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Law firm hired to file Law Suit against Aurora and MetroCityMortgage for Fraud. Company was retained and has not file law suit. 3 days to go and there named attorney Mr. Pamilla has done nothing.


  • 86 May 22, 2013

    yeah that number [protected] no longer belongs to this person and is now a phone sex hotline.

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  • Ma
    Mad As Hell Apr 13, 2010
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    Amazing i just received this e-mail and it was dated 172 days ago. I sure hope they are back in business as i will be going after them. They all lied to me and have taken my hard earned money. I lost my home thanks to this firm. Liars everyone of them.

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  • Ja
    James SD Oct 23, 2009

    To: Raul in Hesperia

    I agree with your concern, but before you start dropping names- you might want to get your facts straight. Though I never worked for Alliance, I do have an insider perspective on what went down. And, believe it or not, despite the fact that the company was poorly managed and infiltrated with crooks, there were a few average hardworking people actually working for Alliance and trying to help homeowners. In fact, several homeowners who left Alliance even followed the few good ones to new places of business. If you want to vent your frustation against Alliance and the management, be my guest. But as for the few hardworking individuals who have helped and continue to help homeowners, I would kindly ask you to keep their names out of this. Thanks.

    - James in San Diego

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  • Mo
    Moonmother Oct 22, 2009

    I recvd a letter from Waypoint yesterday, called them today, gave them limited info after I got their business name (it wasn't on the letter which is a big red flag) and then found this sight. I was reading through all of these complaints when they called me back to tell me that, low and behold, I was approved for further review! So, I waited to be transfered to the loan specialist. When he got on the line I said, "You know what? I googled Waypoint and I am finding a lot of complaints about you guys." Click! Totally hung up on me.

    Thanks for getting this information out to everyone. I wouldn't have given them any money anyway. I don't have any!!! ;0) But, if I had continued, they would have had 2 SS# to play with.

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  • Tm
    tmec Oct 17, 2009
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    Check this site...more about Cameron Edwards.

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  • An
    anon22 Sep 26, 2009

    I used to work at ALC as a paralegal for a short time; they fired people left and right for no reason. I know those who were fired had a feeling or hunch that something was wrong and that was probably the reason for being terminated. I know that the paralegals and the underwriters worked their ### off when I was there, we were always on the phone or going through the files to get info from the bank or clients; but even still, I think a lot of us were wary about working there. The attorneys, however, were a completely different story. They NEVER returned client's calls or emails (that was the one thing that pissed me off so much while working there); I was one of those who actually returned clients' emails and calls right away, particularly by email, and I know they were so gracious and thankful that I actually responded to them, even to let them know that we got a certain document or not. That's what a good attorney would do--respond right away. Even if nothing occurred or awaiting a response or haven't gotten the document, can you please resend, etc. That's what the attorneys at ALC did not do; honestly, if you see that your attorney doesn't respond (even if it's to say, "I got your call/email, I'll get back to you as soon as I can") back to you within a few days or at the most a week, I would drop them.

    It's a disgrace that attorneys/firms like this exist and give a bad name to those attorneys who are good and honest people. I'm in law school myself and during my working years in the legal field, I believe it is best to call/email clients right away, or at least at the end of the day if something happened with their case, and if nothing did, then an email at the end of the week letting them know that nothing has happened yet, just to give updates. I find it disgusting when attorneys do not do that since attorneys are suppose to be advocates for their clients, not for themselves!

    I found out that ALC closed down last night by a co-worker who also worked at ALC and was also fired (before myself). I am glad they are no longer in business because they cannot continue defrauding and taking advantage of people. I feel for all the clients out there, and not just at ALC, who are/were in this situation because it is stressful losing your home, not knowing what to do or how to fix it. I was hesitant to tell clients when I worked there that they could do the modifications themselves, that they just needed to be persistent with the banks and read up a little about the process but I was afraid they recorded our phone calls too so I never did (I was so on the verge of doing so with one woman because I felt so bad for her), same with emails which I know they probably did keep track of. I should have done it anyways.

    I wish better for all of you out there.

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  • Mr
    M ROBERTS Sep 24, 2009


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  • Ja
    Jared4 Sep 24, 2009

    Hi All!
    So by know you should have received the 3rd letter from ALC? Their website is up and running now. You can go to and read all the updated letters. So in due time ALC will be filing BK. The state bar has resigned his license, so as he wants to cont. with cases, HE CANT!. So do I hope one day to get my $3800 back, yeah, but I know its not going to happen. Ive moved on.

    I had received a package from my lender back in July it was a three month trial of payments. Well I had sent them to ALC, but never heard back from ALC in regards to what they were? After all of this happening, I did call my lender in Sept and they said I was suppose to make the three trial payments, then I would be qualified for a Modification. So, did ALC complete my Mod, half way...not sure??? I didn't want to agree to something or at least a payment I was not sure of, so I hired American Home Preservatoin here in So Cal, Temecula, CA I called Erek. I sent him the packet that BOFA had sent me "making homes affordable", back in is now Sept. Erek called BOFA the same week and they advised him that I was suppose to send in those three payment to qualify me for the Mod. Erek told them of ALC and BOFA agreed to send out a new negotiation packett. Erek is now representing me and taking over my Mod. BOFA will be sending me a new packett and with Ereks help this will insure I will be getting an agreeable payment, not a temporary lower payment. He is going in for a Fixed payment for the life of the loan. BOFA told him it should be here in 30 days. Erek's serv ice is $750 up front. I dont pay the rest of the $2200.00 untl my Mod is DONE!!! If all else fails and BOFA does not agree to modify my loan, I only lose the $750.00. I don't have to pay the reset.
    I will share a story with you. My sister works for American Home Preservation, here name is Rebecca B. She hired Erek to do her Mod. Her lender is Household Financial Corp. She paid Erek the $750.00 to negotiate the loan mod. After 4 months HFC came back and said NO, will do not do Mods at all!!! They never shared this with my sister or Erek. They only wanted to lower her payment for 6 months. HFC said they are a private lender and they do not have to agree to Modify at all. So, Rebecca did lose the $750.00, but she still works for Erek at American Home presevation. She has to walk away from her home, in short sale. Our parent will help with a new loan, and out of all this she will get a bigger house for less
    you can email me at [email protected] OR if you really want to save your home you have to seek help else where.

    TEMECULA, CA 92590
    OFFICE: [protected]
    REBECCA BURTON [protected]. Let her know that Ruthie shared this story with you!!


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  • This has been a very difficult time for me and my family. I paid Alliance to help me with my two Nevada homes. I went into the office to make sure I was dealing with a reputable and real company. The attorney I met with seemed confident that they would help me. Now I dont know what to do. A few weeks ago I called the number that I originally had when I contacted Alliance. None of the other numbers worked and I cannot afford to drive out there just to find a closed office. When I called that number, an ex attorney James Imperiale answered. I thought I finally had some light. Turns out he says he doesnt work for Alliance and he was fired. He said that he was let go with no pay and he has since started his own company. If that is the case, how come that number still worked? He said he had his own company which was called Keypoint Law office. After reading everyones post here, that name is surfacing. I no doubt now believe that this is where some of those people are now operating. So all the phone numbers where old clients could call are disconnected, but the number that these people use to drive business is still operating but under a different name. how suspicious. so i have done more research and found an old email that was sent to me that did in fact link James Imperiale to Alliance. He was one of their attorneys. Now I never spoke to him before at Alliance, but he is obviously still connected. How else can he explain the same number. Coincidence? I do not think so. The number I called was [protected]. This piece of mail which I got from Alliance has this number on it but for some reason James Imperiale who says he is not an employee of Alliance answers the phone. I looked him up with the state bar and his number listed there is [protected]. I dont know if I will get my money back, but I do want to ensure that this crap stops. My advice to those is to call this guy, find out what you can. There is obviously still some connection.

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  • Jb
    J. BLECKLEY Sep 22, 2009

    I, too, am a victim of ALLIANCE LAW CENTER, Cameron Edwards, Supervising Attorney. ALC PROMISED to file suit against my lender re commercial property because I had been FORCED into the loan by unscrupleous loan brokers and the lender, who held-off with my loan until the "last minute" when my then-present loan was DUE AND PAYABLE IMMEDIATELY. My interest rate resulted in 10%, adjustable, instead of the 7%, fixed I was promised.
    On May 6, 2009, I relunctantly entered into an agreement with ALC, with a PROMISE that they would, in fact, modify my loan and guaranteed that my interest rate would be adjusted to LESS THAN 7%. I paid them $3, 300.00, AND DID NOT HEAR FROM THEM!!! My Lender has never heard of them as NO contact was made between ALC and my Lender.
    NOW, my commercial property (with value of approx. $1, 000, 000.00) is being foreclosed upon for a $360, 000.00 loan. I am not financially able to pay the amount required to stop the foreclosure, since I was advised by ALC rep that "...not making the loan payment.." would make it easier to "modify" the loan and interest rate.
    I have filed Complaints with: CA. STATE BAR, FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, CA. ATTORNEY GENERAL (JERRY BROWN), SAN DIEGO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, and CA. DEPT. OF REAL ESTATE. I am now in the process of obtaining an attorney to attempt filing of a "class action". I am also contemplating filing a civil action against ALL involved.
    Meantime, EVERYONE, PLEASE file Complaints with ALL of the above AND ANY OTHERS AVAILABLE.
    JEANETTE A. BLECKLEY, Sacramento, CA. ([email protected])

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  • Di
    DisgruntledXEmployee Sep 17, 2009

    The original supervising or principal attorney was Ahren Tiller. Seems to me he bolted when things started going south just before the office moved downtown. They used the excuse that they were "starting a bankruptcy division" as a guise to make an exit so the employee's wouldn't get suspicious. After he moved out with a few other people we suddenly were not going to do bankruptcy's.

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  • Ra
    Raul in Hesperia Sep 14, 2009

    I' m a small fish in this sea. Alliance law center only took $2.800 from me and it killed my budget. Alliance did nothing for me, Luckly i contacted my lender and they are working with me to save my home. I would love to have my money back but that probally will never happen. The next best thing is to see Cameron edwards, Damien Pamilla, Paul Mcgucken and Reina patel locked up in jail for all the pain they made these hard working average people feel. If anyone is starting a lawsuit against this firm or people please let me know so i could be involved. I want to see these people rott in jail

    Raul- Hesperia California

    [email protected]

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  • Ho
    Hot4Truth Sep 11, 2009

    I just went to the WayPoint Law Group website to look at any additional information that I could located about this group and their staff and now it's stating that there is no website and there is just a fairly blank page stating the website will be coming soon. Hmmm

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  • Ho
    Hot4Truth Sep 11, 2009

    Thomas Damien Pamilla is now in fact working for Way Point Law Group. The website is You can go to the website and click on the link for "Meet Our Legal Team."
    I recently received a mailing from this "law firm" for loan modification. I decided to give the number a call to see what the details were and who exactly was sending the mailing. I am an attorney myself so I was already on guard to listen for anything that seemed suspect or just didn't jive. Apparently, I spoke with a paralegal there and while I was providing information re: my mortgage he wanted me to check out the website to copy Mr. Pamilla's name and then past it into the search engine on the CA State Bar's website. Of course, I understood at that point that I was going to bring up Mr. Pamilla's attorney profile. He specifically wanted me to see that there were no disciplinary actions against this man. **I encourage all of you who believe that you were scammed and that Mr. Pamilla or any attorney associated with this firm did not handle your case within the boundaries of the Rules of Professional Conduct to report your complaints to the California State Bar Association as well as the state bar association of the state you reside in.No disciplinary actions will appear if no one makes complaints.**At this point I became concerned because I had not done anything to prompt the paralegal to direct me towards this information.
    What I noted on his profile was the fact that he had recently been admitted to the bar in CA on 12/4/08. I graduated law school in 2003 and was admitted to practice law in 2004. I asked if he was new attorney or just simply new to practicing law in CA. The paralegal stated that he knew Mr. Pamilla had practiced for several years but was not clear where else he may have practiced law. He also mentioned that this law firm was within the family and either his father or some other elder attorney who was related to him had passed the firm onto Mr. Pamilla.
    I immediately searched the internet for Mr. Pamilla and this blog was the first thing I found. I was quickly reading with heightened interest as I waited on the phone. Once the paralegal told me the documents I would need to send in and what rates, payments, etc I could expect to receive he informed me of the retainer that would be required. Documents that he send me by email indicate this would be a fixed fee which is entirely different from a retainer. At that point I asked if his firm/group published the results how many successful loan modifications compared to attempts and he informed me that due to attorney client privilege they were not allowed to provide that information. HMMMMM.
    He then directed me to look up WayPoint Law Group at the Better Business Bureau pointing out that they had a rating of a C+ (this means A good rating. We would expect nothing less than a satisfactory business transaction, but read our full report to determine if you have any questions or concerns. )and that there had been no complaints filed. After reading this blog and seeing that Mr. Pamilla was affiliated with Alliance Law Center I searched this company on BBB and found that their rating was an F. 17 complaints had been filed since 8/29/07. It appears that the company has been given a new name but still providing essentially the same services.

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  • Ke
    keymod Sep 10, 2009

    if they move in down town ... do they still carry the same name or different name, if anyone know what their new office' name can you please post it. I want to go to their place... AND GET MY MONEY BACK!!!

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  • Al
    ALCtheiveswithadegree Sep 09, 2009

    they are not all gone. the are in downtown san dieg0. on 'b' st in the coamerica building in the 20th floor. we must not let these people get away!!

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  • Sd
    S Dubbouis Sep 03, 2009

    Alliance is done. Out of business not financially solvent. They didnt switch to any other area. i have tried locating anyone but no luck. They are all gone.

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  • Ma
    Mad As Hell Sep 02, 2009
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    Verified customer

    To everyone!!!
    Alliance Law Center is no longer in Business!!!
    They have commited Fraud!!!
    They have been out of business for over 2 months!!!

    STOP!!! FILE with the FBI Fraud division!!!

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  • Mh
    mhull Sep 02, 2009

    I received a letter in the mail, one of those refinance ones. Its from Way Point Law Group and Mr. Pamilla is the lawyer there. They make BIG promises and we have been wary. They want $4995 up front for the work, but promise they can get our principal down and us into a fixed 3% for 5 years then it would eventually go up to a 5% fixed for the rest of the loan. Sounds like we shouldn't trust the guy.

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  • Mt
    mtgsteve Sep 02, 2009


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  • Mt
    mtgsteve Sep 02, 2009

    Alliance Law Center's Mr. Pamilla as noted above is Thomas Damien Pamilla admitted to Cal State bar in Dec 2008. Why do I post this you may be asking yourself. Well, I am a 20 year Real EstateVeteran that also trains other professionals how to do Loss Mitigation.
    I unlike many others in the Loan mod biz have actually done over 200 Short Sales and Loan Mods although I did 100 of my 200 deals back in [protected] back at the last market crash and throughout the 1994 Northridge earthquake damage as the Listing Broker of record for the homeownerS. I closed all my deals.
    I have been on the national speaking circut many times and stick to coaching and training other professionals in niche markets within the Real Estate industry.
    In the past I have also offered a service to run DTI budgets for lenders and coach you on what you need to do your own Loan Mod and not pay $1000 of $$$$ to some yahoo who doesn't know the first thing about Mortgages.
    I no longer am offering this service.


    I recieved a phone call from Mr. Pamilla last week, he said he was sending me 2 letters. I recieved the letters last Friday and they are shown below.

    The nuts and bolts are that Mr. Pamilla is now representing homeowners to go after Loan Mod companies for refunds for a number of reasons. MR. PAMILLA WAS ASSOCIATED WITH ALLIANCE LAW CENTER - I am a trainer not a loan modification company. I simply TEACH people how to put their own file together so that they can send it into the Lender correctly the first time on their own.

    Am I crazy or is this guy the same Mr. Pamilla that everyone is talking about in the complaints? Is this the same Mr. Pamilla that fresh out of Law School in December 2008 (9 months ago) Founded WestPoint Law group in Irvine to do Attorney based loan Modifications?

    Go to :

    then as stated by above posts Mr. Pamilla went to ALLIANCE LAW CENTER as Junior counsel for Loan Modifications.

    Now that Alliance Law Center has packed up shop and is eagerly awaiting the ### storm of lawsuit and possible Criminal charges Mr. Pamilla is now with PAUL BENSON MYONG & PAMILLA, LLP. 3 companies in first 9 months as an Attorney, 2 companies were for doing loan mods and collecting fees upfront such as Alliance and Waypoint and the current is a Law Firm that is going after Loan Mod Companies and others such as me, for failed Loan Modifications. IS THIS PLANET EARTH? ARE YOU SERIOUS? IF THIS IS'NT THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, I don't know what is. This is a piece of work.

    He is also using Craigslist to solicit angry homeowners that feel they did not recieve any service in hiring a loan mod company - JUST LIKE ALLIANCE LAW CENTER'S VICTIMS.

    Mr. Pamilla is obviously watching all the complaints about him as his letter to me sounds like it should be written to himself. Or maybe we should all cut, paste and write him the same.

    He called me from his cell phone [protected]



    8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 800  San Diego, CA 92108
    Tel: [protected]  Fax: [protected]

    September 1, 2009



    RE: Refund
    XXXXX Ct. San Diego, CA 921XX

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please be advised that Esteban Loza has retained our law firm to represent his interests and to seek a refund from your company.

    On September 30, 2008, Mr. XXX hired your company based on your company’s assurances and promises that you would be able to deliver a loan modification. Furthermore, he was also persuaded to retain your company based on your provision stating that he would be “entitled to a full refund of payment if Colonia Enterprises, Inc. is unable to obtain reduction in principal balance of existing mortgage loans”. After several months, Mr. Loza discovered that no work had been performed, absolutely no modification of any kind was achieved, his home was now in jeopardy of foreclosure, and your company was no longer returning phone calls or making contact of any kind.

    Based on conversations with Mr. XXXXX it appears that you may be in violation of the following California Statutes:

    California Civil Code section 1632(b):

    “Any person engaged in a trade or business who negotiates primarily in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, or Korean, orally or in writing, in the course of entering into any of the following, shall deliver to the other party to the contract or agreement and prior to the execution thereof, a translation of the contract or agreement in the language in which the contract or agreement was negotiated, which includes a translation of every term and condition in that contract or agreement.”

    Mr. Sanchez is a native Spanish speaker and communicated with your company in Spanish during the negotiation of the terms of the agreement. Mr. Sanchez was never provided any Spanish language disclosures or copies of the agreement prior to signing the agreement. Civ. Code § 1632(k) provides for the remedy of rescission and restitution. Mr. Sanchez hereby notifies your company that he rescinds his agreement with your company and demands restitution of all fees paid.

    California Civil Code section 2945 et seq.

    Civ. Code § 2945.3 requires that you provide a notice and right to cancel in 14 point font. Mr. Sanchez did not receive the required disclosures. Civ. Code § 2945.4 makes it unlawful for a “foreclosure consultant” to demand or collect an upfront fee, any may not accept or demand payment until all services have been rendered in full. Your company has not completed your obligations under the agreement, yet you have demanded and collected payment from Mr. Sanchez. Civ. Code §2945.5 further requires that anyone providing loan modifications be registered and approved by a licensing agency within the State of California. Upon review of your company’s information, we do not believe that you have complied with Civ. Code § 2945.5.

    Under Civ. Code § 2945.6, Mr. Sanchez may be entitled to his actual damages, attorney’s fees, costs, and exemplary damages up to three times the amount of any actual damages. In addition, a party in violation of Civ. Code § 2945 et seq., may also face criminal charges up to $10, 000 and/or imprisonment up to one year.

    You may also be in violation of California Business and Professions Code sections 17200 and 17500; California Civil Code sections 1572, 1573, 1709 and 1710.

    Mr. Sanchez desires to resolve this matter quickly and efficiently, therefore we are requesting that you return all fees paid to your company by Cesar A. Sanchez within 14 days from the date of this letter. Please send payment to:

    Paul Benson Myong & Pamilla, LLP
    8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 800
    San Diego, CA 92108
    Made payable to Paul Benson Myong & Pamilla, LLP

    We have been authorized by Mr. SXXXX to seek all legal recourse available to recover the funds paid to your company. Please direct any questions or concerns to our office. If you are currently represented by counsel, please provide us with their information so that we can communicate with them directly. We hope to amicably settle this matter and expect payment to be sent to our offices within the timeframe stated above.


    Thomas Damien Pamilla; Attorney
    Paul Benson Myong & Pamilla, LLP


    Mr. Pamilla,
    I received your letters (2) on Friday August, 29th 2009. I must say your letters are interesting in several ways. it is obvious they are boiler plate and lack any factual data. I would require you to correctly address the issue at hand prior to me spending any more time on it. I will site a few errors in your xxxx letter:

    1) You state that Mr. XXXX retained my company on September 30th, 2008 - False - Please provide proof

    2) We do Loss Mitigation Training, Sell Loss Mitt Software, File Setup and Budget analysis, not loan modifications we never do the negotiation as it is much easier and cost effective for the Borrower to do it themselves. That's why they hire us. We teach you how to do it yourself and allow people to use our software to track their file if they want. WE DO NOT DO IT FOR YOU!

    3) You state that Mr. Loza was persuaded to retain our company based on provisions stating that he would be "entitled to a refund" Please clarify. We have NEVER offered any refund of any kind for any training or preparing of paperwork for ANY CLIENT.

    4) Who is Colonia Enterprises?

    5) You state that after several months Mr. xxxx discovered that no work had been done and that absolutely no Modification was achieved. Please explain XXXX/HomeComings Modification signed October 2008, Qualified Written Request "QWR" sent by Mr. xxxx to Homecomings/GMAC on May 7th, 2009 and all communications Mr. xxxx has had since then.

    6) You state "Mr. xxxs home is now in jeopardy of foreclosure" Please clarify how this relates to us. You also state " my company was no longer returning phone calls or making contact of any kind." Please provide proof. Just one unreturned call, email or voicemail will do. Please tell us why we need to continue contact with Mr. xxxx after his paperwork was completed for him and HE sent it to his Lender.

    Please show how California Code 1632 (b) & 2945 apply to what we do, Training, Software sales and Preparing Paperwork.

    The Following is the ad that we run it in several places:

    Top Producing Real Estate industry professional who has negotiated over 200 Short sales and Loan Modifications (verifiable) will provide you with the documents, tools and training you need to 'SUCCESSFULLY NEGOTIATE YOUR OWN LOAN MODIFICATION' like the pros do.

    Services Offered:

    File Evaluation
    File set up
    Reverse engineering your numbers for you so you submit it right the first time (best and highest chance for approval)
    Net Tangible Benefit evaluation (what your best and worst case scenario might be)
    What to say and not to say to your Lender
    How to settle with your 2nd Mortgage for less than owed
    Foreclosure strategies (cutting edge)
    Risk management
    Failure strategies in case you get turned down for loan mod (how to stay in your home as long as possible)
    Short Sale file setup
    SureClose Software Licensing - to track you own file
    Marketing Strategies
    Debt Settlement evaluation
    Attorney referral if needed

    Take control of your own situation for the best results and savings. Putting a Pro in your corner for the long hard fight will increase your chance for success. Flat fee as low as $295, Additional services offered upon request. Credit cards accepted!

    “Se Habla Espanol”

    As for your xxxxxxxx letter I will require the same Correct information request. I consider your claims to be frivolous and lacking of any factual data. At this time I will have to deny your request for a refund as the reasons cited are false and services were rendered.

    Thank you
    Mr. Pamilla's Responce

    Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 14:01:11 -0700

    Mr. XXXXX,

    If you are claiming that your services were only for mitigation training, selling Loss Mitt Software, File Setup and Budget analysis, and not loan modifications, please provide the signed contract detailing your services. The reason why I may have misstated the client’s representation date, is because there is NO contract. I do not have to remind you how serious it is if you did not have them sign a contract and give them a copy. Please provide me with a copy of them SIGNED, after which I will have no problem answering your inquiries below. It should be noted that most of your guarantees were made orally or via email, and thus, it is VERY important that we review the contract you claim Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Loza signed. I expect copies of these contracts shortly. Thank you.

    Damien Pamilla

    Paul Benson Myong & Pamilla, LLP

    8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 800

    San Diego, CA 92108

    Ph: [protected]

    Fx: [protected]

    [email protected]

    My Reply

    Sent: Mon 8/31/09 2:44 PM
    To: [email protected]

    Mr. Pamilla,
    Your obviously digging to try to find something that does not exist. I will stand firm on my last email. Your claim that representations by me were made verbally and via email is further proof that the claim is totally bogus. I GUARANTEE you won't find a single email between either client and I that Promises or Guarantees anything. Any correspondence between us was strictly paperwork preparation, training and/or translation. Until such time that you can provide me with proof of ANY of the claims by you or your client, I will treat this as harassment.

    FYI, I might not have had either sign a contract as they were simply looking for translation services, paperwork setup and budget analysis/preparation. Obviously, a loan modification contract would be needed if in fact that is what they were paying for, but they weren't, since they had both already received loan modifications within months of me meeting them. Either way my files are located in Los Angeles and it would be a unnecessary burden for me to investigate frivolous claims against me, for you.

    If you would like to proceed further with this matter on hearsay and no facts I would suggest you proceed as any legitimate complainant would in a forum that has proper discovery and counterclaim provisions. This would give you an opportunity to compel discovery, prove your claim and receive the counterclaim for a frivolous lawsuit.

    Have a nice day,



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  • Ma
    Maria Chavez Sep 01, 2009

    Zach or Zack Taylor remember what comes around goes around ---you need some time in jail.

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  • Ma
    Maria Chavez Sep 01, 2009

    Now lets talk about Alliance Law Center: Zack Taylor owner -this guy collected a lot of money from client and let all the file just seat there without doing anything. Now most of the homeowners that hire this firm will be loosing thier home.. Attention everyone please do something now they create a new name called KeyPoint Law Group.

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  • Ma
    Maria Chavez Sep 01, 2009

    Steve Benson, Sanjay Paul, Robert Myoung and Damian Pamilla used to work for Alliance law Center and collect funds up front and decided to leave the company and form another firm you can google: Paul Benson Myoung & Pamilla LLP --please be aware of this lawyer particularly Damian Pamilla.

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  • Ma
    Maria Chavez Sep 01, 2009

    Mr. Damian Pamilla now have another firm called Paul Benson [email protected] Pamilla LLP and they all used to work for Alliance law center

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  • Ma
    Maria Chavez Sep 01, 2009

    Yes Mr. Damian Pamilla used to work with ALLIANCE LAW CENTER and he does nothing but let all the homeowners loose thier homes. He deserve JAIL TIME. Now he's trying to do the same thing to other people this RUNT LAWYER NEEDS his licence revoked.

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  • Ma
    Mad As Hell Aug 29, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Since i have added my complaint to this blog. It has received tons and tons of messages of the fraud that the company has received. My thanks to all that have posted about this company. Now i must not only hire another attorney to file the law suit. I will be adding ALC to that law suit. Mr. Edwards and Mr. Pamillia if that is there real names will lose there lic. to practise law not going to happen folks. Sorry the Governing board is full of attorney`s. We need a new way to deal with attorney`s like these guys. So i think a new solution of a new governing board is needed. So that this will never happen again.

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  • De
    Del Aug 28, 2009

    Cameron Edwards said the same thing to me and my husband. We will get a refund after he deducts all his fees. He and Alliance Law did nothing to save my home, modify my mortgage or restructure my loan. The attorneys for Wells Fargo and Trustee Corp never heard of Alliance Law. My home is gone. My credit is ruined and he wants to charge me for his "work on my modification"? Think again Mr. Edwards. We are contacting the Attorney General of both California and Nevada. Also contacting the Mortgage Fraud Hotline, the State Bar of California and Nevada and the FBI for soliciting Nevada residence by mail and accepting money by mail. Please join us in shutting down this fraud. He needs his licence pulled and I wish him some jail time and a return of all the money he has scammed from desperate people.

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  • Ak
    AKO Aug 27, 2009

    We hired ALC back in January to take care of our Loan Modification. We paid $4000 up front, with the promise of file forensic and the 99% certainty to eliminate the second loan by a ¼ of the valued owned.

    After almost 7 months, many phone calls, faxes, and been moved from one "attorney" to another, I started to think that I should call my lender just in case... I called my lender and for my surprise the only letter they've ever received from ALC was a fax authorization to speak on our behalf back in February.

    After hearing that my husband and I drove from LA to San Diego to confront them.
    Mr. CAMERON EDWARDS, the Attorney Supervisor, was putted on a spot after we insisted he calls the bank in front of us, and sure enough the bank confirmed what we had told him.
    He continuous to insist that could not be true, and he promises to get back to us in less than 48 hrs with proof of communication, because at that moment he did not have access to our file, and after an hour of an uncomfortable discussion, he waste no time on showing us the exit door.

    And that was the last time we heard from CAMERON EDWARS until a week later, where he replied to our email, saying he was out of the office for the past few days.

    After waiting almost two weeks for the “prove of communication” I called it quits by faxing them a letter that I had just faxed to my bank requesting to remove ALC as our attorney's.
    Two minutes later, I finally get a phone from Mr. CAMERON EDWARS, telling me he understands my frustration and a refund would be granted but not after they account for “all the work they've done on our case”.
    I could not believe he was telling me that, (actually I could), isn't the reason why we are requesting a refund due to the fact that ANY work was done at all?
    Since then, almost a month now, we can not get a straight answer to when our refund will be granted. According to CAMERON EDWARDS, “...we will respond within a reasonable time.
    I cannot be more specific right now.”

    I don't have enough words to describe how angry, mad and frustrated we have been. For seven months ALC have been misleading us, during this waiting period my husband had lost his job and was unemployed for 3 months until he was able to find a new one. I've always kept ALC updated of every move we made, we put our house in their hands along with our faith that we were dealing with professionals.
    This place is far from been professional. I call them a “shark house”, who prays on people's vulnerability.

    At this point we are not sure how are we going to get our money back. We are filling a complaint with the Attorney General and I will make sure to spend as much time as needed to share my story with others and hopefully save some families from these predators.

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  • Re
    Realty World Jul 27, 2009

    Alliance Law Center operates a Boiler Room type sales team. I am a Professional Real Estate Agent that was well connected to a few employees there. I have stood in shock and amazement several times in ALC's old location and most recently the new location down in the ghetto of San Diego's Crack Alley, when I listened to Alliance Law Centers training material and closing pitches made by many of their unqualified/unlicensed/inexperienced sales force, I was amazed at how their pitch is to get your money by exploiting your situation and playing the “We are a Law Firm” card. I have been in many of Law Offices in my days and I have never seen one that looks anything like this. This is a turn-em and burn- em, very competitive sales force driven by your cash and their commissions more than results and actually helping you. I've seen several sales people high fiving each other as some poor homeowner just committed to paying ALC $1000's of dollars that they probably could not afford to have ALC try to do a loan Mod for them, The Homeowner surely hoping that the individual with the smooth closing line and the "We have done 1000's of Loan Mods" bull crap and is taking their money was going to actually solve the problem. Yeah Right!! Their set up has about 30-50 salespeople manning the phones in a 2nd story warehouse type large room. These so called File In takers, Loan Analysts/Advocates, Debt Consultants and whatever other glorified title they were using, range from washed up used car sales people types, chain smoking, dice rolling gamblers to ex con’s and the like. It was common to see perspiration on the brow of salespeople from the frenzy fever sales pitches being made. I think there were only a few people working there that actually knew enough about the business to get you a Crappy Mortgage that you could not afford. I was amazed at how little most of the sales people actually knew about Loan Mods or Real Estate for that matter. Most of the sales force comes from another industry all together but have jumped on to the Loan Mod/ Debt Settlement gravy train and you are the mashed potatoes. I met several of the Attorney Team and most looked like they were fresh out of High School/Law school. I thought to myself "No way is this Kid an Attorney" and then wondered why anyone would hire a group of Kid's fresh out of Law School to try to do a Loan Mod. Check out the License numbers of ALC Counsel with State Bar and you will see many new Licensees’. I'm sure they are all bright if in fact they did have a law degree but hands on experience was obviously lacking from the apparent age of several of the Legal Team. Most probably can't even get you a Mortgage let alone Modifying the one you currently have. I have been reading the posts about them and thought I might be able to help shed some light as to what you are actually are getting with the Alliance Law Center Boiler Room. I would not allow any of those people to watch my dog let alone watch out for my best interest in Modifying my Mortgage. Once you pay ALC it’s all up hill from there.

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  • Re
    Realty World Jul 27, 2009

    same here

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  • Al
    Al. Jul 14, 2009

    that is such a lie, Allience Law center keeps on posting these very long BOGUS statements that absolutely say nothing.!, infact, we had a deal with them to do modification, its been 9 months they infact only send one letter to WF, and that is it. when we call them, they get pissed off telling us that we should let them do they job.

    Pathetic scheme, and "law" group,

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  • Es
    Esquire12 Jul 01, 2009

    Mr. Pamilla was a junior associate where this client was retained. Mr. Pamilla obtained a repayment plan for client to allow him to stay in the property, via negotations with client's lender. Client was not satisfied with repayment plan and urged Mr. Pamilla to file a lawsuit against his lender based on fraud. Based on analyzing the documents and evidence provided by client, Mr. Pamilla's employment determined that client's case was lacking evidentiary and legal bases for filing a lawsuit. In order to avoid fees and costs and exposure to a frivolous lawsuit claim, Mr. Pamilla and his employment decided not to litigate. At that time, Mr. Pamilla referred client's case to the principal attorney at his employment. Miscommunication between the principal attorney and client were alleged. However, prior to that, Mr. Pamilla had withdrawn from client's case and had turned it over to upper managment and the principal attorney.

    The client's main complaint is that he hired Mr. Pamilla's employment for the sole purpose of litigation. However, Mr. Pamilla was told client simply wanted to obtain a loan modification or repayment plan. Only after client had paid, was Mr. Pamilla notified of client's true objective. Again, the principal attorney at the law firm took it upon himself to "take care" of client at that point. At that point, it was out of Mr. Pamilla's hands as it were.

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