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[Resolved] no complaint just wanna talk.. sober now [protected]

When I entered our discussions about your product I was quite drunk. I don't remember what you told me I was going to achieve with it or how I was able to follow your directions. Now that i'm sober and attending aa meetings, i'd like to talk to someone... Live... About the possibility of my site/contract being reinstated for a short trial period.

Thank you,
Don boodel
[protected] (days or eves)


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Accelerated Web Solutions's response · Jan 02, 2020

    Hello Don,

    We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and inquiring about the web development services you purchased back in 2018.

    We would like to point out that the comment above that you submitted last month is NOT in fact a "complaint" as you had mentioned in the subject line of this comment. Yet, more so an inquiry about restoring the web services you purchased with our company.

    After talking with you earlier this morning, we have discovered that the ongoing monthly hosting payments for your website "declined". As protocol we sent you several emails informing you of this and gave you ample time to update payment records and we never heard back from you until your comment was submitted.

    As of today, we have submitted a work order to our development team to restore your website, and you have agreed to update your hosting and payment information on file.

    It is our hope to continue servicing your website needs. If you have any questions regarding your website services please feel free to call or email our staff.

    As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!!

    Support Team

  • Accelerated Web Solutions's response · Jan 06, 2020

    To Whom It May Concern,

    We have spoke with the customer and he has updated his payment information with our company, the website has since been restored. We have asked him to mark this "comment" as resolved and unfortunately he does not remember his username or password that he created for this page.

    Customer remains satisfied with website services and will continue with the ongoing support and training.

    Support Staff

[Resolved] website design and services

Hello There,

The Accelrated Web design they called me and promise many services, they didn't deliver much or very little and then they wanted more and more money, which I denied. I paid them $349 with $150 socalled discount.
They set up a very basic website called with 2 or 3 recipes.
I called them many time to assist me so that I can do some business to generate some money, but of no use.
I would like to get my money returned to me. It's a scam. Many website can be setup for free.
Services ● Domain Name ● Standard Website Template ● 5 Niche Related Articles ● List of 60 Keywords Optimized to Niche ● Ability to integrate 1 PPC (Pay Per Click) program into website ● Ability to integrate PPS (Pay Per Sale) program into website ● Accelerated Web Solutions Referral Program ● 90 Days Free Hosting ● Unlimited Online Support through

Please assist if possible.

Thanks & regards!


After posting complaint here, Mr. Matt called me and offered a refund of $300/ via PayPal, which he did credit to my PayPal account. He is man of his Word. I happy to learn that, which is rare these days. I wish him and his company well in their pursuit. Issued Resolved.

  • Accelerated Web Solutions's response · Mar 07, 2019

    Hello Rajiv,

    We appreciate you taking the time to send in a review, and quite honestly we are very surprised to hear from you.

    We hope this reply finds you well.

    After reading your review and going through the history of emails we have in our system. We can see that you purchased our Deluxe website services back in November of 2015.

    After purchasing your Deluxe website services with our company our support staff called you a total of 15 times and sent out numerous emails attempting to reach you and had little to no success.

    Finally, on January 11th, 2016 nearly 2 months after purchasing the Deluxe website services, we were able to connect with you and review the website services you purchased.

    You then spoke with a development specialist from our AWS staff and the two of you landed on a cuisine niche style website. Next, we registered the domain name for you.

    During this call, we provided you with an opportunity to "add" a feature to your domain name that is known as "private registration" This option is available to all AWS customers. This feature is available for $9.95 and our notes show you declined this option.

    That next day the domain name was registered as a public domain name and was apart of the Deluxe website services you purchased with our company.

    Your website went live approximately 7 business days after the domain name was registered.

    Furthermore, our notes show that our staff then made extensive efforts in reaching you to schedule a walkthrough of the website and to schedule your post-training and ongoing support.

    Again, records show that 10 different attempts were made by both phones and by email.

    Then on August 4th, 2016 our staff emailed you to let you know that your hosting payment for the month of July 2016 declined and we provided you 30-days to update your hosting payment method and again, we never heard back from you.

    It's now been nearly 3 years since we have heard back from you and this "complaint/review" that you have decided to submit is labeling claiming you couldn't get a hold of us?

    We would love nothing more than to speak with you directly Rajiv and go over the long series of events and email notes we have on file that shows the ongoing efforts our staff made to reach you.

    We feel this review does not properly reflect our company and the extensive support we provide to all our valued AWS customers.

    We have attempted to reach this customer by phone, and he informed us that he could not talk at the time, and asked if we could call him later in the day.

    We look forward to speaking with this customer and resolving this 1 star review.

    Support Team

  • Accelerated Web Solutions's response · Mar 11, 2019

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Immediately after being made aware of this 1-star review our company reached out and made contact with the customer who signed up nearly 3 years ago with our AWS Deluxe website services. After purchasing services with our company, we completed the website services as agreed upon. Our notes show that our staff made several attempts to reach this customer by both phone and by email (Nearly 20-25 attempts were made on behalf of the AWS staff) and not one of the appointments scheduled were ever completed due to the customer having constantly missed the appointments or he was requesting to reschedule these appointments over and over.

    After talking with the customer and explaining the series of events that occurred, based on our notes both parties have agreed to a partial refund. The customer also agreed that he would retract this comment as it does not accurately represent our company or our customer service practices.

    We wish the customer nothing but the best moving forward and thank him for allowing us an opportunity to address and resolve his concerns directly with him.

    Support Team

[Resolved] web design

Accelerated Web Solutions told me I could pick my own type of products to sell, they bullied me in to farm products when I wanted to do something else, they came up with They told me this was my site and could not be taken away from me. I paid for it. They told me no further investment would be asked for. They kept wanting more money. A guy named Andy kept calling and bothering me. A couple of times he did not tell me who he was and kept asking questions about my website. One time he told me that he "just came across my website", he gave me the impression that he was not with Accelerated Web Solutions. They put a lot of misinformation on the site that was harmful to my reputation as person that raises alpacas and Llamas. Now my site is gone so I can not use it for any reason what so ever and I am out of my money. They told me that If I ever wanted to sell my domain name it would be worth thousands of dollars, but I was not given a chance to sell it, they apparently just did away with it themselves. The website that I paid for should be made available to me so I can use it for something else or get my money back. Better yet sell it for the thousands of dollars that they said it is worth. And they supposedly have an A+ rating with the BBB. It is the first time in my life that I have fallen for a scam. I thought that I had researched them so well.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Accelerated Web Solutions's response · Mar 01, 2019

    Hello Timothy,

    We appreciate you taking the time to provide a review. We were recently made aware of this and wanted to reach out to you upon being notified to provide some clarity to your Deluxe website purchase you made with our office several months ago.

    When you purchased a specialty niche website with our company on October 4th 2018, you purchased what is known as our Deluxe website services. The website services purchased include a standard website, and the ability to integrate what is known as pay per click, pay per sale/affiliate programs into to the website you paid us to develop for you.

    Our notes show our staff completed your Deluxe website work order and walked you through the website once it was completed. Nothing was ever mentioned about being "bullied into a niche topic" our notes show this is something you and a development specialist here in our office spoke about and agreed to.

    After our staff walked you through your website and how to configure different categories and post articles, we walked you through the support page, knowledge base, as well as sending you the Pay Per Click and Pay Per Sale applications.

    To date, the assignments that we emailed over to you were never completed. To date, you have yet to complete these steps.

    We scheduled a follow up call with you which is also part of the support teams protocol to check in with all website owners and see how they are doing, with the previous posting instructions and assignments provided. Several attempts were made, by both phone and email and we were not successful in reaching you, nor have we ever heard back from you regarding these assignments.

    Our notes show we called you on 6 separate occasions and were not able to leave a voice mail on your answering machine due to your voicemail not being set up. (The message we received said "The person you are trying to reach does not have their voice mail set up at this time, good bye.")

    If and when this is to occur our staff is required to follow up with an email and in your case several emails were sent out notifying you that we have been attempting to reach you.

    On December 5th 2018 we called again and our notes show that after we introduced ourselves the person who answered the phone hung up, or that the call was "disconnected" for some reason or another. Again, the support team followed protocol and we sent another to you email informing you that we were still attempting to reach you.

    As a website owner you have the ability to pick and choose which affiliate networks or PPC programs you want to integrate into to your website. However, this is the website owners’ responsibility. Our staff does not complete these applications for the website owners. This is the website owners’ responsibility.

    If any support or assistance is needed the website owners/aws customers are welcome to call our office and our support representatives can assist them through the process over the phone.

    We do not "bully" or choose a niche topic for any of our customers, this is the website owners’ decision and based on our notes the niche that was chosen for your website matches your background and expertise. (i.e. farming)

    The domain name and website files are your property, you own the website domain name and the website files. Keep in mind, you are currently hosting your website on our servers.

    If you do not wish to keep this website or would like to cancel your hosting we ask that you simply email our staff and let us know that you would like to cancel your monthly hosting and maintenance fees and we will remove your website from our servers.

    In addition, we do not purport or describe our specialty niche website services as an "investment" of any kind. Nor do we make any claim as to how much a website or domain name could “sell for”.

    We teach and educate clients and website owners like yourself how to utilize affiliate and PPC services, and how to manage content within their website, how to utilize SEO, Social Media, as well as other marketing tools to help gain or increase potential exposure to your website.

    As a web development company we offer a variety of services, all of which are optional. Our support staff covers the optional development services prior to breaking ground on the customers website to ensure that new website owners are aware of the variety of services and options they have available.

    We do not feel this review fairly describes pr accurately presents our services. We understand there may be some confusion and it is our hope we can speak with you and address your concerns and resolve this with you directly.

    We called you several times today and were not able to discuss this with you in detail due to you having a busy work schedule, we look forward to speaking with you on Monday as agreed upon.

    AWS Support Team

  • Accelerated Web Solutions's response · Mar 04, 2019

    To whom it may concern,

    After speaking with the client and explaining the series of events that have taken place since enrolling into the AWS Deluxe website services we feel it is our best interest to provide this customer a partial refund of the website purchase.

    For the record, our staff reached out to this customer a total of 6 separate times after we provided an assignment and we never heard back from the customer by phone or by email.

    At this time AWS will be removing the website from our server and we will be providing a partial refund to the customer.

    Support Team

  • Lu
    Lumber Ban Mar 07, 2019

    I start to work with Web Development. I deal a lot with PHP and MSSQL now. I am learning now integrate and implement these technologies in real situations. One of the tools helping me with that is There is a way to sync databases is setting up MSSQL replication between the servers. But If it doesn't work? Which other tools can be used for that?

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  • Bu
    Burdin Jun 27, 2019

    First, I think you need to optimize your pc because personally I've encountered issues otherwise: After that, just follow the advice below and you'll be fine. I've done it dozens of times before, as long as you have a clean virtual environment.

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[Resolved] introduction to their product. (turned out to be a scam)

I like so many others fell victim to your make money program on the Internet. Turns out this is a scamming...

[Resolved] you can't cancel them.

I joined Accelerated Web Solutions with the promise I would make money by selling products. I bought the 100 items. The charges drop shipping that doubles the cost of an item. For example item costs 23.00 and shipping 23.00. The cost is now 46.00. It is not cost effective. Then you can’t cancel.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Accelerated Web Solutions's response · Apr 18, 2019

    The above review was left back in 2013 and does not reflect the products or services that we as a company have ever offered.

    AWS offers development, design, and blogging consultation services. The services we offer teach and educate our customer's how to manage the content within their website, ie articles which include written word, pictures/images, videos, SEO strategies, as well as introducing new and existing website owners how they can integrate various monetization tools such as pay per click and affiliate services into their website.

    Our company has never offered a 100 product store or any type of drop shipping services to our customers. We have reached out to this company in reference to the above comment that was submitted and they have asked that we attempt to reach out to this person directly and resolve this with them.

    Our records indicate that this person was never a customer of AWS which has resulted in our inability to contact and resolve this with the person who submitted this comment.

    We take great pride in our reputation and the various services we offer and we feel confident that this comment was made in error or by confusion considering it's referencing products and services that our company has never offered.

    AWS Support Team

  • Jh
    jharo Jan 10, 2013

    I am an Accelerated Web Solutions client and from my knowledge they do not offer a 100 product store. They are a web development company. They are currently helping me build and develop a niche related blog web site. I look on pages like this to research what kind of reputation a company has, and i can say from my experience they have been very helpful. Perhaps you are working with a different company than I am?

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