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Don't pay for advertising from this SCAM. They are a PPC company which I did not know till I paid. They presented themselves as a different type of advertising company. Then when I paid they stuck me in a confusing PPC campaign that I NEVER wanted or selected out of the 3 other advertising options they gave. Their support ticket system does NOT work whatsoever, they have NO EMAIL anywhere to be found on the internet, no phone no way to be contacted then they DOUBLE charged my credit card and there was NO WAY for me to contact them which is the strangest SCAMMIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. I'm so afraid they are going to keep charging my card once the money runs out that's what these scam ppc companies do. BEWARE OF ACESSE.COM they are a BIG SCAM!

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  • Ga
    Gatsby Apr 24, 2013

    I will just talk about my own experience, not saying that your talking full of #&%. I have been with acesse since Jan.2012, and I know a few people who has been with them since 2010. Although I didn't join for the advertising part, I or my friends never had a problem getting paid, or them taking out money from my credit card that I didn't approve off. In fact after you make any purchase you can delete your card or even put a block on your card from anyone accessing it. So if you are really that concerned do that. Now I will talk about the customer service part. I have sent maybe a total of 5-8 tickets since I joined for various things. It normally takes them 1-2 days to respond back. I have also called them and always got someone to talk to if you don't like sending tickets. I will say, that I would of liked them to be more informative when answering questions. They basically read from their agreement terms, and when asked something more complex, they don't really have a good answer in my opinion. They are more helpful for beginners. All in all,

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  • Ki
    kingwizard Apr 25, 2013

    Acesse has a direct line that is available on weekdays, has physical offices within the United States, which have been visited by advertisers and their ticket system works fine, all of my tickets have been answered within 72 hours or less. There are no problems for affiliates to cash out their earnings any time. Great company, great support, would recommend!

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  • Pa
    Passing by Feb 01, 2014

    I've been with them since April 2013. I have not had any issues with them so far. I have no problem withdrawing money and have gotten all of it back. They do have a real live customer support line which I've spoken to a real live person over the phone several times regard some minor issues.

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  • Ac
    Actitrade May 01, 2014

    Acesse is not a scam but it is another MLM with much emphasis on
    recruitment to make money more than using its products. As for the click
    and earn, I heard from my friend who is a member that it only
    guaranteed to pay 3 to 6 months depending on the package purchased.After
    the 3 to 6 months, he is not sure whether Acesse will continue to pay
    or reduce its payment. Do your own sums and you will also doubt that
    they can continue to pay its members continuously for years until its
    launching of its IPO (as they declared to the members). Unless of
    course, more new members join in but you cannot recruit the whole earth.
    Like other MLM, majority of the members who cannot recruit will
    not be able to recoup their investment of minimum $2, 000. They might
    recover a few hundred dollars from their click and earn which claimed to
    guarantee to pay up to 3 months. Many members might not even
    use the products which can be purchase at much cheaper rate elsewhere on
    the Internet. I told my friend that I will give this golden opportunity
    a miss.

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  • Ac
    Actitrade May 01, 2014

    Acesse is not a scam but it is another MLM with much emphasis on recruitment to make money more than using its products. As for the surf and earn, I heard from my friend who is a member that it only guaranteed to pay from 3 to 6 months depending on the package purchased.

    After the 3 to 6 months period, he is not sure whether Acesse will continue to pay or reduce its payment to the members.. Do your own sums and you will also doubt that they can continue to pay its members continuously for years until its launching of its IPO (as they declared to the members). Unless of course, more new members are recruited and join in but the fact is that you cannot recruit the whole earth.

    Like other MLM companies, majority of the members who cannot recruit will not be able to recoup their investment of minimum $2, 000 for joining Acesse. They might recover a few hundred dollars from their surf and earn which claimed to guarantee to pay up to 3 to 6 months. Many members might not even use the products which can be purchase at much cheaper rate or even free elsewhere on the Internet. I told my friend that I will give this golden opportunity a miss.

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  • An
    ANDREWS CANAN JAMES May 05, 2014

    BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY ~ Acesse CORPORATION . after 6 to 8 mths the company reviews its marketing stragedy in such the consumer which is you would have to adapt to its changes, the company does not reveal any personal details infact some of my sources did a cold call by calling this company on the phone to the US, and guess what happen ; some PRC from China answered the call, the conversation was so bad my source who is from the US could hardly understand what was she talking about .The company was also using a business private line according to some sources in the US when promted .What the company can do is after 8 mth to 1 yr if you cant get any paid members, you may not be able to have full access of your account, that means to say you would be using a limited account till you bring in paid members to the company .And also not forgetting guess what the CEO of this company who is this guy anyway ? want to find out ... he happens to sit at the board of Directors to previous fraud online companies known as SKYBIZ which was charged with fraud with 12 yrs ago.The company faced fraud charges but the board of Directors paid a hefty amount of money to get out of this junk hence; they came up with a new online business.If you notice carefully this company Acesse has alot of similararities with SKYNARY AND SKYBIZ which were also offering advertising and paid ads per click.BEWARE GUYS !

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  • Ch
    Chris - UK May 09, 2014

    I have met many others in Acesse, some already almost a year. On the contrary, they are getting paid well on time and earning good income. I have open few support tickets and they have been very prompt in replying. While I never called them personally, many large companies are using external customer service support operators from China or India because it's cheaper. Try calling Facebook or Paypal, if you are in luck you will hear a friendly operator from China or India. Bottom line, Acesse is real stable income. Cheers

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  • Jo
    JonahNguyen Jun 03, 2014

    This is a huge scam corporation - a key person is Subhash Bahtia from India.
    They plan carefully to cheat people. The victims would have to find other to be cheated not to lost their money.
    They will tell you that you will make $8 a day by becoming a Gold Executive which requires to pay $2095 up front. But you will actually get about $2 perday not mentioning other regular fees...

    How can FBI or US government allow such scam corporation? That is a big question.

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  • Ca
    calvin kelvin Jun 10, 2014

    Hi, i am really quite wonder how the scam thing arrived from all the negative and positive . However i just believe what acesse has did it to me and my team. so far i join less than 4 months and i also curious how they paid to consultant and the stability of the acesse is quite promising as so far i havent fail receive any single that i should be pay off. I really dont know is the scam from our consultant or just sobtage acesse so we dont join acesse. Yes, we should be aware of what kind of business that we step in . As you can see a lot of batch of people they lost in share lost in stock lost in property lost in their own business maybe even they lost everything if they can't managed it as that's the law of attaction. If you scare of negative then i believe more negative will be attacted to your enviroment. Sorry to share that how you look at the risk < what kind of risk are you offered to go ? losing USd2000 will it make any different in your life ? if you didnt ready to lose then how you gain from what you believe ? i believe no gain no lose high risk high return no risk no return just peace. Lets make acesse happen as it is really a miracle if acesse can become sucess . I believe everyone wish acesse become successful as the concept of acesse is good . Repeat sales everyday without cash out from your pocket again. Remember if you owe a retailer shop you also need more customers step in your shop then only you can sell. where you can see shop close yet income still flowing in . ? bank also need to open so people can deposit more instead of depends on the ATM machine. Everything a risk .. only if you love passive income that you should know how to minimise your own risk into lowest possible ... impossible is zero risk.. if you drive high risk on road, even you dont drive you also got risk if you still on the road. either you hit the people or people hit you back . nobody can tell what is the thing going to happen next .. if you are a great man please tell me how can i become rich if we dont do such a part time business ? so dont blame if you born to be poor just blame you die in poor. sorry no personal offence is just sharing with my soulmates. i really wish acesse sucess.

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  • Di
    dior2 Jun 11, 2014

    Those who don't have USd2059.95, USd5000 USd10000 will care they cheated their money . If you are just expect this money can grow big or turn in to millionaire in one night then I suggest you better arrange your pillow high and you seat back and dream.
    Be friend, don't dream that acesse is cheating as sometimes our self also cheat only depend cheat is friendly or unfriendly.
    So far. If you advertise your ads in newspaper do you need to pay ? How many day newspaper will ads for you if you can offer 1 day fee ?
    Acesse pPC then if you are acesse, put yourself in acesse shoes what is the best strategy to get this engine workable for company ?
    Is it very funny ? face book is free < are you sure is free, maybe you share with us how face book become rich, how google making their revenue ? How yahoo still survive ? How those online business getting big ? IPO you known ipo why you know ipo yet you never given a chance to grab some of the IPO of google, facebook, alibaba ? Why are you still there sharing your curiosity. Honesty how I wish I can work in google and I want to see your daily operation system and acesse just 2nd generation search engine got to be innovative right . Tell me how are you going to do ? Why acesse need to big a search engine just asking you for USD2059.95 then pay you back slow like even USd2 per day. I spend so much time with google, what google give to me ? Yes is free that's mean I m forever I m creating user traffic for google free forever...hahahha... I joined golf club and I paid my green fee USd10, 000 per year, but I dont get anything, I also didn't use my green card because too busy overlooked that mean the golf club is a scam corporation ? My friend think first before you said bad about anything. Indeed everything is risky. So find out details with solid details then only tell people that you got all the evidence. Like you call office nobody called, but I called always answer, you create ticket no reply, , I create 10 ticket 10 reply. I request icash I got my money in my bank so good I don't know what to say maybe like what you said after 8 months the company shut down and gone with the winds ? Is that you wish / my suggest, lack of information also scare the people to put usd2059.95, why golf willing to paid USD10, 000 becos they are rich and they don't care hahahhahow you wish this thing happen every time...

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  • Gi
    gilliantan Jul 14, 2014

    I joined Acesse a few months already. It was good at first but the first thing you will notice is that they DO NOT have OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES published for their consultants. Why? I finally figured it out after we were bombarded with a lot of changes recently. But let me tell you about my first hand experience. They will not tell you this while they are introducing Acesse to you.

    They boast of having a "Hi-Tech" system hosted in Silicon Valley, but your sales report displays as zero at certain times. They claim to be in a constant state of "upgrades" which is funny because I cannot see the improvements yet.

    They do not have a tutorial for consultants on how the marketing system works.

    You raise a ticket and they will have a "standard textbook" answer for you after one week, if you're lucky. 3-4 weeks if you're not. They probably have only the same 4 people answering all the tickets for their 300K user base so I guess we have to be patient. I see the same 4 people answering my tickets by the way. Probably after this they will add more usernames to make it appear they are not understaffed. LOL! By the way, if a list of operational guidelines even existed, and was available for all members to read through, users WOULD NOT NEED to raise tickets.

    It takes 20 days before you could receive your money by bank transfer. That is of course you have your identity verification, debit card, credit card or account setup which takes about 3 days as well. Take note, for some other MLM companies (US based, i might add), it only takes 1-3 days.

    Half of your earnings goes back to repurchases, which of course only adds to your icredits (used to promote websites). If you earn 6 dollars today, you only get 3. So don't believe it if they say that they earn 6 dollars per day without downlines.

    You can get demoted if you do not meet their sales requirements - this affects your daily clicks/sales. If you do get demoted, that 3 dollars you earn will go down down down! And you have to work harder harder harder!

    On 7/1/2014 No more bonus icredits earned. If you click 100X previously you get 200 icredits per day which you can use to promote your website. Too bad for us who want to use those extra credits for our own personal sites.

    They also introduced icredit limits. This means you cannot save your icredits anymore. You are forced to consume them or NOT GET PAID. They are now literally FORCING you to SELL!

    The recent changes that their management made now forces the users to make use of their icredits. Why? Because their sales is not doing well enough to sustain their business. Having all your members utilize their saved icredits will of course generate more income for Acesse. Removing the bonus icredits earned from daily clicks is also a way to make icredits increase in value. So what benefits do their recent changes have for their consultants/users? I really could not think of any.

    Now, uplines are just advising us to go with the flow. Of course they have to sugarcoat all the changes my Acesse management. How will they earn? The marketing plan introduced to us is drastically changing in favor of Acesse and not it's consultants. Those with brains should be able to see the obvious anyway. So I advise future joiners to read this, and think twice before joining.

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  • Be
    Benedict66 Jul 21, 2014

    hi all, they ask me go & check Acesse Corporation
    kindly check the above website and let me know is genuine or not ?
    and they provide another news from star tribune <------ news in 2010 <------ news in 2011
    can somebody tell me is genuine or not. kindly advise me on [email protected]

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  • Ac
    Acesse Supporter Jul 25, 2014

    I looked at some of the comments and was really amazed at what these people are thinking.

    First of all, to those that mentioned that Acesse is a scam and so on, ask yourself something, do you expect to get paid a million dollars by such sitting at home and viewing ads?
    Acesse is an advertising company and as such, you as the consultants or advertisers need to utilise your advertising credits!

    Go ask around which company gives you back your money, even when you are lazing around surfing ads?
    If you want to make a good income, learn how to sell Acesse advertising products!

    Don't know how expensive advertising can get on the Internet, just try advertise in traffic sources such as Facebook and Google and you will know.

    Acesse has produced so many good income consultants over the years, if you want to be one of them, then work harder and stop complaining. Only losers complain.

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  • Ru
    Rustygecko Jul 29, 2014

    "Only losers complain."

    What total tosh. People who go to the police are "losers"; people warning others of scams are "losers"?

    People who say "only losers complain" are usually paid schills working for the company.

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  • Ti
    Tiks Aug 03, 2014

    Acesse was no difference from 12 daily pro, studiotraffic etc they all have the same system on earning.. thru surfing other websites of the members and thru recruiting new members. Maybe this time Accese is paying but when members became really huge it will collapse. Like acesse, 12 daily pro andstudiotraffic paid good for more than 2 years but then, they both collapse! just think twice before putting your hard earned money into this kind of Ponzi Scheme.

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  • Sc
    Scamxster Aug 24, 2016

    it's just a ponzi in the disguise of an mlm. A ponzi works by selling membership fees to as many down line as possible with no real products and no real benefits to members. Hence creating a musical chair for members to earn money by selling membership to each other until the music stops. The only difference with Accesse is that the membership fee is replaced by an advertising package instead, which is bought by members themselves with deductions every month from Accesse to make it look legit i.e. monthly sales. Basically no real business goes to or pays Accesse for advertising. It is the members that is paying and Accesse is using those fees they collect from new members as "revenues" to pay members by viewing some adverts. hence there is no real business case, no benefit at all in the so-called advertising. Their network members in Asia have been going round telling newcomers in their recruitment drive that mega global companies such as BMW or KFC is using Accesse for online marketing. And they backed it up with stats to BMW or KFC sites where Accesse drives a lot of traffic. However there is no public evidence, no announcements, no contracts between Accesse and BMW or KFC to back all these claims. Which mean, the site owners are not paying Accesse a single cent for driving traffic !! This is a complete marketing gimmick and scam by Accesse in my opinion. The recruiters also have been going telling that Accesse is like Google or Yahoo, part of the money they pay or earned thru' viewing ads will be used for purchasing shares while waiting for Accesse to go IPO, expected in 2016. Totally bullcrap when they told me in 2013 and I asked for proof that they have engaged a proper investment bank to manage the IPO. And as expected, the IPO is now called off. In my opinion, there never was an intention to IPO in the first place. It is another marketing scam & gimmick to trick members to join them. Like how all Ponzi operates, the only means to get new members is to entice them over greed, and that's what Accesse is trying to do. A real MLM offers real product benefits to consumers first, members or non-members.

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