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50% of 2 complaints were resolved
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11:56 am EDT
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AJ's Nice Cars Deceptive Sales Practices

These guys are the most dishonest car sales people I have ever come across. They sold me a vehicle with a cracked head that they concealed by using heavy duty radiator stop-leak. The vehicle lasted one day until the engine blew. They would not take any responsibility at all and basically said too bad for you. The mechanic that repaired told me that there was no way that the dealer didn't know about it and that this is a common trick that shady car dealers use to temporarily conceal a blown head gasket or a cracked head

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Courtney Hager
Mineral Wells, US
Apr 23, 2014 12:27 pm EDT

I agree completely.
My husband bought a car from them and they said everything was fine even did a check list.
3 months later the engine threw a rod straight through the oil pan and I called three mechanics
each of which said that is was an over time thing, not three months and that they should fix it no
problem, they lied to me about them paying my towing, we ended up having to pay it before we got the
car back, and they charged us 3, 072 for the labor and cost of a new engine.
and if your ENGINE PAYMENT is late by 5 days they call in a repo man to fix it.

12:00 am EDT
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AJ's Nice Cars Buyer Beware! Crooked Sales

BEWARE! First car we bought here in 2009 was fine; so we bought another in 2011. The second car was at a premium... their "carfax" report indicated it had not had a reported wreck. We were told lies by this dealer, that the car had an alarm, that their "professional mechanic staff" had checked it out, and more. After we bought it, we took it to our mechanic; The car had been wrecked, and also needed over $2, 300 in standard maintenance repairs, as well as two new front tires. The dealer owner yelled at me when I tried to speak to him about these issues. We'll NEVER go back, and will do our best to warn others.

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