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Academic Writing Help / temporary blocked account

Jul 14, 2019

My Neteller account has been closed temporary.I have successfully verified the first two steps but I can't verify the last part for location doesn't accept the verification even when am at the place I gave the address for.please help me in solving this issue or help me in...

Academic Writing Help / Term Paper


Two weeks ago I had this company write a term paper after having been given very clear and detailed requirements. The product I received was completely unsatisfactory - in fact it would not have been sufficient for a grade school paper. This company is a complete fraud. It is so structured... / This site is beyond a scam and the writing is extremely poor quality


I got absolutely nothing. First I sent a previous research paper of my own as my writing style. When they worked on my research paper they chose the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder research paper I had submitted last year and was already an A paper, they totally ignored the TASK paper on...