Admiral Air Conditioning Complaints & Reviews

Admiral Air Conditioning / Advertising

Dec 15, 2016

Do not use this company! Once they get your name & number they will not stop calling you. No matter how many times you ask!!! You can receive 50 calls and ask them to stop each time... & still get 50 more calls. Never, never, never, use this company!!! Ever!!! Die in the heat or freeze to...

Admiral Air Conditioning / Unethical behaviour

Feb 13, 2016

Air condition went out so they were going to replace with new unit and new coils and the total would have been 6800. So I got and second opinion and this guy has 10 yr warranty cost 2224 on unit and the coil will work on this unit because it was just replace 1 yr ago. So they wanted to...

Admiral Air Conditioning / Abusive phone calls

Sep 30, 2015

I used Admiral AC one time about 6 yrs. ago. They were horrible and said I needed a new AC, which I did not. Since then, they repeatedly call my home an cell phone. I have asked them to QUIT calling for all of those 6 years. I am a Realtor and work from home. They repeatedly interrupt...

Houston Admiral / History of Complaints

Sep 13, 2013

Houston Admiral has a long history of complaints. Do your research before doing business with them. Check out Rosehill Enterprises, KJC Business Ventures, Admiral Services, John Conley. Look at the complaints on the BBB, not the score. Review the postings on the internet. Research John...

Admiral A/C / Dishonest Crooks

Admiral is rated "F" by the Better Business Bureau. Numerous unanswered complaints. Check it out yourself. Don't believe comments posted by their family members. The BBB site is much more reliable. Admiral is rated "F" by the Better Business Bureau, and for good reason.

Houston Admiral / What a rip off


This company is the worst that I have ever had to deal with. They call you right back if they think that they are going to get money out of you, but if you have a problem, you will never hear from them again. I took them to court becasue for two months I tried to get them to return my...

Admiral Air Conditioning and Heating / RipOff

Admiral Services (otherwise known as "Houston Admiral") has a Better Business Bureau rating of "F". They have almost 70 complaints filed against them, and have failed to respond to 60. All of this information is available on the BBB web site. Don't ever use Admiral.