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44 Oct 02, 2019

Good Day, pursuant to a situation I en-counted at the Island Park Store on Austin Blvd in Nassau County NY, I feel compelled to report this to the Corporate Office.
At approximately 11:30 today (Wednesday, October 2, 2019) I set out to my local Advance Auto Parts store to recycle approximately 5 gallons of used motor oil... I have done this countless times over the years using the same yellow Polyethylene 5 gallon container. on occasion I have been told the tank is full and the customer service individual will provide another location, that is perfect. As a precautionary measure, I always enter the store without the container to ask if I can deposit my used oil, today was no different, upon entering the store, I asked a gentleman at the register if I could deposit my oil, he said yes, but asked if it was contaminated with other fluids, my response was no, it was exclusively oil, he said bring it in.
upon re-entering the store, I was stopped by a different employee by the name of Kevin, who also told me he was the store manager, he told me he cannot except my oil because it was not in an approved container. my response was"your kidding right? I continued to say, Bro, I have been coming here for years with this same yellow 5 gallon container". He said "first of all, I aint your Bro! (this is true, but just speaking in terms of todays accepted dialog) he then proceeded to tell me that the container was yellow which signified diesel fuel and we cant except that", we only except approved containers". I asked him what was an approved container? it seemed like he said a red container, well red is for gas, regardless, Kevin talked to me like I was a subordinate and not a customer, the exchange became very heated between both of us because he did not speak with respect nor give any reasonable the end of the encounter, he wound up telling me to get off the premises as if I was some kind of criminal. I am not a criminal, in fact I am a retired law enforcement officer who is 57 years old. I had a friend with me who is as-well a retired detective whom visited me that morning for breakfast who witnessed this whole exchange and was shocked!

Well, I came home and immediately pulled up the advance auto parts oil recycling procedures and read right from your website that I did in fact follow the procedure... all it said was it had to be in an appropriate polyethylene container as is all fuel type containers and not in water jugs (please see link below). I would also like to mention, that I don't own a diesel vehicle and never did, and never used this container for any type of fuel, just for used oil which I could easily be verified by just looking in the container and smelling it... clearly it smells like used motor oil.
I certainly recommend with great urgency that this store manager be trained or retrained on corporate policy and more importantly, how to speak to customers... I was appalled, and embarrassed that this demeaning conversation took place in the presence of 2 other customers in the store.

Completely uncalled for reaction by Kevin, store manager at the Austin Blvd, Island Park, NY store. My opinion is, he should have said OK, the cashier said it was fine, but in the future you must use... whatever kind of container he was eluding too.

Awful, it ruined my whole day! Someone must talk to him about this. Also, when I told him I was going to contact the Corporate office, his response was" go ahead, my name is Kevin, I'm the store manager".

Please see attached pics of my used oil container and the marking at the bottom indicating HDPE which is polyethylene as an approved container material indicated on your website. see below for link...

Thankyou, John Landi.

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance
Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance

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