activamdm 6000 Micro Cut Shredder


I've had my activa mdm 6000 shredder for approx. 1 yr, but have only used the darned thing approx. 5 times.
I shredded up to 15 sheets of paper, maybe 2 @ a time, then all of a sudden, it just stopped working.
Plus... The drawer was barely 1/4 full. LQQK @ pic.
It goes in reverse in spurts but it will not go forward. It's definitely "NOT" jammed. The temperature light doesn't come on, so it's not overheated.
I will not "EVER" buy one of these again. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!
$90 for a 5 time use is "NOT" a good deal. I repeat... "NOT" a good deal.
I want so bad to be compensated for my consumer loss... I'm Pissed!!!

mdm 6000 Micro Cut Shredder

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