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terrible explanations, complicated my job as a math teacher.

One of the worst programs for students to learn math. This website is good when using for the purpose of learning basic mathematics such as addition and basic algebra, but as my students approach more advanced algebra such as inverses, the software does not offer enough explanation on why my students are wrong and teaching them. I had to spend my own time going from student to student to help them individually because of the lack of coherent explanation. My district needs to suspend the use of this trashware. This software made my job as a teacher way harder than it should be.


I feel like I just have thrown the money away.
I don't like the way they teach. They have no individual approach, so you have to catch up as fast as possible. And it's impossible. Everyone works at their own pace. I don't understand how they explain and what they mean, and I need additional information regarding everything I was said, but there's no opportunity to get it.
I am extremely disappointed I wasted my time and money on this :(

What a shame...

I am very disappointed with this business. Moreover, I'm very angry and afraid of being too impolite when writing this complaint. But I think everybody who uses this company should be aware and should stay away from them.
My complaint is about their baggy website that urgently needs something new. If you don't do this, your website will be down. It looks and operates like crap, don't you see it? What a shame to work for Aleks knowing that their website looks like garbage? It works even worse.
Don't waste your time.

Most annoying app ever!

My school uses this app and it is an absolute garbage!! I'm so sick of Aleks and we all hate this app really much. If you make at least one mistake you need to start all over again and every time this app said that my answers are not right! Maybe there is a bug or something, but even when I'm 100% sure that my answer is correct it says that there is a mistake! This program drives me crazy!!


This Aleks program turned my life into a real hell! All my classmates are suffering from this piece of junk! There are some questions and you cannot move forward until you answer everything correctly. If you make only one mistake you lose all the points and start from the begging. Every time I use Aleks I just want to cry and tear out my hair! This program is crazy and ridiculous!

Avoid at all costs!

Stay away from Aleks! I took a course for my college algebra class, and I'm so mad and disgusted with this website! I spend hours doing Aleks homework and every time I end up breaking something because this website drives me insane! You are always wrong, even if you know an exact answer. This site was created to make people feel stupid! When you get a wrong answer, you lose the all the progress! I spent hours on just one topic and I cannot stand it anymore! I will never use Aleks again and I advice everyone to avoid it! It will not teach you anything, it will turn your life into a real nightmare!

Useless program!

I've wasted my precious time on this program and it didn't even gave me what I wanted. The program just tells you about some random staff and it does not teach you. And those annoying knowledge checks! It's impossible to pass them, because they have nothing in common with the provided information. You also can't move to another topic until you complete it perfectly! If you don't understand something, you have to suffer, because you will but stuck with that topic like forever! I hate this program and I hate that my school is using it! They pay a lot of money for it! I don't understand why our teacher just sits there and does nothing! It is his job to teach us, not this programs job! Useless program!

Online learning system

This product is a complete waste of time, in my experience as a semi non-traditional student, on the college level, regardless of all their so called research and good reviews for K-12. It doesn't help you remember anything better than traditional paper homework that's a load of crap through & through they'll say anything to sell products it's all marketing you/your childs' learning does not matter to them only the mighty $$$$$$$$$.
You spend hours upon hours doing problems over & over again regardless of whether or not you show mastery, even if you do it brings it back in an assessment & one little keystroke mistake, ONE, will place it back into your little pie & all your progress is erased. This happened to me. Out of nowhere it presented an assessment of material my teacher never covered days before a final exam for no reason I had not worked on the objectives just regular assignments. The customer support person, that might I add was rudely dismissive almost mocking, said it gives it upon OBJECTIVE completion not assignment completion. I did not want to do the assessment (there's no way to make it go away once it pops up I tried) I wanted to work on the objective assignments my teacher actually reopened so we could finish, so I didn't even answer the questions I pushed the next button. It erased everything I'd done for homework with the objective pie over the entire school semester.

I did poorly in other classes due to not being able to study since I was forced to log so much time into this pos program when I wasn't in class or at work. Even answering everything correctly a first time, i dare even say on assessments, does not lessen the time using the aleks program takes. It's a hunch of mines that the assessment also takes into account how long you're taking it because i've answered things correctly ( I KNOW THAT I KNOW I did it right) & it still appeared in the pie.
As I said it asked questions (had the nerve to make them way harder than my teacher did on her paper sheets, exams or quizzes) containing material we never covered anyways so I consider it bs for it even being there to begin with.
The fact it was used in 2 classes at the same time makes it even worse & it's not like i'm not used to online learning platforms this one is just the absolute worst I have EVER used in my school career & is clearly replacing teachers giving & grading their own work to determine if a student is truly understanding what they're teaching. I feel that is making them lazy & passing off a students progress on a stupid AI that is still filled with flaws no matter how perfect people try to program them. It's an AI there are aspects of the human min fit still will not understand.

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    Elicia Smith Aug 15, 2018

    WTF! I get a knowledge check a day before pie mastery snapshot is due and now I have 40 topics to relearn in one night? I am not able to learn through this system because you cram so much information at once. Starting out I had 72 topics to learn in a week! There is no way I can actually learn the concepts and formulas at this rate.

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