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Ahs (American Home Shield) And United Air TempHORRIBLE and UNROFESSIONAL service for big ticket items ( Central A/C )

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For last 5 weeks AHS (American Home Shield) and the sub-contractor (United Air Temp) have been tiring to fix my Central A/C unit and so far the issue has not been resolved. I opened a ticket with AHS around Memorial Day for my Central A/C not cooling the house. The sub-contractor shows up after 1 week ( according to sub-contractor it’s a common practice, AHS has 2 business day to response and then the sub-contractor has other 3 to 5 business day to show up once the ticket is assigned to them).

The technician informed that there is some leak in the system and he needs authorization from AHS to come back some other day when it’s bright and sunny to perform the leak test. After going back and forth with AHS customer support and sub-contractor, the technician shows up after a week

Now according to technician, the compressor has died and there is no issue with leak and his manager (Sales Rep) will come and discuss my option, the manager was there to sale me new unit and how superior there service would be, if I had there service plan and not AHS Warranty, they would have service my issue within few hours of the call.

The manager informed me that if I decide to replace the compressor, there will be around $250 not covered cost to me and it might take anywhere from 5 to 10 days to order the part and fix it. Once I decided to go with the repair, Sub-contractor was not happy, as they don’t make good money repair and wanted me to pay first before he would order the parts. I had to go thru so much plain and back and forth with AHS for the sub-contractor to come and fix the issue. The sub-contractor was racially profile (discrimination) me that I was not going to pay the not coved charges.

after paying the United Air Temp upfront for not coved charges, The sub-contractor comes after 1 week and replaces the compressor, but the unit was still not working and the technician came multiple times to adjust the refrigerant without any luck and the unit was not cooling the house, Now we where back with the same issue, there is some leak and the technician needs to do a leak test and I have to wait other week before the technician shows up and according to him he fixed the issue, but still the A/C was not cooling the house.

Now its almost 5 weeks and we are out of cooling and the unit still not working, and according to the sub-contractor (United Air Temp) it time to change the Condenser (the out side A/C unit) and there will be addition not supported charge of $250, which I need to pay upfront before the technician can come and install the unit and hope this time the issue will be taken care of and it doesn't they have 30 days to fix it.

In all this I escalated the issue up to the President of AHS (Mr. David Crawford) and also spoke with United Air Temp COO (Andy Sirpos). according to Bob its there policies to charge customer first and when asked for the company policies document, he denied and I got the answer quote "its from my mouth to your ears" and even the COO of the company was not willing to assurance if the work will be completed.

I feel it’s a big Scam, where AHS is the lead generator for sub-contractor and the sub-contractor tiring to rip off consumers. I have already paid the $65 service fee + $165 not covered charge to compressor and now they are asking for other $250 for Condenser and there is no assurance from anyone to really fixing the issue.

I have almost made my mind to take AHS and United Air Temp to count and tiring to lineup some good lawyer and would appreciate if you know if any good lawyer and want to join me with the lawsuit

I can be reached at charles at


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    miked-md Jul 10, 2017
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    Verified customer

    United Air Temp, was sent to do an American Home Shield, Home Warranty, Heat Pump repair. The marginally capable tech diagnosed the compressor as shorted out. So I would need a new compressor, which is covered by my home warranty. He then explained that the R410a refrigerant was $110 a pound, so I would owe another $900, in addition to the $125 warranty service fee/deductible, as AHS pays the first $10 per pound and I needed 9 pounds. I called other service companies and found the R410a costs $30-40 per pound. I called United Air Temp to discuss this with the supervisor. He would not return my calls. This is a scam to avoid an unprofitable repair. AHS was no help, but did admit the $110 per pound was "high". You also wait on hold for a hour or so each time you call AHS. So AHS and United Air Temp are a terrible combination of horrible companies!

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  • Ko
    Koby Smith Feb 17, 2016
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    The company United Air Temp is still pulling the same scams to replace your operational condensing unit. My unit just needed a inducer which had to be ordered. Of course, they tired to say since the unit was in the attic, I should replace it with non-condensing unit since it will eventually freeze-up which would be quicker than ordering a covered component via AHS. These jokers are really commission driven so please don't fall for their sales pitch.

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  • St
    Stan1212 Sep 03, 2015

    They charge $50 for an AC check and another $50 for a heating check each year. if you don't have both done, your warranty is no good. That's not a warranty. It's extortion. The one time I had them come, they were late, rude, did a sloppy job, and the men they sent were extremely creepy. Neither they nor the manager nor the person answering the phone could answer simple questions about HVAC prices, the underlying technology, why their services are useful, or even how an HVAC system operates. These are not professionals. They're scam artists. Avoid United Air Temps. I've asked them not to call, so they email. I asked them not to email, so they write letters, harassing me every month to buy their products. i keep telling them no, but they won't leave me alone. My next step is court.

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  • Ge
    GeorgeGHe Jul 08, 2015

    Scene 1: United Air Temp technician (UAT): the A/C unit needs a couple of lbs freon; Me: 2 lbs of freon for the usage I got. Fine
    Scene 2: UAT: It would be better if you buy a new A/C unit. I can sell you a new A/C at much lower cost than AHS; Me: I am OK with this one
    Scene 3: UAT: I found a leak in the system that need fix; Me: That's does sound right
    Scene 4: UAT: Do you have a hose? I need to clean the coil; Me: Here you go
    Scene 5: UAT: "Spraying the coil" and more; BTW I need over $700 for 12 lbs of Freon; Me: Why? I am not authorizing to buy the parts
    Scene 6: UAT: "Some more work", and "I am going to buy the parts", and left the site at 1000 without filling the albs of freon
    Scene 7: Me: Back from work 1750; House Temp: 87; Compressor Fan dead; Call AHS for recall
    Scene 8: Playing phone tags for over 6 hrs... No resolution. And it's all my fault. UAT/AHS can not do anything. Really?

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  • Mo
    Moeisaac May 21, 2015

    I am having the same issues with this company too. I have been dealing with them through AHS since December. My outside unit kept on freezing. The firs time they came, they said some part was broken and they "fixed it". A week later it was freezing again and they said oh this part is broken. "Fixed it" A week later it froze again and they said oh there is leak so we need to fix it and add refrigerant but said that AHS would only cover x amount and I would have to pay the difference which ended up being about $600 some odd dollars but they said that I can buy additional insurance which would cover any problems plus adding refrigerant if needed. I agreed and went ahead and purchased the plan in total being about $850.00. It's May now and guess what!! No AC!!! I call them and they said I have a leak in the coils and outside. They are trying to get get me to buy a new unit. I have add to call them three times and they still have not fixed the problem. They were supposed to come today between the hours of 12-3 and at 5:00pm they still had not showed up!!! I had to call and yell at the poor dispatcher. They said they will have someone at my house by 6:30. I am not a very happy camper. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I want all if not party of my money

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  • Wa
    Walter G Oct 16, 2014

    August 20, 2014
    P.O.Box6300 Springfield,
    VA 22150

    I am in a state of irritation and anger over the defective American Standard Product, I am fuming, and did express my dissatisfaction to the technician Michael, I am sure he will fill you in with all the details in his report as to what has transpired today Wednesday August 20, 2014, Iam appalled by what I have witness today, the evaporator coil was filthy, considering it was on for only 10 days!, it looks like is been used before, even after Michael cleaned the Coil it was still dirty, and to my dismay the coil is damage by several screws, I am attaching several pictures, it is clear that United Air has sold me a “LEMON”. This ongoing problem is beyond remedy.
    At this point to solve this ongoing conflict United Air Temp, has two options, 1.- I demand that a new unit be installed properly and
    professionally, and I will need to see the unit before replacing the defective one, and 2 just return my money back and take your defective equipment, so I could start shopping around before winter arrives.

    Detail account of American Standard sold and installed by United Air Temp
    On July 28 2014 United Air Temp Tech. James Pleasant reported the following on my previously own central ac:
    “WORK DESCRIPTION [[Tech #4554 PLEASANT- JAMES Service Date: 07/28/2014]] AC: Checked t-stat settings, adjusted, leveled, & confirmed operations. Measured temp drop between return 60 & supply ducts 72. Inspected AH/FURN/EVAP coil exterior
    for leaks & damage. Removed cover doors & inspected wiring compartment for loose connections, & burnt/frayed wiring. Inspected floor drain or condensate pump for proper operation. Reassembled system & confirmed operations. Inspected condensing unit for visible leaks & damage. Removed debris from top grill, & tightened all bolts on the system. Inspected fan motor, blades & wiring. Inspected line-set for damage & missing insulation. Reassembled system & confirmed operation. Return call for Kevin to come and do a leak test.
    My night mare started the next day when Tech. indicated the following on my previously own central AC
    WORK DESCRIPTION [[Tech #4372 VELARDE-SHIFFLETT - DILLO Service Date: 07/29/2014]] performed leak test found leak in evaporator coil have a manager to confirm and go over customers options tomorrow at 4 PM disconnected yellow from circuit board to keep outdoor system from coming on left fan the opposition. United Air Tech VOILA, Found a Leak when the day before it was running fine he then decide to disable my AC and vacuum all refrigerant from AC without my consent, what is disturbing is the fact that he NEVER discuss the issue with me, if he did I would have objected to the PLOY, which is pattern at United Air Temp, the only statement made to me at that time was that I should leave the fan on till next day. Later when I try to turn on the AC, it would not come on, so I called United Air Temp, and that is when I learned that the tech disable my AC without my consent, Complained to
    his manager about his deceiving practice and manger apologize. The ploy was in progress.

    Next day, July 30, 2014, manager, Don Truax, come to my house, I was going to get a $1500.00 discount if I was to buy a new system or fix the evaporator coil at no charge, but it will cost United Air $ 1500.00, the $ 1500.00 was a great lure in the ploy. I
    took the bait, for American Standard silver XI split system, with all the discounts at $ 5, 700.00.

    July31, 2014, United Air Temp installed the complete system, I had problems from the very first day, house was not cooling,
    air flow was poor, supply plenum was a mess, return plenum was awful with sharp edges all around, tech run and tested the system without air filter, until I brought this to his attention, he then put an air filter that was to small, did not fit properly, the knockouts at the air handler sharp as a knife, United Air Temp solution?, just place black electrical tape, who cares! Instead of a properly finish box, air handler has rough edges, all workmanship was extremely poor, complained to manager, installer come back to make cosmetic repairs to the supply plenum, made matters worse, had to use a roll up towel to put pressure on the back against the wall to prevent air leak, again complained to manager, come to the house and took pictures of the poorly workmanship, he then cover the return at the base of the unit with plastic and tape. I was totally flabbergasted.
    Installation manager come to see the mess the installer made, took measurements of the supply plenum, and on August 12 2014, Pedro, installed new supply plenum.
    On August 18 Tech Kevin made the following report on my supposed brand new system. “Tech # 4340 AUBREY- KEVIN service date: 08/18/2014/ Ops. Confirmed but system not cooling well. Customer concern: keeps running but tstat satisfied.Pressure 120/300 with a super heat of 28. Added refrigerant and low side pressure stayed the same. Need Rtc for txv, part model d804368p01, serial 067u3353. Air handler model:tem3a0b30s31saa, serial: 1418ub32v. The new system needs already a part, another shocking surprise. The best is yet to come in this well executed ploy buy United Air Temp. Kevin stated that this particular air handler was known to have several issues, one of them being the failure of the Rtc for the tvx, and he added that American standard my issue a recall, he fails to stated that in his report.
    On August 20, 2014 United Air Temp Michael delivered the new air filter and reported the following: WORK DESCRIPTIO [[Tech #4160 HEITZER - MICHAEL Service Date: 08/20/2014]]removed old filter and installed new filter. Customer didn't like how filter stuck out of unit by a half inch. Customer wants a new filter that fits with a cover for filter rack. Customer called back when he found coil has dust and dirt on it due to wrong filter. Went and inspected coil. Found top of coil has a few chunks of dirt, got vacuum and removed clumps of dirt. Brushed off, and vacuumed coil.Was at house for a total of 1 1/2 hour.

    Michael Fails to stated that the filter he took out was super filthy and the evaporator coil had a lot of chunks and was extra dirty all over, h proceeded to clean, but the coil still filthy to this date September 4 2014, , he also fails to mention that evaporator coil has been damage by several large screws, and fails to stated that I was extremely angry. His report is not a true reflection of all the facts, he was at my house initially when he replaced the air filter for about 10 minutes, when he come back, another 15 minutes, far from the facts when he states 1 ½ hours. I took pictures and I called the manager, left a message, he was on vacation, and wrote the
    following letter:
    August 20, 2014
    Don Truax Branch Manager
    UNITED AIR TEMP P.O.Box 6300
    Springfield, VA 22150

    Iam in a state of irritation and anger over the defective American Standard Product, I am fuming, and did express my dissatisfaction to the technician Michael, I am sure he will fill you in with all the details in his report as to what has transpired today Wednesday August 20, 2014, I am appalled by what I have witness today, the evaporator coil was filthy, considering it was on for only 10 days!, it looks like is been used before, even after Michael cleaned the Coil it was still dirty, and to my dismay the coil is damage by several screws, I am attaching several pictures, it is clear that United Air has sold me a “LEMON”. This ongoing problem is beyond remedy.
    At this point to solve this ongoing conflict United Air Temp, has two options, 1.- I demand that a new unit be installed properly and
    professionally, and I will need to see the unit before replacing the defective one, and 2 just return my money back and take your defective equipment, so I could start shopping around before winter arrives.

    My faith or belief that United Air will act in a right, proper and effective matter to find a solution to thi unfortunate matter by the options I have state above.


    On August 22, 2014 another service call on this state of the art brand new system, Kevin reported: “WORK DESCRIPTION [[Tech #4340 AUBREY - KEVIN Service Date: 08/22/2014]] Pressures 145/350 with a superheat of 9. Temp drop measured at 20.
    Txv not need will return part. Customer has concerns about new installation. 1). Filter to big and has no cover 2). Evap coil already clogged 3). Sharp corners when cut out air box for grill 4). Screws going into evap coil. Manager to meet with customer Monday to discuss issues.
    Now the part is not needed, Evaporator coil already clogged on a few days of use? I truly believe that they lack knowledge and
    do not have a clear idea of what they are doing. Clearly I been victim number 55 of this scam, United Air Temp has now 55 complaints for product/service with the BBB.
    Manager did not meet with me, he called me on the 25 of August to discuss the issues at hand and as I indicated on my letter of August 20 2014, replace it or just give me my money back. United Air Temp will not do either one. So filed a complaint with BBB and US consumer agency and disputed the amount with the bank. I made several attempts to have it replace or get my money back to
    no avail; United Air Temp is refusing to do either one. To my dismay on September 03, 2014 I had a non-United Air Temp, tech
    and found out that the system has been operating with a broken core valve on the condensing unit and the bed is not level and worse of all, United Air Temp knowingly and willfully used the pipe design for R-22 refrigerant, pipe size for R-410 A refrigerant calls for a 3/8 not ¼. In other words a bigger pipe.
    Split systems air conditioning condensing unit is one component of an entire system. As such it requires specific application considerations with regard of the system, air handler unit, and refrigerant piping. Failure to properly apply this equipment
    with the rest of the system may result in premature failure and or reduce performance/increase costs. Warranty coverage specifically excludes failures due to improper applications, and that is exactly what United Air Temp has done in this case. Remember that the evaporator coil in the air handler is super dirty and damage by several screws I did provided you pictures about such a condition.
    United Air Temp has failed either to replace the AC or give me my money back despite several request made directly to the branch manager Mr. Don Truax. Accountability and transparency is extremely lacking at United Air Temp.

    This is some of the communication I had with the branch manager via E-Mail.
    Don FYI On Friday August 29 I
    notice and oily substance leaking on the condensing unit, after calling to report the leak, Kevin and Dillon come to house, and indicated that everything was ok, and that the leak was sweat, in other words water, if only they could have used the leak detector tool, they would have found the damage core valve. They were not as diligent as they were trying to find issues with my older unit, just to sell me a lemon. Anyhow as I have stated before that leak was due to the damage core valve, therefore the system pressure was too low. Quality workmanship is extremely lacking at Unite Air Temp.

    On September 3, 2014 I had an HAVC tech. check the system and he found a leak in the low side in the outside unit, cause of the leak? A crack core valve, no wonder the house was not cooling enough, and that was my complaint from the first day, they added more refrigerant, replace the damage core valve and change the lock caps, since the caps tend to leak due to a vibration, Kevin and Dillon were here last time, and both failed to notice the leak, and replace the damage core valve, and if they knew they left it leaking intentionally.
    To make matters worse than they already are, they indicated that with the new refrigerant R-410A the correct liquid line pipe should be 3/8 all the way to the evaporator coil, R-410A operates at a higher pressure, United Air Temp neglected to mention such a paramount fact, instead United Air Temp has ignore this important part of the installation and use the existing ¼ pipe not to be use with the R-410A refrigerant, since this will shorten the life span of the whole system, the ¼ is design to be use with R-22, R-410A calls for a 3/8 liquid line pipe, due to the PSI, United Air Temp failed to follow factory guidelines, refrigerant line was not properly sized, American Standard requirements is a 3/8 line. As professional installer United Air Temp had an obligation to inform
    me about this critical part, the whole line should have been replace, but United Air Temp never said a word.

    I will have your product UNINSTALLED, as soon as the credit card company credits back my money, I have estimates from several vendors to replace it ASAP, so far it seems that besides selling me a defective product, you have overcharge me, for a similar product I been quoted $ 3, 000.00, and for seer 16, variable speed blower, new return plenum, new programmable thermostat, and redirect the return to the basement stairs wall about $ 6.300.00, with 10 year labor and parts warranty, and free replacement and professional installation.
    Message-----From: UAT Falls Church <[email protected]>
    To: 'Araveltv' <[email protected]>
    Sent: Tue, Sep 2, 2014 10:02 am
    Subject: RE: Replace or money back
    Good Morning Walter,
    I have attached ourprevious email exchanges to reflect the history of what I have offered as a resolution, as of this time I have not heard anything back from you regarding us fixing the problems. Only your request that we refund your money or we
    replace the air handler, and as stated before I am unable to refund or replace.
    However I can address the following concerns you have; I will cover all sharp edges inside the air box so no one could be injured Clean the coil to factory new standardMove the return grill on the air box to another spotOrder a tight fitting filter with cover.

    Let me know it you would like to take this course of action.

    Good Morning
    I will not be able to replace the air handler or the air box.
    I can address thefollowing concerns you have;

    I will cover all sharp edges inside the air box so no one could be injured Clean the coil to factory new standardMove the return grill on the air box to another spotOrder a tight fitting filter with cover. Let me know it you would like to take this course of action.
    Thanks Don

    From: Araveltv [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 1:45 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: 6350 Eighth Circle
    Negative, new air handler and new box, period. I will dispute the charges with the credit card, ASAP. and seek legal advise to recover damages in a court of law. It is your choice.
    Thanks Walter
    From: UAT Falls Church <[email protected]>
    To: 'Araveltv' <[email protected]>
    Sent: Tue, Aug 26, 2014 12:49 pm
    Subject: RE: 6350 Eighth Circle

    Dear Walter,
    Here is how we stand at this point;
    American Standard is not authorizing the coil to be replaced, I forwarded the pictures you sent me of
    the screws and the evap coil. I will order a filter that fits the return box and install a cover as well I will clean the evap coil I will move the return you requested that we reinstall on the air box to another spot on the return or remove it altogether your choice
    I will not replace the air box, replace or upgrade the airhandler, nor issue a refund.
    Thanks Don

    From: Araveltv [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, August 25, 2014 8:58 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: 6350 Eighth Circle
    Dear Don:
    We are at this
    junction because Unite Air Temp botched up the installation thoroughly from the start, I did not ask for this headache, United Air Temp created this matter. We spend $ 5, 700.00 and that is not small change, is American Standard refusing to replace the damage coil?, well when you buy a new car it should not have any dents or screws going on all directions, correct? While that would not affect
    the functionality of the car but you would not buy the car in such a condition would you? .Same issue with the NEW air handler, I had a home comfort consultant to inspect the air handler and in his years of experience in the business he has never seen a bran new evaporator coil so damage by the screws, poorly manufactured and so filthy, he also pointed out several observations
    about the air handler installation, and the return plenum.
    Cleaning a NEW evaporator coil? It is not reasonable, the unit was on July 31, until August 6, was off during our trip to Florida, we turned back on Sunday the 17, Monday the 18 Kevin discover a malfunction part, Wednesday 20 Michael delivered a filter that does not fit again and took pictures of the coil. Friday the 22 Kevin was back to make some adjustments. The system was on for 9 days total till August 20. The condition of the coil is typical of neglected failure to replace air filter, and that is not the case in this matter.

    I put my hands inside my previous return plenum for one reason only, and that was for cleaning, and the finish and design was far superior from what I have right now so clumsy, poor piece of work with sharp edges, a true hazard an unavoidable danger to cut
    myself when cleaning in the future.
    Finally nothing I requested so far is beyond boundaries of reasonableness, when you purchase any item you return the same for a number of reasons to get you money back, correct?, Here we have a very serious issues and a lot of money pay, all we want is a new air handler and a return plenum, or our money back, clearly it should be replace with the gold XI GAM5A0B30M21SA.
    It is of great importance that United Air Temp make an effort at resolving this matter, by informing me ASAP whether you are going to replace the air handler or give me my money back.
    From: Don Truax <[email protected]>
    To: Araveltv <[email protected]>
    Sent: Mon, Aug 25, 2014 1:50 pm
    Subject: Re: 6350 Eighth Circle

    I appreciate the good faith effort, but I don't find it reasonable that you are requesting the entire air handler should be replaced. And not only replaced but upgraded, from a previous letter you wrote "we are not completely satisfy with thesilverXI, TEM3A0B30S31SA, it should be replace with the gold XI GAM5A0B30M21SA." We have and will continue to address any concerns you have regarding function on the unit. Filter fit- we are special ordering a filter to the exact size and will install a cover Cleanliness of the evap
    coil- we will clean it The return box is made of sheet metal- it is not made for the homeowner to disassemble and put your
    hands inside (it is however your prerogative) I am unaware at this time of the rough edges on the air handler
    Coil condition from the manufacturing/ assembly process- American Standard is not authorizing the coil to be replaced (that is their call) it is not effecting the functionality of the unit.

    Allow me to address the issues you have mentioned, while realizing some are beyond boundaries of reasonableness.
    Thank you
    Don Sent from my iPad
    On Aug 25, 2014, at 11:39 AM, Araveltv <[email protected]>
    The whole air handlershould be replace, did you see how filthy the evaporator coil is? besides the damage screws?, evaporator coil is filthy due to a UAT (Frank) negligence to test and run the air handler with no air filter, and subsequent use of the unit with air filter that did not fit properly, the current air filter does not fit, Michael was supposed to order a new one, Kevin also indicated that a part needs to be replaced and he order the part, and that this particular air handler was known for having issues. The return plenum should also be replace, I will not accept a cosmetic repair. The air handler has rough edges. As you can see we are not satisfy at all. I am making a good faith effort to resolve this matter, if you are no able to do so. just
    return my money.
    Thanks Walter

    From: UAT Falls Church <[email protected]>
    To: 'Araveltv' <[email protected]>
    Sent: Mon, Aug 25, 2014 11:06 am
    Subject: RE: 6350 Eighth Circle

    Good Morning,
    I sent pictures and a description of the problem to our distributor. They are working through their channels to see if the coil needs to be replaced. I will let you know.
    Thanks Don

    From: Araveltv [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2014 6:20 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Subject: 6350 Eighth Circle
    More bad news. Today Saturday August 23, 2014, I learned that the return plenum installed by UAT, does not meet local code, this troublesome issues were brought as a direct cause of many negligence's in the installation process. Gross negligence all the way around. Look forward to hear from you

    Araveltv [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 9:50 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Replace or money back
    Don Truax:
    Your lack of interest displayed so far to replace the air handler or return my money is utterly negligent; United Air Temp has failed to accept responsibility for the botched installation and defective product. The unit keeps running with a misfit air filter allowing
    more dust directly into the already dirty evaporator coil, United Air Temp just does not care. The absence and lack of transparency and accountability in your business is dreadful and shocking.


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  • Sa
    sarah_dre Jun 16, 2014

    It's clear that United Air Temp and American Home Shield are in bed together. We had a technician from United Air Temp tell us that basically we needed a new system, but that American Home Shield won't cover it; that he can fix what he assessed the problem to be, but it will just reoccur. I refused to pay the AHS service fee, because he couldn't solve our problem. When I called AHS and asked for a different contractor, they would not let me use one of my choosing. More proof that they're in bed with United Air Temp. When we had issues with our furnace previously, they did the same thing--recommended that we don't fix it, but get a new system. Three hours later, a sales rep from United was in our living room, trying to sell a system to us. Dirty companies, both United Air Temp, and AHS.

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  • Gi
    gigi says nooooooo Jul 17, 2013

    Totally agree with posts. I phoned AHS to request service on my AC. They sent Untied Air Temp out five times. The only issue that I had was that the system was not cutting on and off properly. UAT kept saying that they could not find anything wrong. Finally they just made up something and told me that my AC needed more coolant and that my coils needed cleaning, . They also replaced the condenser on the outside unit. After all this my AC was still not cutting on and off properly. I finally got fed up with their incompetence and called an AC vendor of my own. They informed me that all I needed was a new relay button and that is why the system was not shutting on and off properly. They told me that when they went to check the relay button that it literally fell off. Hmm, guess UAT didn't bother to check it. Today the AC is working fine. I was also informed by my vendor that the coils had never been cleaned and that the sytem had been overcharged which can cause problems. Listen to the highlight of this story. During this process I also purchased an attic fan from UAT. Not only did the technician not install the attic fan properly he disconnected the light in my closet and knocked the ceiling light out of my ceiling in my bedroom. Today I am still using a flashlight to find my clothes. I have cancelled my AHS contract and would not recommend UAT to my worst enemy. it just ins't worth the greif!!! Take my advice and save yourself much heartache!!!

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  • Sh
    ShohrehK Jun 13, 2013

    AHS is my home warranty provider for the past several years. My aging AC is causing issue every year at least once or twice. Every year as soon as hot weather starts, it doesn’t work or blow hot air instead of cold. Thus, we have to live in heat for several days/weeks and finally pay a service fee to have someone to fix the AC; this is going on for every summer! This year as always, the AC blows hot air again! I contacted AHS on 05/23/2013 and waited several days for someone from ‘United Air Temp’ to check the unit. He requested further analysis that required AHS authorization. It took a few more days for the technician to show up. I waited more days for AHS to contact me to let me know what’s going on. Apparently, AHS and United Air tech (hand-in-hand) listed required repairs and services in a way that I must pay about $524 (repair) + $75 (service fee) in addition to $643 that AHS will pay (total cost is $1342 for a unit that soon will break again)! I don’t understand why if my AC is not working and needs repair, AHS is not paying it! This doesn’t make sense to spend about $1400 for an AC that will break again! I’ve requested a written statement of the issues and charges; but, AHS rejected my request! Instead they offered to reimburse me $643 to find another contractor to repair it! They refused to pay for another ‘Authorized Contractor of my choice’ to re-evaluate the issue! I’m not an AC technical person and I wouldn’t probably understand what’s going on. But, I need to know what and why do I have to pay for a unit that’s under an “Extended Contract” with AHS! The heat has started for the past several weeks and it’s unbearable! My family is suffering and I need someone to understand this situation. I’ve already placed a complaint about AHS to BBB. I’ll wait a couple more days UAT to return my calls. If I didn’t receive any, I’ll place a complaint to BBB for UAT as well. I recommend all of you that are not happy with AHS to visit BBB website ( to place your complaint. That may help us.

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  • Jo
    Joda543 Mar 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am dealing with them, they are a bunch of cr... They couldn't diagnose the problem in the system and they are trying to sell me a new equipment, yeap they are screw even if they are the only company left in this world I will stay away, they are sales guys dressing as technician. The most hilarious part is their bullsh... tactics. In no way I am letting this company to come into my house, stay away from these guys.

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  • Sw
    SW North Feb 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I had read this site before I let AHS refer me to United Air Temp (UAT). On 12/5/12 technician "Steve" from UAT ordered a permanent air filter for my Carrier unit. He said these are not carried on his truck and due to the size has to be ordered. He said it would be 6 to 8 weeks before the part would be in. On 1/22/13 I called UAT and was told the filter was not in and that it takes up to 8 weeks to get the part. Today 2/18/13 I called UAT twice - The first time the person on the line told me she saw the part came in but she had to locate it - she would call me back in 10-15 minutes. 50 minutes passed and I called back with an American Home Shield representative on the line. We spoke with "Tiana" who at first said there was no open order on me. Then she said that the filter I had ordered was in the warehouse and when the manager, Anthony, had the part in hand they would call me. This is still an open issue.

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  • Gg
    Ggdtv885 Dec 01, 2012

    I strongly agree with all you guys complaints. I work for united air temp as a hvac service technician for about 8 months. Worst 8 months of my life. This company is all about sales! They can care less about fixing anything. I was promised that I would make 35k my first year and didn't come nowhere near that! They train you to be a "salesman" not a technician. Stay away from this company just gonna try to rip you off!!!

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  • Is
    isitreal1963 Aug 08, 2012

    We also met United air Temp through AHS. We just used them from there on. There work was fine but we did have a very old furnace and the tech love to try to scare my wife and I laugh at him. He told my Wife that this furnace could blow up and that we should replace asap. lol I told him that in that case you may want to leave I wouldn't want you to die in our home. Really it was old but it work fine. We did listen to the sale rep and the cost was a little higher than I thought it should. I did make some calls and the price wasn't so high but we still waited or until we had and issue with our water heater. Well we called this company to see if they could help us out and they came right out and gave there price for a new water heater and new furnace and also sold us a whole house plumbing contract. You would think for a company that we have been dealing with for over 5 years would do us right. The service contract is a Rip off. The plumbing contract doesn't cover crap. RIP OFF, RIP OFF, RIP OFF. My wife spent many hours on the phone with customer service what a joke they are to. I can not tell how much I dis like these people. If you are using them in do time you too will find out how we feel. If you are looking for a company move on.

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  • Ja
    jamestp Mar 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After United Air Temp installed my air handler I was told I needed to purchased a heater package which was not included.they wanted to charge me I believe $900.00( I have this written on their receipt) I called CroppMetcalf and was told the heating package was with the unit, and only needed to connected which they did for $110.00 This co. is all about getting your money plain and simple. I have good documentation and is waiting for the day when they make the evening news for ripping people off. That's when I'm going to call that news station and hand it over to them, they will eventually get caught.

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  • Fr
    fred gal Feb 09, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree. United Air was sent to my home from AHs when my heat stopped working. They told me I had a simple fix needed that was covered under warranty. Then United Air said I needed some "electrical" work that was not included. When I had an electrician perform the necessary repairs and not United Air, they told me the repairs were wrong. After three attempts to get fixed by United Air and AHS, I finally just bought a new system from a different company.

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  • Id
    I dislike UAT Jan 18, 2012

    This company is not in the business of fixing A/C and heating. They are in the business of selling you new ones. They play mind games with you and tell you things to scare you to purchase new units. They called me last night to tell me they have a special going on to do a check up. I agreed. They came and all of a sudden i had a crack in the heat exchange and we are all going to die from carbon monixide poising. He said he is going to call his manager to come to talk to me about getting a new furnace. Then i recalled, I had to call AHS home warranty one time to replace a dead fan in he furnace where they called UAT to come fix it. He said, he is not fixing it because its got all sorts of issues and right away started on the trying to get me to purchase a whole new furnace and gave me his "i am going to call my manager shpeal". I called AHS back and told him that they refused to fix it and they need to get someone else out. They called Perish services (whom I really like and had good experience), came fixed the unit with no lecture and up selling anything and told me that my furnace was fine.

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  • Ph
    phillip throckmorton Jan 08, 2011

    I also agree that this is the worst HVAC company that I have ever seen. They were sent out by AHS, and the guy (ROMEO) sat in his truck talking on the phone most of the time.(In another language). We had to have out TXV replaced on the outside unit( which I found out from a friend in the field). Romeo looked around, disconnected something outside, turned the unit on, and it started freezing up. So is answer - Our humidifier was causing excess pressure in the unit causing it to freeze up, and of course, none of this would be covered in our warranty. I called several AC companies and asked if a humidifier could ever cause a TXV to fail, and they all laughed at the idea, all of them said that that is impossible, and the guy was trying to sell us stuff that was not only unneccessary, but less quality than we currently had. My advice is if AHS tries to send out United Air Temp, request that they send out someone else, and if Romeo shows up, tell him to leave immediately. Do not let him touch the AC. We let him touch it, he broke it worse than it was when he showed up, and then left. When I asked the manager about the policy of breaking a customers AC and leaving, he told me that it is "common policy"???? What???? How ridiculous!! DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH THE AC EVER!!

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  • Ja
    jamestp Sep 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After contacting my home warranty co. American Home Shield informing them I was having a problem with my A/C unit, they sent out United Air Temp to service my A/C, I was told that my Air Handler needed to be replace which my home warranty co. would pay for, Anthony from United Air Temp said that the air handler base was not covered which the warrant co. confirm, the receipt he gave me to sign said ( air handler base if needed)
    which it was not needed when the installers came and installed the air handler, they used the existing base which I had the installer to write out exactly that on the receipt, the installer also said I needed a return call from United Air Temp to install a contractor, which causes my A/C/ unit to make noise, the technician Lloyd told me he had no Idea what the noise was from but, that it was not covered under my warranty, it is covered under my warranty, after coming up from my cellar Lloyd inform me of a leak that was down there which he said was also not covered, he could stop the leak for 140.00, I refuse, my brother in law ( who is a contractor) came over and said someone disconnected the condensation hose from the furnace, I'm in a wheelchair and was unable to go down to the cellar, obviously I did not seem him remove the hose but my brother in law inform me the only way that hose will come off, is if someone manually remove it, he connected it back to the furnace and everything was fine, I have called United Air Temp concerning my money, only to be transfer to Anthony voice mail, I have left messages with no return call, eventually I was given a refund.

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  • Wi
    WILLIAM M Sep 03, 2010


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  • Ke
    kevin20176 Sep 02, 2010

    I agree, American Home Shield and United Air Temp are both terrible companies. I had service from United Air Temp in early July 2010, 3 visit's later they figure out the evaporator has a leak. So after the $60 service fee they want $490 for Plenum modifications and disposal fee that is not covered by AHS. So we bite our tongue and pay the $490 to replace the evaporator, 3 days later the system is not cooling properly. The tech comes out without a working thermometer and diagnoses that the condenser needs to be cleaned. But of course he says we need to reschedule to have the coil cleaned since he does not carry coil cleaner. This is when i give up on United Air and AHS, and went to another company who diagnosed there was moisture in the lines. United air did not install a line dryer and did not measure the vacuum before recharging.

    NEVER USE American Home Shield and United Air Temp!!!

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  • Tg
    tgva1 Jan 20, 2010

    I am surprised and sorry to read about several negative comments about UAT. I have been a customer for probably 10 years or more and have never had service that caused me to want to rethink my relationship with them. They have always been responsive and all techs who have come to our home provided good service, knew what they were doing, and left the work areas in good shape. I get my service via the 1-800 number with base office at Lorton, VA.

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  • Kr
    Kraig M Oct 17, 2020

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    I have to seriously question the validity of the 5-star reviews listed as I have dealt with this company for over a decade after they installed 2 HVAC units and I have NEVER received 5-star service. From sending techs that could not diagnose problems with the unit leading to delays until more trained/experienced techs arrived, faulty installation of parts, jury-rigging wiring, to missing a significant issue with unit wiring that led to an electrical fire that could have burned down a house with a family including 2 toddlers in it (for which the regional manager didn't even apologize) I have had nothing but frustration. Though I am still under warranty for 1 of the units I am no longer going to apply it as they fail to uphold it. This summer when the AC went out it took a week for them to show, 3 visits to diagnose and 2 weeks later still no repair! And lets not forget all the pressure sales of add-on services. They even told my tenant that there was black mold on the air handler but for $200, on sale that very day, they could remediate it! My tenant was beside himself until I arranged for the health department and a mold remediation company to come in and verify that there was NO black mold. It was simply dirty.
    Recent complaint to BBB was answered with falsehoods. Attempts to reach Customer Service has gone unanswered. Please do yourself a favor...NEVER do business with this company.

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  • Pi
    PISSED OFF NOW Sep 03, 2009

    I agree 1000%!!! I had United Air Temps at my home in July 2009, to replace an AC Unit after they came to my house 3times prior to find the problem. I was quoted $1326 which was not covered by AHS and $60 service. I went to my account today and noticed the there was an additional charge of $70 taken out of my account on 9/1/09. THAT IS STEALING!!! I did not authorize them to go back into my account more than that, WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATON ACCESSIBLE??? I should have been notify, billed or something. But anymeans, they should have not went into my account without APPROVAL. I am looking for a lawyer also. When the US government have to follow certain protocols before they can garnish or withdrawl from your account, United Air Temps should have some guidelines also!!!

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