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This product is a complete waste of time, in my experience as a semi non-traditional student, on the college level, regardless of all their so called research and good reviews for K-12. It doesn't help you remember anything better than traditional paper homework that's a load of crap through & through they'll say anything to sell products it's all marketing you/your childs' learning does not matter to them only the mighty $$$$$$$$$.
You spend hours upon hours doing problems over & over again regardless of whether or not you show mastery, even if you do it brings it back in an assessment & one little keystroke mistake, ONE, will place it back into your little pie & all your progress is erased. This happened to me. Out of nowhere it presented an assessment of material my teacher never covered days before a final exam for no reason I had not worked on the objectives just regular assignments. The customer support person, that might I add was rudely dismissive almost mocking, said it gives it upon OBJECTIVE completion not assignment completion. I did not want to do the assessment (there's no way to make it go away once it pops up I tried) I wanted to work on the objective assignments my teacher actually reopened so we could finish, so I didn't even answer the questions I pushed the next button. It erased everything I'd done for homework with the objective pie over the entire school semester.

I did poorly in other classes due to not being able to study since I was forced to log so much time into this pos program when I wasn't in class or at work. Even answering everything correctly a first time, i dare even say on assessments, does not lessen the time using the aleks program takes. It's a hunch of mines that the assessment also takes into account how long you're taking it because i've answered things correctly ( I KNOW THAT I KNOW I did it right) & it still appeared in the pie.
As I said it asked questions (had the nerve to make them way harder than my teacher did on her paper sheets, exams or quizzes) containing material we never covered anyways so I consider it bs for it even being there to begin with.
The fact it was used in 2 classes at the same time makes it even worse & it's not like i'm not used to online learning platforms this one is just the absolute worst I have EVER used in my school career & is clearly replacing teachers giving & grading their own work to determine if a student is truly understanding what they're teaching. I feel that is making them lazy & passing off a students progress on a stupid AI that is still filled with flaws no matter how perfect people try to program them. It's an AI there are aspects of the human min fit still will not understand.


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      Aug 15, 2018
    Aleks - Aleks for math
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    WTF! I get a knowledge check a day before pie mastery snapshot is due and now I have 40 topics to relearn in one night? I am not able to learn through this system because you cram so much information at once. Starting out I had 72 topics to learn in a week! There is no way I can actually learn the concepts and formulas at this rate.

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