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Nissan Complaints & Reviews

Nissan / 2009 Nissan Maxima Steering Lock Malfunction

Reviewer82479 on 2016-01-04
On 1/1/2016 I started my vehicle just fine and drove to my mother's home and parked. An hour later I attempted to start the car and...nothing. I noticed a yellow indicator light of a key flashing but nothing else. I went ahead and got a ride to Auto Zone to get a new battery for my FOB...

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp (NMAC) / Customer Service

Daniel!! on 2016-01-04
Never had this much trouble just to talk to someone at NMAC. I am in the military stationed in GA and need for them to send my title to the DMV here. The DMV last year did it with just a copy but now they will not because NMAC never sent the original like they were supposed too. If they do...

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp - Texas, Dallas / Customer Service

Reviewer33668 on 2016-01-04
I always thought AT&T had the worst customer service but I believe NMAC has them beat. I have tried for 6 days to reach them by phone. I have been on hold for hours during these days. I tried to initiate a chat -- no luck. I tried to email NNA and did receive a reply but when I replied the...

Nissan / Vehicle Financing

Reviewer32935 on 2015-12-10
NISSAN Motor Acceptance Corp approved our credit for 100%, ZERO interest financing and we paid $2500 down payment using MAJOR Credit card. OUR credit is OUTSTANDING. However, 30 days later, when our 1st monthly payment was due, Company refused to accept our card for payment. FRAUD! Company...

Nissan / Transfer Case and other leaks

Reviewer89857 on 2015-12-08
Had transmission of my 2009 Nissan Murano replaced under warranty in May 2011. Took to dealer because of clonking noise and oil leak. Diagnosed various leaks and needed repairs- transfer case leak, lower oil pan leak, rack and pinion leak and repair, lower control arms (both sides) leak...

Nissan - California, Arroyo Grande / Finance

Reviewer94491 on 2015-12-02
Starting in oct 2015, i have continually tried to contact nissan to change our payment due date from the 4th of the month to the 15th, as we are seniors and need to use our social security check. I have spent hours literally waiting on the phone, being told that there is a high volume of...

Nissan / Website changed and our auto payments was deleted without us knowing anything

Almelio on 2015-12-02
I have been a Honda buyer for the past 30 years and decided to buy a new Nissan of which was happy with. Without being informed via U.S post office other then I learned from the collection division that I was late. Once I investigated as to why when I have already set up auto payment, I...

Nissan - Ontario, Orillia / Pathfinder 2014 - Sunroof Blowing Out

Reviewer70809 on 2015-11-19
So this happened Tuesday Nov 17th 2015, driving on the highway no vehicles in front of me and I hear a loud bang sounds like a gunshot didn't know what happened till glass started falling down on me. I immediately pulled over off the highway to check my 3yr old son because he was in...

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation / Payoff Process

Reviewer99120 on 2015-11-09
I have owned over 50 cars in my lifetime, some old, some new, some I paid cash, and some I financed. This is the absolute most ridiculous customer service of a financial institute that I can imagine. In July 2014 I purchased a 2014 Altima for highway driving for work, the mpg made sense...

Nissan - New York, Ozone Park / Unethical Behavior/Unreasonable Charges

Reviewer33898 on 2015-11-01
Our complain is with Nissan of Queens (93-25 Rockaway Blvd, Ozone Park, NY 11417. Phone: (718) 835-8300) and Nissan Motor Acceptance (NMAC Phone: (800) 456-6622). On August 22 My wife and I went to Nissan of Queens Service to ask for an estimate of Our Nissan Rogue Wear and Tear to have an...

Nissan / Lease Payout

Rthls on 2015-10-13
Penny Stone 7 hrs · Edited · I would like to bring a situation to the consumers of Canada's attention with regards to the poorest customer service I have ever received in my life! This situation has left me feeling small and abused by a multi billion company that in no uncertain term...

Nissan Canada - Ontario, Cambridge / Bad service

Reviewer52788 on 2015-09-03
Transfer Case is cracked and leaked oil. I just heard the noise and took it to the dealership. They told me the repair would cost $3500 + Tax. According to threads online, this seems to be a very common problem on the Muranos. Some vehicle owners claim their dealerships repaired this for...

Midway Nissan / 2007 Nissan Murano Driver Airbag Module out at 75K+ Miles and Spiral Cable

Reviewer48841 on 2015-09-01
I called Nissan Consumer Affairs, because I had to shell out just under and I mean just under $1500 for a repair to fix the Driver airbag unit and module and spiral cable. Code B1054 was the problem and I had an airbag light on my Dashboard blinking on and off. After I had done my...

Nissan Of McKinney - Texas, McKinney / Dealer backed out

Pissed_Buyer on 2015-06-12
This dealership is unbelievable! I purchased a used vehicle from them. There was an issue with 4 of the door locks before I purchased and I told them i wasn't interested unless they were fixed. After talking to their technicians, the used car manager knew it would be a worse case...

Nissan Versa - Florida, Orlando / Unprofessional Sales Procedure

Shaina12 on 2015-03-31
This has been a bad experience for me. They are aggressively high pressure. I caBme there with the idea of a car that I want and the monthly payments that I am comfortable with. I left there $100 more than I agreed to pay, a car that I don't like, and whole pack of lies that were told...

Nissan Canada / Customer Service

NStevenson on 2015-02-23
I am a former owner of 2011 Nissan Rouge. I leased the car 4 years ago with Waterloo Nissan located on 141 Northfield Dr Waterloo and the following chronological events started the week of January 19, 2015. I had purchased a new car on January 17 and planned to return my Rouge to the...

Nissan Murano / Transfer Case

Suki225 on 2015-02-20
I purchased a 2014 Nissan Murano in November 2013. It was brand new. It is now a little over a year old and has 28, 000 miles on it. The other day I took it in because maintenance lights came on for my tires. After an hour the manager came and said my transfer case had to be replaced. It...

Nissan - Florida, Orlando / Possible Lemon Law

Belsito Roma on 2015-01-21
1. The complaint from day 1 2. A letter to Reed Nissan and Nissan consumer affairs. The Issue; Mr. Guy McCumber/ Nissan of USA. On October 11, 2014 I purchased a New 2014 Nisan Rouge (the vehicle) at Reed Nissan (the dealership) The vehicle describe above was deliver unaligned and thi...

Nissan / receive nissan juke

islam moustafa on 2014-12-26
i visit our nissan show room in egypt and they informed me that i will recive the car within 13 dayes max and aftet i paid adeposit they told me that the car color is not avaiable in the coming truck as they told me that they will recive all the color's but the words changed after i...

Nissan Qashqai / unqualified car

Ayman Abou Zeid on 2014-12-23
Dear Nissan Management peace on you from Hurghada-Red Sea-Egypt My name is Ayman Abou Zeid I am Managing Director for Grand Sol Hotels Group I live and work in Hurghada-Red Sea-Egypt I did an variable complain 2 months a go and official complain no 7439 at December 10.2014 I have Nissan...

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