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iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

Art Wiederhold Oct 23, 2018

IUniverse and about 20 other publishers now belong to Author House which is the world;s biggest scam. As such, services have skyrocketed in cost and the main goal of Iuniverse is to sell you useless publicity packages. They can sometimes put out a quality book, but with my last one, it became a drawn-out nightmare...

iUniverse Riverdale Georgia / my book (Complaint Comment)

Art Wiederhold Oct 23, 2018

IUniverse is okay at publishing your book but don't expect much for your money if you let them talk you into other things. I've been going with Trafford lately who is more reasonably priced and they do the same things. But beware as they also belong to Author House as does Xlibris and a dozen others...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

PDavidF Oct 8, 2018

iUniverse mismanaged my account to the point of an $890. 00 over draft. They took the payments of two contracts BEFORE due date. The parent company for iUniverse and Exlibrus is Author Solutions. Steer clear of these publishers...

iUniverse Bloomington Indiana / online newsmaker marketing service (Complaint)

jb94 Sep 2, 2018

Without my authorization, someone from iUniverse released it into the market in January 2016. I wasn't ready. Since my project was live I signed up for the 3-month Online Newsmaker Program, to be paid in monthly installments. The MD knew my situation in Canada. We agreed that I could put my payments on hold until I was able to return...

iUniverse Bloomingdale Indiana / iuniverse publishing. stealing! (Complaint)

Sincerely Yours! Apr 28, 2018

I Know how they steal hard earned Royalites, from Authors, I'm getting Ready to sue... them ubeknown to them, it's a shame you can't trust these publishers today, as the saying goes I "Gotcha" you havent... changed not one bit. I have been receiving royalties for years then all of a sudden...

Trafford Publishing Bloomington Indiana / Fraudulent 14 names one address all them will scam you out of your money (Complaint Comment)

Gene Beley Mar 17, 2018

weren't allowed to buy iUniverse books, but I would reply, "I have read your corporate rules, and managers are empowered to buy at least one copy. " Most would buy one copy from me then, but corporate would yank them if they hadn't sold in a week or two when they did store inspections. " I thought it would sell big in Southern California where Ray made lots of speeches to colleges in the 1960s and produced plays in L...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

James Rasmussen Feb 17, 2018

Don't use IUNIVERSE. They are not truthful about their services. I have sold dozens, maybe hundreds of books on-line and haven't received any royalties. They take advantage of people, especially first time authors, who have a dream of becoming a novelist. They keep calling asking for more and more money...

iUniverse Riverdale Georgia / my book (Complaint)

Mi Feb 13, 2018

My name is Trung Ha and Mike Crider was my sale person. After submitted my manuscript, the project manager told me the book can't not be published if I don't change my name, the names of the characters in my book and the locations, it concerns of the lawsuit. I explained to them the charac...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

Mi Feb 12, 2018

I am also a victim of Iuniverse. I wished I read all of these comments and experiences before I dealed with them. After I paid my fee and sent them my manuscript, they refused to publish my story if I don't change the contains in my story from true story to friction. I was imprisoned by the communist four times, after I tried to escape by boat, each time I was imprisoned, they tortured me and nearly got me kill...

iUniverse Bloomington Indiana / false advertising, lack of performance, breach of contract, ectera. (Complaint Comment)

Affection Jan 29, 2018

demand and do your job iuniverse. stop trying to re-write other author's work, write your own and publish it. sometimes it seems like iuniverse is trying to create something for themselves. rewriting and using a different name is pretty deceptive and boarders on fraud. more people should report them to the attorney general in their local...

iUniverse Bloomington Indiana / false advertising, lack of performance, breach of contract, ectera. (Complaint Comment)

Affection Jan 29, 2018

similar battle with IUniverse suggesting that I use a pen name, This is a POD company not a publishing company. Print on Demand does not give them the authority or solidify that they have knowledge to do an edit especially since it was not requested. So now we play the waiting game. I have dealt with Andera who I believe might now be Andrea Adonis...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

Clarice W. Baker Dec 20, 2017

iUniverse was very upfront with me when my book was accepted for publishing. I was thankful for the support; the choice of upgrades was always mine. Thank you, iUniverse, for the professionalism...

iUniverse / my book (Complaint)

Tattypanz Nov 17, 2017

I published with IUniverse as I was very ill and did not think I had time to wait for a real publisher. They did the book (cover bad) and in 12 years I have not received a penny in royalties. They also hang on to the rights to the book. They are scammers and I would advise everyone who is thinking of going to them...

iUniverse Publishing / lack of royalties for book sales (Complaint)

Derri Spahn Jun 20, 2017

In 2009 I published a book with IUNIVERSE (or some universe). Never heard from them since. Then, a month ago I received a call from someone stating they were from IUNIVERSE indicating that they noticed my book was not selling and for 1500. 00 they could promote it . I told them I have never received royalties from IUNIVERSE and they ignored my complaint and continued on with their immoral and despicable sells shakedown...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

Derri Spahn Jun 20, 2017

saying they were from IUNIVERSE (or some universe) and indicated that my book was not selling but for 1500. 00 they could promote it. I told them that I had not received any royalties from my 2009 publication. They ignored that and proceeded with this immoral and despicable sells pitch. I suppose that the authors who are satisfied with these people paid big money to get their work published and promoted...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

Leroy Kendrick Feb 1, 2017

called questioning iuniverse about the amount they said the IRS took taxes out of it. So the amount the email says was paid, then the guy on phone said another amount was paid because of the IRS. Clearly a scam, you don't order a large pizza, get the pizza and 4 slices are missing and then say the driver ate them, because he was hungry on the way over...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

Art Wiederhold Aug 5, 2016

I've published over 20 books with IUniverse and have always been please with the results. My royalties always reach my bank account and their service is top-notch. I've just published another book with them this year. I also use their sister company, Trafford, which is more scaled down version of Iuniverse...

iUniverse Bloomington Indiana / fraud, by mail and misrepresentation (Complaint)

Dickie Hilton Jun 3, 2016

Dear Diana, iUniverse Representative I'm writing to you now after our most recent conversations and after receiving your email dated April 12, 2016, on the subject of: PD: 470384 – Content Evaluation Results (second round). I would like you to pass this on up the chain of command...

Trafford Publishing Bloomington Indiana / Company does not deliver service (Complaint Comment)

Art Wiederhold May 2, 2016

I've also used IUniverse for 24 books, but they have really slipped since being acquired by Author House. They don't offer anywhere near what they originally did and their prices keep escalating. But as for production and service, they are still quite good but Trafford is better and faster. None of these Author House divisions deliver on all pf their promises, so you have to shop around...

iUniverse Bloomington Indiana / fraudulent practice lying to get my money then not delivering service. (Complaint Comment)

Sourceman Dec 25, 2015

Iuniverse/Authors Solutions are strategicly set up to exploit authors dreams. They mislead, delay and try to push you into services you dont need. They are set up in layers specifically to confuse and try to defer responsiblity to someone else. They always tell you thats not my department but all are responsible if they are using one name...

iUniverse Bloomington Indiana / fraudulent practice lying to get my money then not delivering service. (Complaint)

Sourceman Dec 23, 2015

I paid my money to IUniverse; theysaid they would produce my book. They said they needed me to change the cover because it was controversial and showed a parody depiction of a public figure. They provided me with a new cover I said cool. The new cover they provided included the controversial title...

iUniverse Campbell / company has become a boiler room (Complaint)

Keith Clingan Aug 21, 2015

I published three books with iUniverse in 2000 and felt I got a great deal out of it. I know that my books are not commercially successful, but I am glad that they were published. Now all of a sudden 15 years later I am suddenly getting calls from what sounds like a boiler room trying to get me to purchase all sorts of new promotion material for the book...

iUniverse Bloomington Indiana / away to fight back (Complaint Comment)

Richard H. Rupp Apr 9, 2015


iUniverse Bloomington / my refund (Complaint)

chef lola Jan 16, 2015

to be published by iuniverse. I spoke with an agent by the name eddie wright who told me I can take my time on whenever I am ready to start the book, he said even if it takes me more than 5years I can still come back and continue anywhere I stopped and if I decide not to write the book again, I will have my deposit refunded back at any time...

iUniverse / scam (Complaint Comment)

Ronald D. Walker Jul 17, 2014

This is my last communication with iUniverse. I did not receive the help I thought would be given and was told would be. The cover was not even close to what I asked for. Editing text was more than just difficult. Tell what line the word before and the word after. REALLY. Complete breakdown in communication which is primarily restricted to eMail...