wasted over 6 months with ALC when we could have been seeking help else where. We are now left with the question of "where do we go from here?" We deserve our hard earned money back of 4, 200! If anyone can provide any information my e-mail is [email protected] I'm in the process of trying to find someone else who can help us modify our loan.

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  • Tm
    tmec Sep 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I lost my job, we hired Alliance Law Center hoping to help us to save our house to make affordable by doing load modification. We had a hard time talking to anybody from this company. When we received a sale date on our house I've called and email Cameron Edwards (attorney) numerous time to see where we at and request to push the sale date out. Cameron just ignored us until we couldn't reach him anymore. 3 days prior to the sale date, Cameron emailed with attached document stating that Alliance Law Center is in insolvency. Now we are in jeopardy. How can these people live like this. I have to do something about this. Can anybody help where should I start to catch this predator? email me: [email protected] for any help.

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  • Ad
    AdvocateOnMyBehalf Sep 14, 2009

    These folks are definitely out of business and Cameron Edwards is filing insolvency..We will be requesting our file from them.. I believe my file did make it to the lender though I need to resubmit info and try to work with OBAMA'S affordable homes plan..there is also the HOPE NOW Alliance to look up..

    Don't walk away from your homes..ACT NOW! This is why our economy is in this mess because of the loans that were created on stated income a few years ago.. and now are being foreclosed because they really could never afford them in the first place

    For all those who are as disappointed as I am and have to start all over -
    I attended a foreclosure prevention workshop this weekend in the city of Moreno Valley and received so much good information

    All of this could have been handled for FREE. Many non profit agencies help you to come up with a solution to work with your lender and advocate on your behalf to the best of their ability..

    I will be re submitting paperwork to try to modify my loan and give documentation to the fair housing council..HUD has many program listings that council you on preventing foreclosure from happening to you..

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  • Ad
    AdvocateOnMyBehalf Sep 14, 2009

    I am hoping you may find this site helpful
    This company was one of the facilitators at the workshop I attended
    that was put on by the econimic redevelopment board

    They helped me with lots of useful info on getting back on track and moving forward to re-modify my loan

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  • Ad
    AdvocateOnMyBehalf Sep 15, 2009

    Has anybody seen this today? It was posted on ALC site. What does this exactly mean to us as clients? If that is what we are? So confused! I just want my home out of foreclosure, whatever it takes..I cannot come up with more money up front!


    UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009.

    Alliance Law Center has secured staff who are able to complete the work on your file. We are able to continue to work on your file and complete the matter.

    You may contact us at [protected].

    Our fax number is [protected].

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  • Sp
    Spooky30 Sep 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mr. Edwards has not provided an accounting or provide proof of the work done. I fully intend to pursue this with the Bar and the State Attorney General.

    Mr. Edwards has posted several times to this site, instead of posting to complaint sites, your time would be better spent calling each of your clients that you have abandoned. The letter you posted on your website is disingenuous at best. You sir, are a lawyer, when an adversary such as a bank puts up a "wall" you should do what lawyers do...file a lawsuit. Your firm is nothing but a mill. You provided no services, had para-professionals doing your intake, you took money and did an insignificant amount of work.

    Mr. Edwards, your letter effectively withdraws your representation. Your fee agreement calls for a return of fees if you withdraw your representation. I want my money back. You are personally liable as an attorney. Sell your car or something. Pay us back our money.

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  • Zach Taylor is the "man" you should be looking for!! He is the crook who took your money, and is laughing all the way to the bank. It is sad that this guy would and still does run scam operations and blame other people. If I had his address I would post it. Feel free to look him, or one of his other scams up.

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  • Al
    alcclient Sep 16, 2009

    Looks like Alliance Law Center has been able to keep working on files! EVERYONE CALL the phone numbers posted on website today. Maybe there is hope after all.

    UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009.

    Alliance Law Center has secured staff who are able to complete the work on your file. We are able to continue to work on your file and complete the matter.

    You may contact us at [protected].

    Our fax number is [protected].

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  • Ch
    chris267 Sep 17, 2009

    nothing but an answering machine what are they actually gona do 4 us my email is [email protected] can anyone actually help???? these crooks got $3000 from me and did nothing...

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  • My husband also found the recent posting on their website. I too called the number and it went straight to their voicemail and left a fax number. Then this morning I had a voice message on my cell phone and it was a Lydia from Alliance Law firm (I was so annoyed that I missed the phone call!). She called to say that Alliance Law firm was not taking on any new clients and that they have a staff of paralegals volunteering their time. She also said that if I wanted them to, they would continue to work on my file for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. I wanted to scream! I cannot believe these people. I paid 4, 200 upfront to a law firm that NEVER worked on my file and they call me back making it seem like they are doing me a favor by working on my case for no additional charge. Wait a minute, they didn't earn my 4, 200 in the first place. I don't see how we can possible trust these people, especially since they have stolen so much money from so many people. I have faxed, emailed and called Cameron Edwards and I have still yet to hear from him. This has just been completely heartbreaking to me. I don't understand how some so called lawyers can steal money from so many people and get away with it!
    [email protected]

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  • Ho
    hotchilli Sep 18, 2009

    this sept 15. message... is such a "!!!" giving false hopes to their clients... it seems like giving a child a lollipop to pacify their mouth!
    we also called alliance yesterday and same thing NO ANSWER!!! after what they've done I think there is no more credibility on their part... if you look at their posted message the original message posted on sept 3 is still there----- quite confusing tactics huh?????... prolonging the agonies of clients?????

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  • Tm
    tmec Sep 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The new post on their web site, as far as to continue to work, is just to cover the investigation, so they can say that they are offering help even they are in insolvency. Im pretty sure alot of people had complain. I called the State Bar of Ca and they advised to file a complain and send the form. State Bar will investigate what's going on. State Bar also advised to write a letter to Cameron Edwards to refund the money and give him a time line, and send a copy to them. Cameron has to provide an explanation. Last Sunday, Sept. 13, I picked up my file from their downtown office, and it was a joke. My file only contained with the last few docs I've faxed them, and I've been in ALC for 7 months. Somebody from here suggested to file a complain to attorney general and to report to San Diego FBI for fraud as well. I believe we should complain to the appropriate people to stop these predators.

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  • An
    Another ALC victim Sep 22, 2009

    Another victim of ALC. I started my modification back in June, I was referred by a good friend in which the brother was employed by ALC. I was so careful in selecting a firm since there were so many scams out there. Well, I guess it does not matter. From the start I was getting calls almost everyday to deposit the money into the account so they can "jump on the process right away." After the transfer was complete I received 2 calls; 1 from James stating he will be handling the case, the 2nd call was from another attorney stating he will be looking over the case as well. After those 2 calls I have received "ZERO" calls. I, myself, had to call numerous times, which if your not lucky to speak with someone you leave a message that "THEY NEVER CALL YOU BACK." After speaking with 2-3 different people at ALC they kept on informing me "your missing this, your missing that." I asked them why they do not call their clients if they are missing files, no real answer. Anyway, this has been going on for 3 months until I saw the pathetic message post on the website of ALC. I paid 4000 upfront and I am out of money to finish my modification. My lender states they have not been contacted by any 3rd party representation. I have already filed a complaint to the BBB. Thanks for the post as I will be making complaints to any and all possible avenue to MAKE SURE no one else falls for ALC.

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  • Lo
    Loretta Gire Oct 08, 2009

    All these people who were working for Alliance are intelligent people who were well aware they were involved in a scam.Im sure there rewards of recieving large amounts of money was so great there greed for money took over.It was ok for them to scam us, but now they find out they have been scammed, & want us to believe they had no part in this.BS, there abiding for more time. There messages are really saying, feel sorry for me &
    please dont complaint to anyone.I have volenteers comming in to help get your loans done. Many of you say, this has given you hope.All your doing is allowing them to scam you again.There has never been a company that started a new buisness with 16 attorneys and not one had made a name for themself.Right from the start, every one of us
    had trouble getting thru to them after they got there money.After leaving several messages, I recieved a e mail. I am still waiting for your financial statement.Fax it .That was to a woman.I sent it that nite for the second time.Months later after manymessages
    left, I get one.Send me that statement NOW, or you will lose your house. LoLo

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