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today 5th. March 2009 a man came to my door and said the following,
we are working on the highway and have some paving left over and have some left over and need some where to dump it and i thought your driveway looked as if it neede filling in, my reply was, is it free, thinking that he needed to DUMP IT.
He said no, its $9.00 yd. i asked how much he had left and he said he did not know and that he could have 40 or 100 yds i asked well, how much would it be again and he said could be between $40.00 to $9.00 dollars.
I said, do i need to make a decision now and he said yes.
I told them to go ahead and pave the bottom of the drive way with what they have.

My womans intuition got the better of me after talking with one of the workers and found out that they were in fact a paving co. out looking for jobs.
I then phoned a friend who was in that line of work and he said it should be around $3.00 $4.00 yd so i asked the boss to not carry on doing any more work as they were still leveling off the driveway, although they had dumped the material, he said we had to pay for everything.
Well, i felt very threatened as the boss was saying that he had told me this and that about work that he did up the road and that the people who used to rent from us recomended that he stop here and ask us, he said nothing of the sort to me at the door or at any time, it was all an out right lie.
It was when they said that they might have more to spare so they could do the whole of the driveway that put the bells into motion, if they had bought what they had left over and now they all of a sudden had more. They then said that it would cost around $2700.00 after pressing him to tell me how much the whole job would cost.
We stopped at the $9.00 dollars, it took them 2 hours and its Milling that they put down which is ground up re-cycled asphalt.
I feel that they told a lie when they came to the door, by not saying, hello, i am from ALL PURPOSE PAVING and we are working in the area, would you like a quote on any work on your driveway.
Instead, in my eyes he made out that they were doing road work on the highway and had some paving left over and was looking for a driveway to dump what they had left over so that they did not have to pay to take it back, which is the case.
People need to know about con people like this in my opinion.
He also stated that they belonged to the BBB and i phoned at the time they were here and they were not.
This recycled matter is just going to wash away as its just lying on the ground, although they did use rollers to mash it down.

I note on this site that people have written in stating that your office dont do anything about complaints, but i guess i feel better by just complaining to some body.

  • Le
    Leeboy001 Feb 18, 2010

    Miss, I don't know what the true price of paving material Is in Colorado but here in Connecticut it is $3.00 a Ft. So $9.00 a Yd. Sounds pretty correct to me.

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  • Me
    ME !!!! Aug 08, 2011

    Guess what, these people are liars and thevies, stay away from this company and I mean stay away. The person who runs this company is a liar and doesn't even have a name on anything in the town he lives in and he hires men and uses them, doesn't pay them, they're lives go up in smoke and he doesn't even care. So why hasn't Colorado shut this monster down, because he grew up in a small town here and knows everyone and they defend him, he's a loser and a user of helpless people, elderly please say NO WAY, Leave NOW

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