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12:45 pm EDT
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A.B.C. Ambato Boxers Ckc membership terminated (August 2016) for selling dogs that are not pure-breed

Contact information:
32573 feeder road west. Wainfleet, on. Los 1vo.
Wainfleet, ontario
A. B. C ambato boxer
32573 feeder road west. Wainfleet, on. Los 1vo.
Phone: [protected]

Dear ms von smith-bauder:

Receipt is acknowledged of your e-mail of august 22, 2016.

The discipline committee upheld the complaint against sofia haig for engaging in the breeding of dogs that are not purebred and acting or performing in a manner which may be deemed as contrary to the basic principles and objects of the club and/or contrary to the best interests of the club by breeding dogs that are not purebred. As a result the discipline committee directed that sophia haig’s ckc membership be terminated for a period of three (3) years and assessed administrative costs in connection with the investigation and hearing of this complaint. Since no appeal was filed the membership termination commenced on august 9, 2016.

Should you have any further question, please feel free to contact me.

Kim fraser

Kim fraser | regulatory specialist | the canadian kennel club
T: [protected] x3329 | f: [protected] | tf: [protected] | 400 - 200 ronson drive, etobicoke on m9w 5z9 | [protected]@ckc. Ca | visit www.Ckc. Ca

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Update by boxer2016
Oct 25, 2016 8:24 am EDT

Ambato Boxers

to me
Hi Cate
I just got Tequila's registration last week, now i have to apply for the littler registration, I have to pay them some money I owe them, first, The individual registration form comes after that
don't worry everything will get done hopefully before the year ends,
See you Saturday !
Thank You
There are eight individuals who purchased puppies for Sophia Haig on November 28th, 2015. She indicated that C.K.C registration would be prior to payment to her. It has been 1 year and despite several indications as to how "honest" she is we have not received the paperwork. If your dogs are indeed pure-breed...then there will be no issues in providing us all with the C.K.C registration promised. This paper work is to be provided within 6 months of purchase. It has been a year. Michelle Haig is not a member of the C.K.C so no complaint could be filed against her.

Is this where you wish to buy your Puppy? $1000-$1500.00. No testing. No Vet check. No C.K.C registration? ***BUYER BEWARE***

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The truth7
, US
Oct 24, 2016 6:06 pm EDT

THIS IS MAKING IT LOOK LIKE AMBATO BOXERS SELLS NOT PUREBRED DOGS. BUT the BOXERS ARE 100% PUREBRED! Sofia rescued some yorkie mix dogs from a puppy mill. Then Cate Von-smith Bauder wanted to keep them for breeding. Sofia did not want Cate to keep them, so she reported Sofia to CKC because she was angry she wanted free dogs. CKC didn't clarify that the boxers are PURE BRED but that the yorkie mix dogs were the ones she(Kim Fraser) was referring to in that letter above.
Sofia Haig doesn't OWN AMBATO BOXERS. Sofia Haig retired a long time ago, and Michelle Haig her daughter OWNS it. AMBATO Boxers sells amazing PureBred DOGS. Sofia Haig is an animal activist, a vegan who has a big heart and doesn't like animal abuse. Sofia volunteers at Ambato Boxers and makes sure everyone is looked after.

Read below all the testimonials of boxer lovers:

Testimonial from facebook boxer owners:
From: Myrna D. Rynberk:
"Are these people nuts? I refuse to belong to a forum because everyone is an expert with no patience with someone else's opinion...Cash, my first Boxer, came from you and was a purebred, Rudy, my second Boxer, came from you four years later and is a purebred, and Brocke, my third Boxer, came from you in 2015 and is another purebred...not one person who has admired my Boxers has ever questioned whether they are purebred or not...I have lived with three Boxers in the last 13 years, and they have all come from you...if I didn't think you were reputable I wouldn't have kept coming back...they have great temperament and are healthy...thinking of you..."

From: Nina Orzel
"I too have purchased two beautiful purebred boxers from Ambato. Happy, healthy, beautiful purebred boxers. They have absolutely beautiful temperaments as they were raised with love. Ambato Boxers are the best. What goes around comes around. Karma can be a b****."

From: Kinga Smith
"Ambato you and your dogs Nova & Mack are amazing and we are so happy they are a part of our family."

From: Eileen Buchanan
"I read something bad once, so I commented and set them straight, you are the best, do not let these people affect you, just feel the boxer love in your home, and hope that someday these bad mouthers gain a brain...Love you Sofia..In case no one knows, breeders deworm their puppies, we do not want them to have worms. Sometimes worms will still come out after the pup leaves the breeder BECAUSE THE BREEDER DEWORMED THEM.."

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5:24 pm EST
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A.B.C Ambato Boxer 32573 FEEDER ROAD West. WAINFLEET, ON. LOS 1VO. phone: [protected] [protected] A.B.C Ambato Boxers is a kennel in Wainfleet that is NOT permanently registered with the C.K.C. It is run by a woman name Sophia and her two daughter Natalie and Michelle. As members of the...

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A.B.C. Ambato Boxers reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jan 23, 2016. The latest review Ckc membership terminated (August 2016) for selling dogs that are not pure-breed was posted on Oct 4, 2016. A.B.C. Ambato Boxers has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 2 reviews. A.B.C. Ambato Boxers has resolved 0 complaints.
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