1800Skyride / Thrill PlanetOf course they are a scam!


In my opinion - yes, they are a scam. Their business practices are, at best, unethical and most often illegal. Every customer, vendor and employee has established that.

It is hard to prove it because everyone scammed by them has a difficult time documenting times, dates and names of their transactions and/or conversations. Employees past and present are more interested in taking care of their own needs than focusing on documentation. They also make a habit of hiring desperate, young, and/or uneducated employees. Average pay is somewhere around $9/hr. There is not just one or two disgruntled former employees. I would bet that each and every former employee is disgruntled, disgusted, and happier since they left. My estimate for those is hundreds as the turn over is immense for the size of the company. I would also bet that you will be hard pressed to find a single current employee who loves their job other than Yvonne, Richard, and Cary, or course.

Most of the vendors live hand to mouth and need any and all money they can get, especially since thrill sports and business savvy-ness are anonymous. They are often easy prey.

1800SkyRide, USSO, Granter Media, IGO Vincent, or whatever the latest incarnation is, is the sleaziest and most selfish companies that I have ever worked for. It is corrupt to the core and the there is no one to blame but those who make decisions such as Yvonne, Richard, and Cary. When money is the only focus, this kind of thing, with all of your complaints, is the only possible outcome. There is no way for them to stay in business for many years. There are too many errors along the way and there are too many people who are burned by them. As the disgruntled numbers mount, there will continue to be fewer options for them. Make no mistake; they are in the business of making quick money for themselves at the expense anyone who is in contact with them. The only service they are providing is that of taking.

Now, it is time for everyone to focus their efforts into seeing the legal demise of the organization. As it has habitually been the same case from the beginning of the organization and up to today, they are not going to have a miraculous change of heart or start doing things correctly and ethically because the Bureau of Consumer Affairs and others cracks down on them. They are akin to a career criminal who continually promises to straighten up and be a productive member of society if given one more chance. I think it is clear that everyone burned by their greed is fed up and have begun to unite. What would anyone expect from a stripper, a drug dealer, and a thief?

The solution is to unite, talk, post more comments (because more and more people are reading and getting involved), contact government officials, spread the word, and never purchase anything without doing a little research. Any other suggestions?


  • Di
    Disgusted Sep 20, 2007

    Of course they are a scam. Is there anyone out there stupid enough to believe they're not? Google Skyride+scam, and see how many hundreds of hits you'll get.
    Their own state (georgia) is suing them, several television news stories have been done on these creeps. The state of Arizona is suing them.

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  • Ro
    Robb Young Sep 01, 2008

    While I completely agree with the above, these kinds of complaints have been circulating for so long now that it's unlikely that enough angry customers/vendors can get behind one complaint.

    I come from a fairly unique perspective in this debate; as the owner of a legitimate Experience / Experience-Gift company

    We've been around since 2003 and although it's getting a little easier, the damage done by Skyride has made it next to impossible for us to convince partners in many industries to work with us. The business practices employed by Skyride taints the industry (adventure gifts) for customers, the providers and companies such as mine.

    As I said, although now we have some long standing partners who recommend us to others in the industries (Skydiving, Ballooning) we still struggle to convince plenty of others. I always think that if as much effort was put into building this industry as there was into scamming customers, then everyone would benefit. If there was a concerted effort to eliminate these practices then as an individual and a company I would be happy to support them.

    Robb Young
    Xperience Days Inc.

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  • Ca
    Candace Oct 17, 2008

    After reading the litigation of the hundreds of people that "Thrill Planet" AKA 1800Skyride has scammed, I find it unbelievable that they are still in business. I have reported my incident to the BBB of Georgia and also the FTC, as well as reporting fraudulent charges to my credit card company. I purchased two hot air balloon tickets from this company. The tickets had no phone numbers, addresses, or names for the actual air balloon company that was providing the service. When we made our reservation MONTHS ago, we were assured we were all set. However, the provider of the service NEVER HEARD OF US and refused to honor our tickets. Big Surprise? It shouldn't have been. They have been allowed to scam hundreds of people and all of their employees in their "customer service" department just play along and pretend that someone will get back to you. I've got documented phone calls to Chris, Terrance, Monica, and Michael (supposedly their manager) who never returned ONE phone call after at least a dozen calls to them. Someone needs to step in and slap them with criminal charges, or this company will continue to lie/cheat/steal from other unsuspecting clients. And, the poor decent guy out there who really offers a reliable service will never be trusted because of SLIMEBALLS like this that get away with it!

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  • Ja
    JA Oct 27, 2008

    Records indicate this customer's complaint was verified as legitimate, and was later resolved by the company.

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  • Le
    legalize Mar 17, 2009

    They are now operating in TN with out abandon, scamming our fine Military and their Families!

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  • Ke
    KevinBean Jun 10, 2011

    Definitely a SCAM!!!Took my money and never followed thru with the deal, Im currently filing charges against Thrill Planet.DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES, THEY WILL ROB YOU!!!

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  • Br
    Brian0NC Feb 16, 2012

    PLEASE BEWARE... My poor mother (not knowing any better) booked a skydive for me, with Thrill Planet. A quick Google search pulls up everything you need to know!!! When I called in to use my gift certificate, they stated that price was no longer valid and up-charged me an additional $100. Keep in mind the original charge is NON REFUNDABLE, therefore you have to pay the up-charge or lose everything!!! And to top it off they never booked my service with the vendor. They tried to steal my mothers money!!! I had to file a complaint and threaten to get the NCDOJ involved to get them to pay the vendor in order to get my skydive. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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